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  • The start of the opening theme is an inversion of Ultraman Orb: Whereas the latter started with an image of Orb Origin at the burned Rusalka zooming out to show the Earth and finally outer space before the show's logo, R/B has the meteorite of Grugeobone flying from space as it crash landed, zooming in the scene on Earth to what would become Ayaka City.
  • This story is about the main character being Ultraman whose loss of a parent lays a huge impact to their lives. Sounds close to Shin Asuka, with Katsumi's passion for baseball fits the former as well.
    • Isami on the other hand pursuing science to follow his missing mom's footstep is not unlike Daichi Ozora.
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  • So, the story is about Ultramen and their family members? Sounds like Ultraman Nice, but at least the former series had said family being attack teams as well.
  • Makoto Aizen orchestrate various monster attacks in the series. The kicker is how his figure of summoning the monster is not shown until episode 3, with his hand only shown brings in mind to Dark Lugiel's initial appearances.

Episode 1

  • This episode explores the origin of Grigio Bone and the Ultra Warriors comes from the meteorite that crashed the would-be spot of Ayaka City. Ultraman Ginga did it first with the Spark Dolls showering the town of Furuboshi.
  • Our protagonists bonded with their respective Ultra Warriors during their near-death experiences, which is a common trope in most Ultra Series.

Episode 2

  • In this episode, Makoto says "Allow me to borrow your strength!", an obvious nod to Gai Kurenai.
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  • Black King gets its horn severed, again.

Episode 3

  • Rosso gets the inspiration to defeat Gargorgon by witnessing her petrifaction beam reflected on a mirror, much like Orb's fight with Maga-Grand King.
  • Aizen scouted for a wanderer who suspiciously wears a similar dress to Gai at the end of the episode.

Episode 5

  • Gue-Basser, the monster that appeared in this series has more tributes to its original counterpart, Maga-Basser. First, Gue-Basser's defeat involves an Ultra that used Tiga's power (Ultraman Orb Spacium Zeperion and Blu Wind) while Blu Wind's battle with Gue-Basser involves an entire long cut that even focuses the viewers from Blu's first person viewpoint.
  • Makoto buys a leather shirt from Quattro M, stating that it fits the theme of wanderers (Gai Kurenai). Plus, he whistles to Gai's Orbnica tune at the end of the episode while obsessively polishing Orb Origin's R/B Crystal.

Episode 7

  • The plot in this episode is about Isami, who can't transform from the trauma of almost killing his friend Kaoru in the last episode. Ginga S played this plot with Ultraman Victory when he can't access Ultrans in episode 4 due to his hesitation on using Kaiju Spark Dolls.

Episode 8

  • The title of this episode is a huge nod to a line from the opening of Ultraman Orb. As shown, "the world is waiting for you", the word you (kimi) is replaced with me (ore).
  • So, Makoto is revealed to be possessed by an alien for 15 years, like we never heard of that plot before.

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