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Nightmare Fuel / The Legend of Zelda CD-i Games

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These games can be quite unnerving in unorthodox ways as they can be Narm Charm.
Join me Link, and I will make your face the greatest in Korodai, or else YOU WILL DIE!
  • Occasionally, the bizarre animation crosses into this.
    • Especially Ushrom and the magic cloak witch from the first town in Wand of Gamelon.
    • The little girl who wants an Arpagos' egg. The animators gave her the body of a little girl...but the face of a slightly elderly-looking lady. Uncanny Valley at its most supreme effect. Doesn't help that she doesn't sound like a little girl to begin with.
  • A lot of monsters are frequently shown in Faces of Evil to be made by transforming ordinary Koridians. One woman even mentions her husband was turned into a monster. There's no way to save them in the game, and the ending never even discusses what happened to them.
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  • When Zelda kills Hektan, he screams "YOU'VE KILLED ME!" before melting into a puddle. Her reaction? "Good.", with a smug grin on her face as if not even remotely giving a damn. While the Comedic Sociopathy and Moral Dissonance are hilarious, the way that Zelda kills Hektan is still kinda unsettling in that the heart container inside of him is still beating after his death. Gives us some pretty interesting ideas involving what Zelda possibly might do to anybody, once someone pisses her off and pushes her buttons around for far too long. Not that Hektan isn't a tad unnerving in his own right, with his odd inflections.
  • The cyclops Glutko in Faces of Evil straight up eats a guy, on screen. While it isn't terribly graphic, it's still pretty evident that the person he ate is dead. Besides that, he's a horrible green mound of wriggling flesh with huge lips, fangs, clawed fingers, a single huge eye, and extra nipples on his chin.
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  • The sadistic pig-headed Harlequin dies by deflating like a balloon, and is only just able to gasp out his last words. Even Link is unnerved (though it doesn't stop him from going up to and lifting up Harlequin's corpse).
    Harlequin: "AAAAARRRRGGGHHH, lucky shot..."
    Link: "Golly!"
  • The wolf-lion-giant-pair-of-lips... thing Omfak is so frightfully bizarre it's hard to believe it wasn't spawned from some animator's nightmarish fever dream.
    (He kills a mid-air bird with an eye laser before roasting and eating it in three bites)
    • Given that this scene was animated by Russian animators, it's quite possible that it was inspired by Armenfilm's cartoon "Wow, a talking fish!", specifically by this scene.
  • CD-i Ganon sure is goofy-looking, eh? Zelda's Adventure was developed by a different studio, but that game's incarnation of Ganon should look pretty silly, too (what with the questionable production values), right? Imagine the reaction of the poor sap who went through the game expecting a variation on the pig man only to go face-to-face with Satan himself.
  • Zelda's Adventure has a rather unnerving and loud Scare Chord (possibly a slowed-down version of the death sound from The Legend of Zelda I) play when you run out of health.

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