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  • Colt Cabana is a goldmine for these.
    • The entire Colt Cabana-Delirious match from Fifth Year Festival: Finale. It included Cabana doing a Big Daddy impression, Cabana adjusting Delrious's mask so the Lizard Man chain-wrestled with referee Todd Sinclair, Delirious making fat jokes at Sinclair's expense, leading to the ref shoving Delirious down with Cabana behind him for a 2-count.
    • Less than two months later at Cabana's final show until 2009, he got out of a submission hold.. by calmly breaking it himself. This was after he screamed like a little child right in Adam Pearce's ears.
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    • Colt finds a way to dodge Marty Scurll's finger break oven mitt.
    • Global Wars Chicago 2017: Colt Cabana vs. Toru Yano. The greatest wrestling gagmen of East and West square off, and goofy fun is had by all.
  • Any skit where Tank Toland tries to whip Bobby Dempsey into shape falls here.
  • It's Nowhere To Run and no one wants to partner with Alex Shelley against Generation Next. Shelley is so desperate he ends up taking Delirious after finding him in a bathroom stall.
  • From Allied Forces: Kevin Steen as a judge?
  • Final Battle 2011: The World's Greatest Tag Team vs The Briscoe Brothers. Ref is down, Shelton Benjamin splits a wooden board in half on Jay Briscoe's head, Charlie Haas grabs a piece. Cue the audience chanting "USA! USA!" and screaming "HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Note that Shelton and especially Charlie worked as heels that night.
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  • Matt Hardy's anti-bullying video.
  • The following Twitter exchange between Dave Meltzer and head booker Delirious:
    Dave Meltzer: "...if you like a good wrestling show, get the replay of ROH anniversary show. Will be among yrs best shows.
    Delirious: -!OI>A?g"R{e_E+w"i«T≤h*Y§O:uVDOa=Ve(t!h&a™NDK$sSFxo¥R/r?E£cƒOCG^n%I(z!I~nPG.r/E}a+L!S-h*I!T!/?!—- note 
    Dave Meltzer: Couldn't have said it better myself.
  • Kevin Steen and Steve Corino provided commentary for one of Steen's ROH matches. While Steen was wrestling in it.
    STEEN: Ever since I have joined forces with Mr. Corino it appears the Ring Of Honor on HDNet commentators, Dave Prazak and "HOG", seem to be hell-bent on talking trash about us!
    PRAZAK: Not me!
    STEEN: I don't think that's very fair, so you know what? Prazak, Hog, you guys have the night off, well at least you have this match off, go grab a hot dog, grab a beer, grab each other's genitals, whatever you do...
    PRAZAK: I'll grab the beer.
    [After Corino starts talking to Steen's opponent, Bobby Shields, and Steen sneaks up behind him and knocks him down]
    STEEN: [as he hits him] BOOM! Can't believe that worked!
    CORINO: I used to beat kids like this up in school every week!
    STEEN: Speaking of school beatings, I perfected this very move during my grade school beatings, check it out!
    [Steen comes off the ropes, and then stops]
    STEEN: [handing the mic to referee Bryce Remsburg] Oh wait, hold this.
    [Somersaults and drops a leg on Shields]
    CORINO: Ohhhh, ladies and gentlemen—!!!
    STEEN: [taking the mic back] Oh my god—!!
    CORINO: That—
    CORINO: That was orgasmic maybe.
    STEEN: [going for the cover] Steen goes for the cover!
    [Covers, only gets two]
    STEEN: Bad call by the referee, horrible call!
    [After Shields catches Steen off-guard and gets in some token offense, Steen comes back and stops him with a powerbomb]
    STEEN: [retrieving the mic and glaring down at Shields] That hurt, you asshole!
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  • From ROH Death Before Dishonor IV: When Homicide made his entrance and became the final member of the ROH team, CZW fans erupted in a "SIX ON FIVE!" chant (Samoa Joe and Bryan Danielson were in the match, but Dragon chopblocked Joe right out of it and left himself). The ROH side immediately snapped back with "YOU CAN'T COUNT!"
  • Bryan Danielson and El Generico hug it out.
    • Even odds on what's funnier, Generico's body language when the referee translates Danielson's signature chant (i.e. "YOU'RE GONNA GET YOUR FUCKING HEAD KICKED IN!") or the fans chanting "SAY YOU'RE SORRY!" and Danielson losing it completely.
