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Episode 1
  • Katsumi started reminiscing how they had a picnic on the park they were standing. This gets interrupted after being slapped by Isami due to a mosquito on his right cheek.
  • During Grigio Bone's appearance, Isami was the only one who tries to approach the monster whereas Katsumi was yelling to his little brother to run away with his life. His reaction when Grigio Bone proves to be the real deal...
  • Isami managed to get away faster because of a bike that was provided at a lamp post. Isami thought that Katsumi was asking something else while his older brother try to point out on how he got the bike.
  • Just like Gai when he first got his powers as Orb, the brothers have a devil of a time testing out their newfound Ultra powers.
  • As soon as Katsumi and Isami got their powers as Rosso and Blu, they began checking themselves out, with Katsumi picking up a car whose alarm is blaring. With the fight gets underway, he immediately went to set it back down, only for Isami to Leeroy Jenkins it.
  • Overall, their teamwork is... rough. The brothers often fire their attacks without thinking, leading to hilarious Friendly Fire moments such as Blu Flame firing a barrage of fireballs at the kaiju, only to bake Rosso Aqua's backside.
    • What's more, Isami's excitement over his new powers leads to him completely ignoring Katsumi's chiding him over recklessly firing at the monster while he was in front of it, leading him to try and Aside Glance to the audience... Ooly for Grigio Bone to be standing right there with its face's design providing an unintentional "are you for real" expression. Cue the brothers lurching back as a now annoyed Kaiju roars in their faces. There's even a Beat as all three of them stare at each other as if even Grigio Bone can understand how awkward the situation is.

Episode 7

  • Katsumi is still talking with his brother who is in human form, not realizing the kaiju is trying to attack him. When the kaiju is ignored, the kaiju took great lengths by slapping him right on his face.
    • Even better, the slap mark remains on his face even when reverted to Katsumi.
  • Grigio Bone actually expresses irritation at Isami's inability to transform, and after slapping Katsumi just heads off.
  • Two schoolgirls can be seen giggling at their backs until it was revealed that Isami wore a pair of Asahi's bunny slippers when walking outside.
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  • In their second battle, Rosso returns the favor of being slapped earlier by doing the same to Grigio Bone.

Episode 8

  • Isami left Katsumi to deal with the Kaiju alone because he got distracted by the girls.
  • The two Ultraman pose for the camera and got popular on social media.
  • How Makoto/Orb Dark rants to the Minato brothers for not living to the standards of proper Ultraman. It's as if he is throwing a jab to the audience due for their distaste on recent Ultra Warriors.
  • Ultraman Orb Dark's ended his victory with an Evil Laugh, before coughing out and resumes it. It helps bringing him down to the level of Nightmare Retardant.

R/B the Movie: Select! The Crystal of Bond

  • The Minato brothers readying their transformation items... right next to Riku. The trio all awkwardly hide their trinkets and walk away from each-other.

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