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Nightmare Fuel / Chronicles Of The Gods

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A collection of Nightmare Fuel from Chronicles Of The Gods.

A Game Of Gods

  • Megatron knows about the Reapers. Let that sink in now.
  • The Collector. It's a massive, tentacled abomination that constructed itself out of dead bodies. Enough said.

Twilight Of The Gods

  • Harry murdering Norman in cold blood.

A Game Of Gods: Infinities

  • An unmasked Scorpion screaming "GIVE! ME! MY! FAAAAAAACE!"

A Game Of Gods: Taskforce Sifuri

  • The angels in the factory, which have killed and displayed dozens of Nomads over the years.
  • Commorragh. Their first view of the city involves the corpses (mostly corpses) of torture victims displayed on spikes. And then the Mandrakes attack...

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