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A Game Of Gods

  • Ravage makes Lord Montague wet himself.
  • Then there is Gordon Freeman's line to Narumi after assuming that Gordon distributes Gaia Memories.
    Gordon: Alright, could somebody explain what's going on to this guy? Because I think an explanation is just a little bit overdue."
  • In Halloweentown, expecting a musical number, most of the characters try to prevent it.
    • Naturally, this leads to a musical number—with the whole town joining in!
    Ravage: Don't give it an excuse to sing!
    Jorge: I appreciate the concern, Ravage, but I'm sure that this, er, tree, realizes that randomly bursting into song will quickly earn our ire-
    Tree: *singing* Boys and girls of every age, wouldn't you like to see something strange?
    Jorge: ...You've got to be taking the piss.
    Ravage: NO!
    Saren: Cooperate, fools, and maybe this will end sooner. Do you like the feeling of being deaf, Spartan?
    Jorge: If it means being unable to hear this mind-grating, ear-splitting, insanity-inducing trash they call a song, then yes, Saren, I'd enjoy the feeling of being deaf. Unfortunately, the music is not even close to reaching the decibel levels needed to permanently damage my ear drums, so I'm out of luck. I'm getting angry, Saren. Really. Angry.
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  • After Saren is killed in the Prison Break challenge, he awakens in a mysterious void before meeting one of the Nomads (seemingly, anyway) face-to-face. After being shown what his efforts at cooperation with the Reapers would have wrought in his own galaxy and being forced to witness—and experience—his own suicide, the Nomad then decides to punish Saren further by trapping him in the room and forcing him to listen to a non-stop loop of Always for seven hours.
  • The Magical Girl Challenge. All the champions are turned into magical girls. Seriously.
  • Gardenia discovering her Covert Pervert status several times by mistake in the Magical Girl challenge, as well as the commentary of the others at certain points.
    Rey: "I'm pretty sure human bodies aren't designed to do that."
    Ravage: "Is that a hor—"
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  • What Vezon thinks of alcohol.
    Vezon: "A drink that kills off parts of the brain, yet people will keep on drinking... Whoever invented that must be the greatest assassin who ever lived."
  • The Silver Sentinels arc. Especially this gem when Ravage is trying to shoot someone.
    "Reckon once more, Doctor Walrus!" Ravage boomed, taking aim at him with his ray gun. "You shall rue the day your rugged and rugose rear rolled out of bed and resigned itself to robbing this redolent repository of the regal taxpayers' rightly-earned restitutions! Ready yourself, for the wrath of Rav, the Ruthless Rocketeer Ravager from Rigel, and the roaring rage of his red ray gun!!!"
    Stop talking and pull the slagging trigger!!! he commanded, but his hands would not obey; it seemed that his body was dead-set on giving out a speech, and nothing would stop it.
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  • Edna Riggs, unicorn rider.
    "Fuck you! I'm riding a unicorn, I can be obvious if I want."
  • Mason's Shout-Out to Snakes on a Plane and the post immediately below it.
  • In the boss fight against Digamma, Mason, in an attempt to escape the Nomad's... clothes tearing tendencies, strips down to his underwear and sets his uniform on fire. Sub-Zero's response?
    • Sub-Zero looked over at Mason and raised an eyebrow. "What, are you going to disturb him so much he kills himself?"

Twilight Of The Gods

A Game of Gods: Infinities

A Game Of Gods: Taskforce Sifuri

  • Yuuno discovers he's accidentally absorbed a very specific part of Ayumu's magic. Hilarity ensues.
  • Team Magic's dialogues during the Commorragh challenge is full of pointed remarks, insults, and so much snark you almost forget they're on the same side.

Eclipse of the Gods

The Discussion Board

Because the users on the discussion boards are so quirky, the moments on the board get their own page.

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