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Funny / The Legend of Zelda CD-i Games

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  • The introduction scene of Link: The Faces of Evil.
    Link: Gee, it sure is BORing around here!
    "My sword won't hurt anyone friendly. In fact, it makes THEM TALK!"
  • "Squadallah! We're off!"
  • "He's dead. Let's get outta here!"
  • This:
    King Harkinian: I wonder what's for DINNER.
    • You can hear Harkinian's voice actor trying not to laugh as he says that line. Yep, even the VAs thought this game was silly.
  • And this:
    • And after you defeat Ganon, which involves wrapping him in magic chains from a wand and sucking him into a book:
    Ganon: "AAH! The chains! NOOO! You haven't seen the last of ME!"
  • Another one:
    Hectan: YOU'VE KILLED ME! (dissolves into a puddle)
    Zelda: Good! (Stallone smile)
    • The Angry Video Game Nerd addresses this:
    Heh heh. Good. You killed me. Good. (Cue Heroic BSoD.)
    • One can't help but get the impression she was trying to come up with a clever joke, but gave up and said that instead.
      • ...Or was already frustrated to the point that she simply didn't even care what she said and just vented.
  • Morshu: "Come back when you're a little...MMMMMMMM...richer!"
    • And before that, his more famous line: "Lamp oil? Rope? BOMBS?? You want it? It's yours, my friend, as long as you have enough rubies."
  • An underrated gem:
    Glutko: Oh goodie! Mashed Link for the main course!
  • And many, many others. Every piece of cutscene dialogue is practically a Funny Moment by itself.
  • Ganon catching prisoners.
    Ganon: You are my prisoner!
    Aforementioned Prisoner: Hey!
    Ganon: SILENCE!
  • The face Ganon makes when he says "Or else you will DIE!" Looks like he just smushed his face against the camera!
  • Link's face when he uses the Book of Koridai against Ganon shows that even he is sick of this game.
    • Ganon's reaction to this Link using said book is comedy gold.
    • In both Faces of Evil and Wand of Gamelon, Ganon dies from a single hit from the games' respective MacGuffins. And in both cases, his sprite suffers the generic death animation.
  • For some reason, for most, if not all, of the villains, their dialogue when you face them include some variant of "you will die" or "you must die", and several of them say "you dare?" It gets repetitive, but that also makes it funny for some.
    • "You saved me" and "take him away" are repeated as well, but they're used only once in each game.
  • One boss is a pig named Harlequin that can turn others into wolfmen, while another boss (Lupay) is a wolf that can turn others into pigmen... Huh.
    • After being transformed, the pigman howls like a wolf... Maybe they mixed it up?
      • Those were Moblins who are bulldog men.
    • His introduction scene:
    Gwonam: "See how Harlequin captures Koridians?"
    Random Voice: "YOU LOSE."
    Harlequin: "*snorts* Do you know what it means when you lose your last rubee?! Now you work for me! *turns a Koridian into a wolfman* Take him away! *snorts*"
  • Omfak's introductory sequence, in which, for a few moments, his head turns into the Dairy Queen lips.
    • Also, in his death sequence, his head (still DQ lips) explodes, causing a flock of birds to fly out.
  • When you free Mayor Kravindish, he scratches his nose with his foot, and has to hold his wig down as he is released.
  • What is the glove upgrade you get in both games? The Power Glove. Yes, countless jokes have been made about this.
  • Defeating Militron reveals that he is really a half-naked old man with several layers of flab.
    "Oh my goodness, this is awful!"
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  • This little gem:
    Impa: Oh, my! It looks like everyone's been taken to Tykogi Tower!
    Mayor Kravindish: This is illegal, you know.
    George the Chef: My cakes will burn!
  • Everyone in the game makes strange hand movements as they speak. When it's not creepy, it's this.
  • The tutorial in The Faces of Evil.


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