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Funny / Citta Alveare

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  • Sketchbook asking the Onceler about his special goo, something she learned from the helpful Miss Syo.
  • Both Terezi and Peridot fighting over who would get to marry Shirou Iori before finally deciding that they both could, since Terezi intended on immediately divorcing him anyway. He was far from pleased.
  • The Running Gag involving glasses of water being slapped out of Yuan's hands.
  • Cittamatsuri 2016, where each of the Matsuno brothers sought to bid their case why one of their siblings needed to die. Chaos ensued.
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  • Leo dropped Oreos underground during the Motherlode event to presumably reach the trapped scientists. Actually acknowledged during the end of said event.
  • Bro Strider actually managed to convince several Cittazens that he's Nicki Minaj.
  • After an off-hand joke about hope, Nagito Komaeda managed to spring an 8-hour nonstop conversation about hope with 34 different blogs. [1]

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