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Trivia / Ultraman Taiga

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  • Acting for Two: Takehisa Hirose voices an Alien Makindo in ep 1 and the blue Ultraman Firis on the following voice drama.
  • Bad Export for You: As with Ultraman R/B, Tsuburaya choose to market the series in the mainland China and Thailand due to their large numbers of consumer there while still ignoring viewers in the Pacific area.
  • Fan Nickname: Ultraman Tight-Ass, for Titas' absurdly muscular body built. Some even call him "Ainz Ooal Ultraman", due to their shared voice actor and Badass Baritone.
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  • Milestone Celebration: It celebrated the 10th anniversary of Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends and 40th anniversary of The☆Ultraman anime (animated by Sunrise).
  • Name's the Same: Taiga is also a short and flat-chested Tsundere from Toradora! (which ironically, its anime ended a decade prior), while Titas' name (Katakana wise) could be a Mighty Glacier form of a certain Gundam.
  • The Other Marty: Pirika's actress, Momoka was replaced with Ayuri Yoshinaga starting from June 7, 2019 due to scheduling conflict on Momoka's part. This unfortunately caused a lot of real life problems, and among them is the cancellation of what supposedly an annual press conference of the Ultraman show (which they usually did in the middle of June, specifically in the Tokyo Dome City's annual toy convention).
  • Prop Recycling: Averted. Many fans believed at first glance that Pagos in episode 11 was a modified Kaiju suit, until Word of God surprises them with revealing that its a newly built suit, as is the case with Neronga from Ultraman R/B.
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  • Relationship Voice Actor: Shintaro and Haruka/Konoha reunited in episode 23 to fight against another psychotic being from other world.
  • Release Date Change: Ultraman Taiga the Movie is one of many films that a certain coronavirus caused to change its release date. In this case, the film was postponed from its intended March 6th, 2020 release date before moving to August 7th of the same year.
  • Troubled Production: TWICE! In May 2019, Pirika's actress was changed midway in filming, forcing the crew to re-shoot several scenes. And in March 2020, the Ultraman Taiga movie was postponed due to the 2020 global coronavirus pandemic.

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