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Nightmare Fuel / Ultraman R/B

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Episode 1
  • Grigio Bone's Establishing Character Moment is when he sneaked upon a couple that took a selfie during the night.
  • The entirety of flashback sequence; Grigio Bone arrived in a giant meteor that ravaged the would-be spot of Ayaka City and seemingly curb stomped Rosso and Blu in an instant. The Ultras were defeated and dispersed into R/B Crystals.
  • Don't forget on how the monster is about to kill the Minato brothers in a single fireball attack. Good thing they were rescued by the time they firstly transformed.

Episode 3

  • Gargorgon is always the embodiment of this trope even if she receives an Adaptational Wimp in this series. She petrified Blu with an instant hit before Rosso saved him.

Episode 4

  • Initially being one of the most comical Ultra Monsters, Red King Took a Level in Badass by having his Achilles' Heel removed and defeated the Ultras easily in their initial fight, to the point of injuring Katsumi/Rosso's right shoulder. Ouch!

Episode 6

  • Imagine what its like when someone the Ultra Warriors knew gets bounded to a monster in a hostage crisis. Well, this is a trope that happens both in Ultraman Nexus and Ultraman Orb which ended with both hostages heavily injured. Blu almost killed Kaoru alongside Mecha Gomora had Rosso not saved her with a ball of air (aka. Wind form).

Episode 7

  • Continuing from the previous episode, Isami gets tormented by the nightmares of almost killing Kaoru to the point of hesitating to transform.

Episode 8

  • This episode hits hard with the revelation that Makoto was actually possessed by an alien named Chereza for more than 15 years and had been using humans he kidnapped to draw their energies and unseal Ultraman Orb's crystal.
  • The fact that Makoto (Chereza) transforms into Ultraman Orb Dark with the corrupted power of Ultraman Orb is unsettling. He curb-stomps Rosso and Blu too easy before finishing them with a copy of Stobium Dynamite. As the brothers defeated, the episode ends with his Evil Laugh.

Episode 11

  • Horoboros was nothing more than a stepping stone for Makoto to regain Orb Ring NEO and boosting Ultraman Orb Dark's popularity. Once Saki gains her hand in it, Horoboros becomes a menacing beasts that even stands on two feet by its own. Even Makoto/Orb Dark was horrified of this, as he has no idea of the monster's true potential.
    • Not to mention that this is how episode 11 ended, as Horoboros even howls loudly to add the unsettling feeling on the audience.

Episode 12

  • How Horoboros delivers a Curb-Stomp Battle to all three Ultras: it stabs Orb Dark with its claws, causing Makoto to yell with light effects coming out of his mouth before Orb Dark explodes. Then it easily shrugs off the brothers' beam and defeated them with energy slashes.

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