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Tear Jerker / Magical Circle Guru-Guru

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  • Kukuri presumably being one of the last member of the Migu Migu. when she was still a baby, she was brought in by a dying man, who is also one of the last Migumigu, to an old witch to hide her from Giri, who wants to use for his purposes. The man died shortly afterwards.
  • Kukuri being visibly devastated after her flower hair ornament given to her by Nike, being shattered after protecting her from Kisagi Gold's fire breath attack. Fortunately, this gave her the resolve to watch Old Man North North's butt to learn the powerful magic circle from it.
  • Kukuri, not expecting how powerful Bemu Bemu is, being scared by its power, even crying and begging it to stop as soon as it attacked her enemies and friends alike.
  • Relating to the first example, the final episodes/chapters have a happier example of this that doubles as a Heartwarming Moment, We find out that the Migu Migu tribe aren't dead after all, they just live in the Heavenly Realm in Anastashia and Kukuri finally gets to meet her parents when her and Nike visit.

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