  • The crowd chants during the Ultimate Warrior Tribute match Between Machismo King Jay Lethal and Delirious. At one point they chanted "Pure Infringement!" but at the same time booed the moment Machismo King did not align exactly with Randy Savage, demanding that he "Finger Point!" from now on.
  • The crowd was so sure Michael Elgin was going to beat Adam Cole for the belt that they started throwing streamers into the ring after a Cole took a top rope power bomb at Best In The World and began chanting "We Fucked Up" when Cole got his shoulder up.
  • The look on Jay Lethal's face when Dalton Castle makes his entrance.
  • During the company's crossover show with All Japan Pro Wrestling, Satoshi Kojima exploits the fact that he is, "Japanese, goddammit," as an excuse to ignore the referee's instructions. The fact that he twice explained his alleged incomprehension to the referee in Surprisingly Good English makes it that much funnier.
  • Silas Young's attempts to turn Beer City Bruiser's boys into men, especially when he catches them trying to use the women's rest room.
  • During a six way scramble on the first night Supercard Of Honor X, Donovan Dijak threw Dalton Castle shoulder first at Adam Page, who flipped over him, causing Castle to unwillingly collide with his boys, who were with two fans fanning up Frankie Kazarian. Page got the advantage over Donovan Dijak and then while brawling Joey Daddiego after landing on his feet following an attempted hip toss to the outside but opted to takeout Dalton Castle, Kazarian and The Boys as they recovered with a running apron shooting star press instead of following up. This was then followed by Daddiego being sent into the pile via a drop kick from Cheeseburger, who then, performed a comparatively plain step up body press outside to absolutely no effect on the still recovering group. Dijack then performed a plancha onto Cheeseburger, flattening everyone.
  • At Global Wars 2016 with New Japan Pro-Wrestling, color commentator Mr. Wrestling 3 apparently spent $6,000 on a "Super-Kick Counter" for the match with The Young Bucks and Bullet Club against Matt Sydal, Kushida and the Motorcity Machineguns on the Bucks' promise of hosting the world's largest Superkick Party. The match ends without any actual superkicks to the disappointment of Mr. Wrestling 3. The kicker though is that at the very end of the event, the Bullet Club takeover and decimate the arena and staff (as well as Jay Lethal and Colt Cabana, both in a match at the time) in a series of superkicks, allowing Mr. Wrestling 3 to use his counter. He explodes with joy as he watches it climb, before he and his colleague Kevin Kelly promptly get superkicked themselves. The Bucks then take over the announce table and impersonate Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. The night ends with a grand total of 51 kicks.
    • The person in charge of the counter counting the superkick that Mr. Wrestling ate, added to the hilarity.
    • The same night at Global Wars '16, Moose and Kazuchika Okada faced Hiroshi Tanahashi and Michael Elgin in a tag match. Moose brings some girls out for his entrance, who do his trademark fist-pump with his music. Then as Okada follows him out, the girls start tossing Okada bucks, bringing out this hilarious line from Mr. Wrestling 3: Holy switch-a-roles, the girls are throwing money at HIM!!!
  • Cody Rhodes impersonates one of Dalton Castle's boys. Dalton's quizzical look and Cody's whole awkwardness just make this funnier.
  • At Gateway to Gold, Kenny King caught a fan's streamer and angrily threw it back into the crowd. The same fan caught it and threw it back into the ring. King tried to catch it again, but came up short. Even King had to break character and chuckle at the image.
  • Marty Scurll and Bullet Club lead the entire arena in a singalong of "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)"... while Matt Jackson and Cody (Rhodes) had their opponents locked into submission moves.
  • At Supercard of Honor in 2018, Bernard the Business Bear accompanied Cody Rhodes to the ring for his grudge match against Kenny Omega. Early in the match, Omega dropkicked the bear through the ropes, sending the head flying into the audience and into the lap of a fan in the first row. They promptly placed the giant bear head over their own head and wore it until security likely took it away.
  • At Supercard of Honor XII, the Young Bucks try a double superkick on Cody Rhodes...only for him to duck so they lay out Kenny Omega. The Oh, Crap! looks on the Bucks' faces was priceless.

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