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  • In the first movie, Alien Icarus impersonate Misuzu to try and steal the Spark Dolls Hikaru and Chigusa found. This is a huge source of Funny Moments:
    • Alien Icarus waves his arms and ends his sentences with "ica". While it only looks mildly ridiculous in his normal form, it is hilarious when he's still doing it as Misuzu (YMMV, but to this Troper, it looked like Mizusu's actress (Mio Miyatake) was close to Corpsing in the film).
    • When the Ginga Spark sent him flying, Alien Icarus looked like a mix of himself and Misuzu, ie. Misuzu with Icarus' ears and neck fur (or alternatively, Misuzu with weird ears and an impressive beard).
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    • After making himself look completely like Mizusu again, he chased Hikaru and Chigusa until they run (literally) into the other three, with Alien Icarus predictably running into the real Misuzu. It seems to set up a "Who's the real Misuzu?" moment and Alien Icarus played that card. The thing is... him knocking into Misuzu brought back the Misuzu/Icarus mix. While he briefly fooled Hikaru and Chigusa earlier, nobody bought it this time. The crowner: Alien Icarus didn't seem to notice and acted like the others were just extremely observant.
  • In Ginga S, an average guy gets turned into Gan-Q and mode locked into that form unable to change out of it...and stuck at human size. While there's all kinds of emotions invoked in the episode, seeing one of the most insane and frightening monsters in the series acting like a meek, frightened guy is still amusing.

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