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  • Channel Hop: The first anime aired on TV Asahi, the second anime and the 2017 anime aired on TV Tokyo
  • Completely Different Title: In Latin America, the series is called "Los Caballeros de Kodai" note 
  • Crossdressing Voices: Nike in the Japanese version, averted in the Italian dub as well as the Latin American where he's voiced by Benjamín Rivera
  • No Export for You: The only countries in the world to receive the manga note  and both seasons of the anime outside of Japan were Italy, South Korea, and China. Latin America and the Middle East only got the first season of the anime and it was never brought over to North America.
    • Averted with the 2017 series since it's streaming on Crunchyroll
  • The Other Darrin: In the first anime (and the movie) Nike was voiced by Fujiko Takimoto, in Doki Doki Densetsu he was voiced by Omi Minami and in the upcoming third anime he is voiced by Shizuka Ishigami.
    • Kukuri has fallen victim to this too, she was voiced by Konami Yoshida in the 1st anime, the movie and Doki Doki Densetsu, however since Konami-san barely even has a career nowadays note , Kukuri will now be voiced by Konomi Kohara in the 3rd anime.
    • Juju was voiced by Yuri Amano in season 1 and the movie, but by the time Doki Doki Densetsu rolled around Yuri-san was taking her 3 year hiatus from voice acting so Kae Araki voiced her instead. And as of the 2017 anime, she's now voiced by Yo Taichi
    • Kita Kita Oyaji was voiced by veteran seiyuu, Kenichi Ogata in 1st anime, the movie and the 2nd anime, but in the 2017 anime, he's voiced by also well known Katsuyuki Konishi
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    • A round up of who else got darrin'd in Doki Doki Densetsu:
      • Raid was voiced by the male Katsumi Toriumi in season 1, but was darrin'd by the female Megumi Kubota in season 2
      • Gochinko was voiced by Masahiro Anzai in season 1 and darrin'd by Kouhei Kawada in season 2
      • Search Eye was voiced by veteran seiyuu, Shin-ichiro Miki in season 1 and darrin'd by the relatively unknown Kouki Akaishi in season 2
      • Bado (Nike's dad) was voiced by Hiroshi Masuoka in season 1 and darrin'd by Kazuhiko Nishimura in season 2
      • Rena (Nike's mom) was voiced by veteran seiyuu Kikuko Inoue and darrin'd by the relatively unknown Hizuru Kurita in season 2
    • Let's just say that everyone got darrin'd in the 2017 version and leave it at that.
  • Overtook the Manga: When the original anime aired in 1994, the manga was still ongoing, so the part where Barckweiner tasked Nike in seeking the four elemental swords from the original was changed to him telling Nike and Kukuri to find and assemble the different pieces of a magical weather vane which can find Giri. All episodes after this then became anime original content with the anime ending with Nike and Kukuri postponing their battle with Giri so they can go on more adventures. Doki Doki Densetsu aired a few years later in 2000, retconning those events from the first series, this time following the manga's canon, then stopping as it got close to the manga's then-current chapter. The 2017 remake later reboots the first two series, adapting the entire manga, having been finished 14 years ago.
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  • Relationship Voice Actor: Konami Yoshida, Yuri Amano and Kikuko Inoue would end up working together again in season 2 of Magic Knight Rayearth
  • Talking to Herself: In episode 20 of the 2017 series, Kukuri befriends a girl who sounds and somewhat resembles her named Miucha in Lef Island while they are trapped in a time loop, both being voiced by Konami Kohara. Doubles as Significant Double Casting later on when Miucha disguised as Kukuri to distract Triko, who has been watching Nike and Kukuri and keeping them from escaping from the islands with an energy barrier, so the latter two can break out of the barrier and away from the island.


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