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1st Series

Episode 1

Episode 2

  • Kukuri being amazed on how big the castle is, then assumes that the king must be giant.
    • Later, when the king of Ainshent arrives:
      Kukuri: What? The king's so short.
      Nike: That's too bad, isn't it.
  • Kukuri trying to stay awake while the king is speaking. She then begins to daydream, seeing the king in ridiculous imagery, such as dancing with a hula skirt, and having huge muscles, culminating with Kukuri Laughing Mad.
  • Nike being dazzled by Ena's beauty upon first seeing her. Kukuri is not pleased.
  • Gail putting his hand on the Ranyarank, expecting to draw a sword ("ken" in Japanese) from it (which would indicate that he is the true Hero), only to draw up a "ken" (scissors in jankenpon).
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  • Nike, shocked by the fact that he is actually the true hero, began dancing involuntarily out of disbelief.
  • The king of Ainshent handing over 800 Rin to Nike and Kukuri for their quest, which amounts to a small amount of gold coins in a very large chest.
    Nike: You didn't have to put it in such a large chest, did you?
    King: It's all the matter of ceremony.
    • The king explaining to Nike and Kukuri what's in store for them:
    King: ...The land out there is now under Giri's control. The lands are teeming with Giri's minions. The journey ahead is one of pain and hardship and you'll probably get SERIOUSLY hurt or even DIE. However, I won't take any responsibility for any such incident. That's what the money's for! I'm bribing my way out.
    Castle guard: Your Majesty... I'm not questioning you, but wouldn't it be better to say that in a less harsh way?
  • Kukuri "equipping" 400 rin on her face.
  • Kukuri spending half of their money on a toy lizard. Nike understandably calls her out on it, only to reveal that he already spent his share on a goofy-looking outfit, along with other knick-knacks.
    Narrator: Hero had lost the battle before it had even begun.
  • Nike's pants falling off due to the weight of the short sword he was carrying.

Episode 3

  • After Kukuri's passionate speech on how amazing their adventure would be, Nike, who suddenly looks like an old man, states that he is too old to travel, which freaked Kukuri out. Nike apologized afterwards, only for Kukuri to repeat the last part of her speech, now screaming frantically.
  • At night, in North Village, three ratmen are discussing among themselves about the Hero in an overly eloquent manner. Afterwards, as soon as they commence their attack on the village, they were suddenly defeated by a flame spell that Kukuri unknowingly cast in the previous scene.

Episode 4

  • Migu seducing Nike so she and Toma and Zaza could come with him to Mt. Sawdust. Surprisingly, it worked, drawing Nike to her, which caused him to trip on a rock and fall on his face.
  • The village chief claims that since Nike is a Hero, he would be okay even if he dies repeatedly, followed with the chief ready to pound Nike with a mallet to demonstrate his claims. Immediately afterwards, Kukuri steps in and stopped the chief from hitting Nike, taking away his mallet, following with Nike being shown hiding under Kukuri's robe. Guess what happens next?
    • Due to the concussion from being hit on the head, Nike spends a few episodes forgetting Kukuri's face, only remembering her as a pair of bloomers.
  • As Nike, Zaza and Toma Left the village to rescue Kukuri and Migu, the village chief assumes that the hero will sacrifice his life for the village.
    Village Chief: Hero, die in valor.
    [cut to a mountain path with Nike, who is suddenly feeling nervous]
    Zaza: What's the matter?
    Nike: My ears are ringing, and I got a chill up my spine.
Episode 5
  • Nike acting like a monkey against his will in order to solve a puzzle.
  • Nike, Toma, and Zaza coming across a room filled with man-eating plants. At the same time, a group of ratmen attempts to ambush Nike, only for the party to cower from the plants as soon as the ratmen comes to them, causing the ratmen to fly inside the room. The party didn't notice the ratmen.
  • The boss monster's overly-specific weakness. It was so long that Nike asked Guriel to repeat it twice.
  • Migu and Kukuri attempt to seduce a ratman guard with makeup so they can get his key. Unfortunately, they were not good with makeup, scaring the guard instead, calling them monsters. Migu didn't take it well.
    Narrator: Migu takes -10 damage to her heart.

