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Nightmare Fuel / Ultraman Orb

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    Original Series (Chapter 6)
The face that's worth thousand years of jealousy.
  • 1:
    • The Downer Beginning, full stop.
    • Anytime the SSP or Naomi gets caught in Maga-Basser's typhoon.
  • 2:
    • Juggler's process in awakening the King Demon Beast involves covering the Ultraman cards with Kaiju Cards, which seemingly covers them in a form of dirt.
    • Juggler's "harassment" in akin to his animal motif, a snake.
  • 4: Our hero Orb finally gets defeated after a timed out transformation. Then The Rival Juggler did the worst by throwing a helpless Gai to the building.
  • 5: Naomi being kidnapped by a high school girl, who turns out to be an Alien Zetton named Maddock in disguise. His transformation into his alien form still maintains the Sailor Fuku uniform, making the entire scene as a Fan Disservice.
  • 6:
    • The entire episode is about the Forbidden Forest where people tends to be disappeared from the sightings of Tamayura hime, a local ghost. Not! Tamayura was Good All Along and all she did was luring those helpless people out from the forest when the Planet Invasion Union captures them in a space distortion barrier for Hunting the Most Dangerous Game.
    • Among the collection of Kaiju Cards in Juggler's possession, one of them is King of Mons, the very same monster from the movie, which almost threatened Earth had it not for Tiga and Dyna's intervention. With this Kaiju Card, its no guess that Juggler can summon the monster anytime to defeat Orb, but prefers using King Demon Beasts.
  • 7: We were treated to Haruka Morishima, a woman with the ability to predict futures and saw the monster Hoe defeating Orb. In truth, Hoe was created from her own sorrow and thus making it a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.
  • 8: The sight of a Gubila drilling its way towards the city and preys upon the Ragon family. It succeeded in eating the poor baby Ragon until Orb freed it. Phew.
  • 9: The Planet Invasion Union sending Cherubim to kill Babaryu after his Heel–Face Turn before Ultraman Orb saves him.
  • 10:
    • Juggler's sudden appearance in the SSP base just to send Gai a challenge. Paranoia Fuel has it that he knows where Gai lives and can strike him or the SSP members anytime. Its just that he won't do it yet.
    • Nagus backstabbing Juggler per Nostra's orders and kills Juggler while Orb is in the middle of fighting Black King. Don't worry, he's Not Quite Dead thanks to Bemstar's card but the fact that Orb shows concern seems to how he has a respect to Juggler to a certain degree.
    • After surviving his assassination, Juggler unveils him Demon Form and kills Nostra in one swoop to reclaim Belial's card.
  • 11:
    • Tamayura-hime's gigantic spectral ghost approaching Gai and the others at the top of the building. Don't worry, she serves no ill intention and simply tries to warn him of an impending threat.
    • Maga-Orochi. Just Maga-Orochi. The Planet Eater who has consumed countless planets before being sealed on Earth by Zoffy. Juggler releases it with the King Demon Beast cards and lastly Belial's card to shatter Zoffy's card that held the sea together. The fact that said monster manages to deliver a Curb-Stomp Battle on every of Orb's forms is what sells the cake.
    • Seemingly won from their long-term feud, Juggler steals Gai's Ultra Fusion Cards, the only way that allows him to transform and lets out an Evil Laugh as seen on the picture above.
  • 12:
  • 14:
    • Galactron kidnaps Naomi and turns her into its speech interpreter. On top of that, it tries to reset the civilization on Earth after finding the wrongdoings of the planet's inhabitants.
    • The scene where Galactron stabs Orb with its Galactron Blade.
  • 15:
    • The firing range of Galactron Spark caused the decimation of an entire countryside.
    • Orb Thunder Breastar once again takes the mantle of the trope by brutalizing Galactron, all while Naomi is still inside and visibly in pain after her brainwashing being removed. When Orb used his Finishing Move on said robot, Naomi was more than injured and forced to be admitted to the hospital.
  • 16:
    • Juggler was revealed to have saved Maga-Orochi's tail, allowing him to create Zeppandon with Zetton and Pandon cards while Orochi's tail give the monster the same strength as the planet eater itself.
    • Juggler taunting Gai as Zeppandon and tries to force him to become Thunder Breaster so he can put up a good fight. When Orb flees from the battle, Juggler can only let out a Skyward Scream while Zeppandon roars.
