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  • Approval of God: Ultraman Geed director Koichi Sakamoto express his gratitude on Ultraman R/B by recognizing the Sibling Team dynamic which was first demonstrated from Ultraman Leo. He even expressed his wish to bring Leo and Astra into the show or creating a sequel of it if he was given the role of the director.
  • Bad Export for You: As always, Tsuburaya releases new episodes each week until newer ones replaced the previous in YouTube. Unlike the previous Ultra Series, this one unfortunately never make it to Crunchyroll's official subtitle plans, and recently Tsuburaya later stated (on the video description of the episode!) that the episodes of the show on their Youtube channel "are for Japan and Asian territories only", meaning they're finding a new way to resume bringing the series outside Asia outside of Crunchyroll.
    • Now averted as the series and its movie will be released in the US by Mill Creek Entertainment in spring 2020 on home video.
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  • Fan Nickname: Ultraman Orb Dark is also called as Ultraman Orb Alter, due to the original Orb's source of power being based on Saber whereas this copy can be considered an allusion to Saber's corrupted form.
  • I Knew It!:
  • Meaningful Release Date: The first episode premiered on Eiji Tsuburaya's 117th birthday. It is also premiered exactly 17 years after the premier of Ultraman Cosmos.
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  • Name's the Same: The missing mom of Minato family has her name shared with the Deuteragonist of Aikatsu Friends!.
  • Promoted Fanboy: According to the interviews...
    • Yuya Hirata (Katsumi Minato) mentioned that he drew Ultraman Taro as his favorite character in a book. His favorite Ultra Kaiju is Pigmon. And did we mention that Taro is what Ultraman Rosso used to utilize his main form Flame?
    • Ryosuke Koike (Isami Minato) says that his favorite Ultras are the first Heisei trio (Tiga to Gaia) and his most favorite Ultraman is Ultraman Tiga. His favorite monster on the other hand is King of Mons, remembering how it took all 3 Heisei Ultras to finish it.
    • Arisa Sonohara (Asahi Minato) recalls of how she had a pencil case themed after Pigmon as a birthday present and attending Ultraman stage shows. In fact, what motivates her to be in the cast of R/B is by watching Ultraman Geed.
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    • Ginnojo Yamazaki (Ushio Minato) fanboys the first three Ultra Series (Ultraman to Return of Ultraman).
    • Motoki Fukami (Makoto Aizen) remembers watching Alien Hipporito in his childhood defeating all five Ultra Brothers at once and at one point swears to beat the alien for real but was too scared in his elementary school days.
  • Shrug of God: When asked what the Ultra’s powers have to do with the elements their crystals represent, the character designer replied "Its complicated".
  • What Could Have Been:
    • When the brothers executing Triple Origium Ray, the projection of Ultraman Orb was supposed to be at the same size as normal Ultramen instead of being gigantic. The normal-size projection of Orb Origin was teased at the toy catalogue.
    • Just as how Asahi was revealed to be the Token Non-Human of the family and an Invented Individual, the original script was that Asahi never existed and Saki Mitsurugi, the show's later Big Bad is supposed to be the Minato brothers' long lost younger sister. Asahi is a last minute addition to the show, believe it or not.
  • You Look Familiar: Does Booska sound familiar to anyone else? That's Mina Tominaga a.k.a Kaoru Umeda! Back from the dead!

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