Episode 6

  • Kukuri and Migu observing the huge keychain on a monster guarding a door, while they discuss why would the monster need one of those. The monster then overhears them and goes after them, only to get strangled by the huge keychain hanging on his neck and gets knocked out.
  • Kukuri freaking out and crying over a door with an image of a muscular man wearing a speedo with wings over his body.
  • Kasegi Gold's dramatic entrance, complete with Ominous Fog, monologue and a theme sang by a ratmen choir. Kukuri compares it to a Heavy Metal concert.
  • Just the fact that Kasegi Gold reads all his lines in a script and cannot even construct simple sentences by himself.
  • Nike, showing up with Kabuki makeup, stacked on top of Zaza and Toma, holding two yams while sitting backwards, claiming that it is Kasegi Gold's weakness. Kasegi Gold is not pleased by this.
  • Nike doubting that Kukuri is the real one due to still suffering a concussion from few episodes back, claiming that Kukuri looks like a pair of bloomers.
    • Followed by Kukuri saying that Nike is not the real one, imagining the real one to be fabulous looking.
  • Apparently, the ratmen who wrote their boss's script didn't expect the heroes to make it this far, so they just wrote a bunch of nonsense in the latter parts.
    Kasegi Gold: I will suck your earlobes all night long! Huh? What is this?
    [Nike and Kukuri looks dumbfounded]
    Narrator: In a different sense, it had a lot of impact.
    ratmen: Uh-oh, looks like he noticed.
    Kasegi Gold: [at the ratmen] What the hell is this?! Who would suck that?
  • Nike, Zaza, and Toma finding out that they forgot to bring their weapons. They even used a portable video player to find where they left them.
  • Nike briefly playing hopscotch on the failed magic circles Kukuri made earlier.

Episode 7

  • Zaza performing "magic", which just involves him yelling "Zam Dien," the name of his grandpa. Everyone else was dumbstruck by this.
  • Nike's face becoming "picasso" after Kukuri told him that she doesn't know other spells.
  • Old Man North North dancing in the middle of Nike and Kasegi Gold's battle.
  • Just the fact that Old Man North North's dance is used to preserve a powerful magic circle that can summon a powerful Guruguru. Kukuri was understandably creeped out when she found this out.
  • After Kasegi Gold has been defeated:
    Kasegi Gold: M-My last line is... [reading from the script] ugh...
  • After the boss was defeated, a platform began rising again, implicating that there is another enemy, only to turn out being Old Man North North dancing on it.

Episode 8

  • Nike and his party being creeped out by the fact that an ominous message appeared on Old Man North North's leg.
  • The fact that Old Man's dance was originally danced by young women.
  • Nike pondering on how things would have turned out if Old Man was a young woman. This is followed by scenes from previous episodes and the same scenes, but with Old Man North North being replaced with a young woman. Unsurprisingly, the latter scenes were much more pleasant.
    Nike: And if it had been a really cute girl who has been abducted, we would've gone to save her in a flash.
    Zaza and Toma: That's right!
    Nike: Damn, if there only had been a cute girl... [drools lustfully]
    [Kukuri smacks Nike with her staff]
    Kukuri: [looking slightly annoyed] Enough of that!
    Nike: [with a bump on his head] Yes, Ma'am.
  • Gail and Ena arriving on the Kasegi Gold's chamber, which is already empty. Gail yells for the monsters to come out and face them, only for the narrator to repeatedly state that the monsters were already defeated, growing more agitated as Gail ignores her.
  • Nike bringing everyone to the room where Guriel was imprisoned, only to find that she's already gone, leaving behind a box of rice crackers as a present.
    Kukuri: [eating a rice cracker] Delicious!
    Migu: I just love cabbage flavored!
    [Nike and Zaza viciously munching on the rice crackers]
  • After Nike and the party returns to the village, the Village chief orders the village to set up a feast. Cue a banner for the hero's memorial service.
    • Later, the village chief unveils a statue of Nike and Kukuri that reads, "Here lies Hero and Kukuri... not."
  • Nike, expecting to be alone in the hot springs for the night, only to find that Old Man North North is already there. It's made even worse when Old Man reveals that he owns the inn and that the holes the water is gushing from is made to look like Old Man's face. Nike is understandably squicked by this.
  • While Nike is relaxing outside, Kukuri shows up with her hair down. Nike fails to recognize her, believing that her personality changes when she lets her hair down.

