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"A challenge?" What if Kimimaro was right? What if there's no way to refuse a challenge?"
Red, played by Behold the Theremin in A Game of Gods.

"So we are nothing more then a show to you people?"
Sarah Kerrigan, played by Oni-Lord in Twilight of the Gods.

Chronicles Of The Gods is a series of Play-By-Post RPGs created by Locoman. Beginning in October 2010, the first installment in the series began as a relatively simple story about a mysterious, seemingly-omnipotent group known as the Nomads searching for competitors to take part in their challenges and battles. However, many of the Nomads had secrets and agendas of their own, and before long the game evolved into an epic saga that spanned across the multiverse, as the Challengers were forced to confront their captors and fight for their freedom. Before long, a sister series — a villain-exclusive game known as Twilight of the Gods — was created. In summer 2011, a direct sequel to the original AGoG, A Game of Gods: Infinities, was launched, which in turn has spawned two concurrent spinoffs — A Game of Gods: Taskforce Sifuri, which has a Magic Versus Science theme, and Eclipse of the Gods, which is another Villain Episode.


In summer 2016, season three was opened, which consisted of three games: Renaissance (with a cast made up entirely of Alternate Universe characters), Terminus (the more straightforward adventure of the three) and Nemesis (a heroes versus villains story in the middle of a Reality TV show). Nemesis was later replaced with Pandemonium (also set in a reality show, but without the heroes vs. villains aspect). Pandemonium in turn was replaced by Frontiers (set in a sandbox universe akin to The Massive Multi-Fandom RPG).

A recap page containing the list of all challenges is located here.

A Game of Gods can be found here; Twilight of the Gods, here; A Game of Gods: Infinities, here; A Game of Gods: Taskforce Sifuri, here; and Eclipse of the Gods here.

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     Chronicles Of The Gods has the following tropes 
  • Cerebus Syndrome: Very much so. Although it began as a rather light and silly crossover RP, things, got dark very quickly. Infinities took it Up to Eleven, and it's probably one of the darker RPs on the fora.
  • Follow the Leader: Initially, A Game of Gods was very similar to other crossover RPs such as The Massive Multi-Fandom RPG and We Are Our Avatars; but since then the rest of the series has taken on its own tone and style, and even spawned several imitators of its own.
  • Mega Crossover: For the most part.
  • Orphaned Series: Nemesis eventually folded after a few in-game challenges, in part due to lack of player interest. Its replacement, Pandemonium, fared even worse, fizzling out before the first challenge was even completed.
  • Powers That Be:
    • The Celestials.
    • Before that, The Nomads.
  • Superior Species: Subverted — while the Celestials and their descendants are infinitely more powerful than any of the Challengers, they can also be deceitful, bigoted, and bloody-minded should the situation call for it.

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