    • Juggler making his way to Naomi's hospital, whistling in a doctor's uniform as he drags his katana along his tracks and was shown to have decimated almost everyone on guard offscreen.
  • 17:
    • Juggler forces Naomi to admit Orb as an enemy and threatens to kill her before Gai performs a Big Damn Heroes moment and spirited away.
    • Doubles as a Tear Jerker moment when VTL forces consider Orb as a threat and open fires on him.
    • Not even Thunder Breaster can't fight against the might of Zeppandon! And to top of it, Juggler taunts Orb by saying that he can no longer save anyone again as Zeppandon open fires on Orb and the SSP. To quote Juggler's words...
      Juggler: Farewell, Ultraman!note 
      • The above event is miraculously subverted when Thunder Breaster emerged unscratched, having shield the SSP and his actions restore his public reputation.
  • 18:
    • The main episode is a huge tribute to episode 19 of Ultraseven, the Human Farm. Much like the original episode, this one has an alien who wants to turn humans into living farm so he can charge his Slimtonium stone and empower Bemular.
    • Having escaped from the fight, Shaplay was quickly slain by Juggler, whose currently sporting a different look. He's still around and we have no idea of what he's still capable of.
  • 19: Remember the ghost samurai Renki from episode 18 of Ultraman Cosmos? Looks like the same kind returns in Orb, now appearing much more terrifying as it wears a crimson samurai armor and lacks speeches compared to the original. So who awakens it? A jealous Naomi Yumeno who envied her best friend for getting married while she stuck in a chain of bad lucks in her life. And to think this was purely an accident, Juggler commending Naomi for this was much more disturbing, even Gai have to admit that Juggler was right for once in a while.
  • 20: The way how Tarude beaten Juggler into submission, and to think that all this was done in off-screen.
  • 21: The return of Alien Zetton Maddock, who possesses the artificial life form Maya.
  • 23:
    • Following the Title Card that features Juggler, the viewers were treated to Juggler's hysterical Evil Laugh, which outright foreshadows the very dark nature of the episode.
    • Everything that Juggler became of in this episode, as he spent a lot of time sharpening his skills to the point where his face appeared as if an overworked person. To make things worse, he reveals himself to Gai and the SSP by almost attempting to slice them with his katana in a Sword Beam. Once he gets bigger, Juggler proceed to let out an Evil Laugh that we already heard of from the Title Card.
    • Orb Origin being defeated by Juggler's own new movement. He can actually evade the attack but he tries to shield the SSP behind him from being attacked. If it weren't for the Heroic Second Wind after that, Orb would have been gone for good.
  • 24:
    • The opening starts with three simultaneous monsters, Gomess (S), Demaaga and Telesdon emerged from the ground and died mysteriously.
    • Juggler being restrained in a glass container. According to the Word of God Kiyotaka Taguchi, the scene is inspired from Hannibal Lecter's restrains in The Silence of the Lambs.
    • Magata no Orochi, the evolved form of Orochi which was presumed by many to have perished by Orb Thunder Breatser until Juggler revealed that the monster transferred its life force to the Earth's core. Its awakenings were predicted by various monsters and aliens leaving Japan on a mass number that was foreshadowed in episode 22. And all it takes for the monster to awake is for Juggler to mislead the VTL members on how to stop it.
    • The entire battle of Orb against Orochi, where not even Thunder Breaster, nor Orb Origin can't stand against the monster. Magata no Orochi simply uses all of the King Demon Beast powers to its own liking and defeated Orb in a single blow on his Color Timer.
    • The fate of SSP members, Jetta and Shin trapped in several rubble that lock their car while Naomi tries to get closer to Gai but was quickly sliced by Juggler in front of the wanderer.
  • 25:
    • Jetta and Shin trapped in several rubble and aside from just being locked, they realized that their car is going to explode in any minute. Its a good thing that Shibukawa managed to get them out.
    • Naomi being held hostage and almost killed by Juggler. Before Juggler could have the chance to kill her, a stray Z-VTOL crashed landed at their place although Juggler managed to bail her out in time.
    • Magata no Orochi's destruction method has it releasing energy projections of eight dragon heads before exploding. The horror only goes there and Juggler survives the battle.