Episode 9

  • Nike jokingly tells Kukuri where stars come from, which apparently came from an old man dressed up as an old lady, while he sprinkles stars from his basket. Kukuri didn't take the story really well, and proceeds to cry. Cue the village chief, Toma's grandpa, and some villagers chastising Nike, calling him a gigolo, for making Kukuri cry.
  • Younger!Kukuri opening the door of the old witch's house, only to find younger!Nike being chased around by his father as part of the former's training.
  • One night, after younger!Kukuri finds a mysterious girl dancing, Kukuri decides to talk to her, while a thought bubble with the old witch tries to stop her. After repeatedly trying to stop Kukuri, another Kukuri shows up in the thought bubble to blow off the old witch.
  • While watching Iruku dance, Kukuri is entranced by it, gradually seeing nothing but her. Literally, as Iruku bumps into Kukuri after a while.
  • After finishing her story, Kukuri finds Nike already sleeping, now lying upside down a tree.
  • The next morning, the village chief unveils the "fixed" statue, which was the same statue as before but with Zaza's, Toma's, and Migu's heads in them, but only their heads. Nike then pushed it down.
  • Nike throwing away the legendary cook pot that the village chief gave to them in a river, only for the village chief to emerge from underneath the pot and give it back to him. The chief then proceeds to follow Nike and Kukuri from the distance to make sure that they don't throw the pot away.

Episode 10

  • Nike and Kukuri arrives at the old witch's house, while the old witch cackles at a cooking pot like a stereotypical witch, while cooking potatoes.
  • After Nike and Kukuri were sucked in by the statue of Guruguru, the old witch checks the statue by softly hitting her head against it, only to get a bump in her head while managing to remain serious.
  • Nike and Kukuri being distracted by a peculiar-looking candle stand while the King of Ainshent is confronting them for entering his secret chamber.
  • Kaya suddenly popping in the middle of the king, Nike, and Kukuri, surprising them. The king then tells him to approach him slowly next time.
    • Kaya does so later on when approaching the king in his throne. The king find this even creepier.
  • The king's reason for building his castle on top of a magic circle? Aside from keeping away monsters, he is also using it to cure his hernia. Kukuri was not happy to know this.
  • Kaya claiming to the king that he feels an immense darkness on Nike and that they must kill him. The king however thinks that Kaya looks more evil and that he would most likely kill him first.
  • Nike insisting the gypsy lady to tell him her name, especially after she removes her cover.
  • Nike and Kukuri treating Kaya and the gypsy lady's battle as a magic show.
  • Gail showing up in the middle of Kaya and the gypsy lady's magic battle, only to get caught up in both of their attacks.

Episode 10

  • Kukuri drawing the magic circle from the gypsy lady's cloth summons a giant, silly-looking toy cat, which emits a strange, meowing sound that dispels all magic.
    Gypsy lady: That is what we've been protecting?
  • The king of Ainshent pleading Nike to stay in the castle as the hero. Nike replies with with an Eyelid Pulling Taunt.
  • While walking away from the castle:
    Nike: Being with this exotic beauty [gypsy lady] is better than working for some old guy.
    [the lady sweatdrops]
    Kukuri: (slightly annoyed) Hero!
    Nike: (to the lady) Hey, so what's your name? (gets dragged by the ear by the lady while being repeatedly hit by Kukuri with her staff)
    Gypsy lady: Quickly! We're in a hurry!
    Nike: You know, it's polite tell someone your name if they asked for it.
  • While in the Dark Magic User's Guild, Nike is dressed up as a Sappari fairy since the guild doesn't know what he is.
  • Kukuri being worshiped by the Dark Magic people as a goddess while they sing a song praising her. Kukuri find the song silly, but eventually gets brainwashed by it
  • Kukuri falling asleep as one of the Dark Magic people tells her a story about her ancestry.
    Kukuri: I'm really bad when it comes to listening to difficult stories.
  • The gypsy lady telling Kukuri that she looks like a child who's been left alone home and wants to play outside. Kukuri denies it, while suddenly having boyish eyes, wearing a baseball cap, and a band-aid on her face.
  • Gipple shows up to analyze Nike by creepily reaching up to Nike with his "horns." Nike suddenly punches Gipple by impulse.
  • The Reveal that the president of the guild, who has been behind the curtain the whole time, has been transformed into a poodle long ago by Giri's forces. Nike and Kukuri proceeds to play with him as he if he were a real dog.
  • The Dark Magic president's letter to Nike after they left their place.
  • The buildup to the gypsy lady's name: As they go on their way to the docks so Nike and Kukuri can sail to the next continent, Nike is still persistent on asking the lady for her name, while Kukuri is skipping while singing "runrunrun!" After Nike and Kukuri sails away, the narrator at the end reveals the lady's name to be Runrun.

2017 remake

Episode 3
  • Kasegi Gold's underlings messing up his lines again because they did not think the Hero would actually make it to him.
    Kasegi Gold: I will drink your snot dry!
It was unintentionally effective
Kasegi Gold: Wait. What the hell is this?! Who would drink snot?! Ahh, forget this! You! Fight me! Now! Me! Ok?!
Nike: I suppose having a script is important, huh...

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