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Nightmare Fuel / Ultraman Geed

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But to think that he... That Belial would return... And what happened next... was a tale of fear and desperation beyond anything imaginable.
Riku Asakura, after learning that his father Belial still alive, Episode 23: The Sturm's Light
The failed clones of Ultraman Belial, or rather, Geed's older brothers.note 

  • The first episode starts with Belial having attacked both the Land of Light and the Earth. By the time the viewers were given the scene of our own Planet, it has already been in flames with Belial having defeated Zero, who at that time used the Ultimate Aegis, one of his strongest assets. To top of it, he summons a giant Weapon of Mass Destruction and initiates an Earth-Shattering Kaboom that endangers the entire universe until Ultraman King reversed the damage by merging with the universe.
    • Skull Gomora itself. While Gomora and Red King are still ordinary monsters, the fact a Gomora bears the face of Red King is what sells the cake.
  • #2: A Dada attempts to kidnap Eri for her Little Star. Doubles as Adult Fear.
  • #7: Kei held his audience as hostages when he summoned Galactron to attack his own press conference. To save everyone (including Geed), Zero reluctantly sacrifices his own life to the giant robot. Doubles as Tear Jerker.
  • Laiha's own past in #9 explored in this episode. Since she is the first Little Star, Laiha was Forced to Watch when her parents got killed by Skull Gomora's rampage. Being a teenager at that time, the loss of family members would be a huge trauma to one's own memories.
  • In #11, After securing all but one of Riku's Ultra Capsules, Belial punishes Kei by having him inject the six Ultra Capsules into himself to buff up his Pedanium Zetton form and go on a rampage throughout the city, causing massive explosions visible from far away. And worst of all? Since he only has one capsule, all Riku can do is watch as Kei lays waste to the city and slaughters its inhabitants.
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  • #12: Kei's Unstoppable Rage as Pedanium Zetton. Made worst with the residual energies of Ultra Capsules within his body caused him to undergo Sanity Slippage and mindlessly rant about how Belial favors his son the most instead of his servant. Even if Geed had neutralized his threat and reclaimed the Capsules, Kei just went to Belial and ask what will happen to his body, while the black Ultra stated that he still has plan for him due to the accumulating dark energy in his body.
  • Belial's return in #16. He blacks out the sky and starts to unleash hell by murdering an Alien Godola that even Geed was struggling with in one shot. After delivers his own synthetic son a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, he transforms into Chimeraberos and devours Geed whole.
  • In #17, the process of Belial corrupting Geed into his side, the Ultra's eyes turned red as if he has finally embraced his father's side. Thankfully, Laiha's intervention managed to reach Riku enough for him to escape before it's too late.
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  • 18: After Belial's death, an amnesiac Kei finds himself targeted by Dada to avenge his fallen comrade from episode 2. When Kei regains his memories and remembering Belial, the entire background was shown in fire, implying his at some point in his past, he is not only an Empty Shell, but also a survivor of a unnamed catastrophe.
  • 19: Kei intrudes and takes over the Nebula House as he purges all of its inhabitants out. As if that wasn't scary enough, he quickly brainwashes RE.M. into piloting Mecha Gomora and had Geed not only fighting his own friend, but also an opponent who has the knowledge of his attacks.
  • 21: The mysterious appearance of Gubila in the city, where its drills emits sparks and paralyses almost everyone nearby. Pega had been affected as well and is almost trampled until Riku saved him. Turns out, the Gubila is the victim of the week, who was hunted by Kei as he proceed to kill the monster before Geed can harvest its Little Star.
  • 22: Kei turns his own caretaker Arie into his hostage in hopes of obtaining the Kaiju Capsules of Alien Empera and Dark Lugiel from AIB. So how he handle his hostage? Hanging her into a nearby crane and almost killing her had not for Leito/Zero's rescue. If that wasn't enough, Arie was revealed to be his willing accomplice and declares her loyalty to Kei but he quickly stabs her after everything she had done for him.
  • 23:
    • We were told of the background of Kei's home planet, Planet Sturm, which was once said to be a peaceful planet until its inhabitants fight against each others and lead to their own destruction. Kei, an alien who has been searching for power, pledges his loyalty to Belial after seeing his might.
    • Pedanium Zetton is already a walking nightmare since its first appearance, but this time, when Kei plunges the capsules of Alien Empera and Dark Lugiel, it grows into a titanic monster with Geed Royal Mega Master is smaller than him. Good thing it shrank into Nightmare Retardant when Pedanium Zetton only last for two minutes before exploding.
    • Arie was revealed to survive her death from the previous episode, but the real terror kicks in when she was revealed to have been possessed by Belial from the start, taking Kei's Sturm Organ and used it to revive himself. To make things worse, without the Sturm Organ, Kei only has a few days to live but he has no fear for this, seeing how he has fulfill his use to Belial.
    • With the power of Alien Empera and Dark Lugiel capsules, Belial assumes the Fusion Rise known as Atrocious and prepares to be the final villain of the series.
    Riser: Demonic Fusion Unleash: Dark Lugiel! Alien Empera! Ultraman Belial: Atrocious!
  • Imagine yourself as a Little Star host. Having lived yourself a normal life, one day your hands suddenly feel hot and a yellow orb starts forming in your body. At this point, you're nowhere is safe, as you will always be targeted by monsters or worse, alien kidnappers. If there is no Ultraman in the world you live, then expect your life to be in a manner of a survival. If the powers you have is an offensive type, you're safe. But what about the holders for non-offensive attacks like healing or clairvoyance?
    • Becomes worse if the Little Star hosts are children themselves, triggering elements of Adult Fear, especially how child kidnapping is a serious case nowadays.

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