    Film/Ultraman Orb The Movie Lend Me The Power Of Bonds (Chapter 7) 


    Ultraman Orb The Origin Saga (Chapter 1) 

    Ultra Fight Orb (Chapter 9) 
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  • Two words: Ultraman Geed. The Ultra of the next season was introduced by murdering Reibatos cold-blooded. For the better or for the worse, it was revealed that the true murderer was his father Ultraman Belial. Reibatos saw Geed in Belial's image because he foresee the future, which clouded him from witnessing the very person who he tries to revive kills him.

    Ultraman Orb Chronicle (Chapter 2- 5 & 8)
Gai looked at Juggler with the face of a fierce god. "You're sweet. You bring disaster to everyone you get involved with. Your justice is inferior. A second-rated justice that is even worse than evil. You will destroy this world. In other words, you are the same as me." Gai hits Juggler. He keeps hitting. While vomiting blood, Juggler puts on a big smile. The killing intent that embraced Gai encouraged him to deal the finishing blow.
Although Word of God only wrote these chapters in planning period, the content sure put a huge amount of Nightmare Fuel to their readers.
  • Chapter 2: The prologue of the chapter shows us that Juggler has become a mercenary for hire and hears the plea of darkness from his sword, who encourages him to continue his current path.
    • 2-1: The condition of Jewel Planet Cobol is one to be seen here as the difference gap between rich and poor were very high. Because of this, the crime rate is very high. One of the poor inhabitants of Cobol was a pickpocket boy named Shorty, who was chased by an alien group before Gai saved and befriended him.
    • 2-2: In order to stop the war that happened between her country Shillock and Gibli, Salamni released the three water demons, Pestar, Gamakujira and Takkong as they went on a rampage and easily destroyed all three cities. Considering how these monsters in the past Ultra Series were simple threats, the sheer number of fear that the citizens in Water Planet Nuok had for them maybe due to how they are more powerful, had not for Orb's intervention.
    • 2-3:
      • The name of this chapter's villain is Count Orlock, who plans to bomb his own mine with his workers still inside so he can benefit the insurance money. Yikes!
      • This chapter is also when Gai first meets Sadeath, who works as Orlock's guardian. He was last seen slipped into the lava of the volcano and that's what we heard about it until he reappears in the movie (Chapter 7).
    • 2-4: As a result of his mercenary work, Juggler has become the most wanted guerrilla whose even feared by the intergalactic peacekeeping group Interstellar Alliance. This is where his first sign of Face–Heel Turn as he proceed to attack Gai without mercy before being arrested.
  • Chapter 3:
    • The Prison Planet 484 is a humongous one. Aside from being the prison to the galaxy's worst criminals (monsters and aliens alike), it also has a strong gravitational waves and a sturdy outer wall surrounding it that prevents any of the inmates from escaping.
    • The introduction of Biranki as one of the deadliest prisoner. In fact, she is also a Fallen Princess who was imprisoned by her parents due to her ESP form an interdimensional link that can call monsters and was later moved to Planet 484 when Gango was summoned and almost destroyed her home planet. Yes, that Gango. The icing of the cake is that we were shown to Biranki as a huge supporter of Juggler and is also a Yandere.
    • Juggler frees all prisoners in the Planet 484 and turns the prison into their stronghold. To make it worse, he turns the Balloonga that the Interstellar Alliance captured into a bomb that can threaten the entire universe. Wait, are we talking about Balloonga Bomb or the Super-dimensional Eradication Bomb from the next season?
    • Shorty's Heroic Sacrifice as he's being electrified by the Balloonga Bomb after pulling the chord before Orb does the rest. The next scene shifts into a huge Tear Jerker as Shorty died in Gai's arms.
    • Evidenced by the photo above: Gai delivering his Roaring Rampage of Revenge to Juggler for Shorty's death. When Juggler pointed on Gai's mad fury, the latter drops off before letting the Interstellar Alliance capturing him again.
    • When Biranki realized that both her and Juggler will be imprisoned to different places, she unleashes a Big "NO!" scream so much that the escort ship cracked and perhaps, killed most of its passengers excluding Juggler and Biranki.
    • After obtaining the Dark Ring, the first thing Juggler did is to unleash an insane Evillaugh.
    • The short description on Maga-Orochi: it was a monster hailing from Monster Galaxy and had feasted on other planets as parasites. On Earth, it created the King Demon Beast by tapping into Earth elements and all six of these monsters upsets the planet's balance. It was also at this point that the seven Ultras who chose to seal these monsters had their actions justified, because in the ancient time, they were strong enough to almost destroying Earth in a matter of seconds.
  • Chapter 4:
    • The emergence of the mysterious cult Magacism, with their prophet Nuru Ra Hotep praises the King Demon Beast of Darkness Maga-Tanozoa. His followers are in fact a group of mummified monsters. PS. His true identity is Juggler himself, who wants to harvest Maga-Tanozoa's card after Gai defeating it.
    • The first King Demon Beast is Maga-Tanozoa, who represents darkness. Even if Orb managed to defeat it, the sheer amount of said monster's power was enough to turn Ishtal into a town in ruins. We were also treated to how Maga-Tanozoa still had its power staying active even if its imprisoned by tampering with the nature of Ishtal Civilization.


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