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Tear Jerker / Citta Alveare

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  • The end of the group, as a whole. It happened suddenly and without warning, for many members, and many heartfelt posts were made thanking everyone for their hard work. Citta held a special place in many peoples' hearts. The new group's creation lessened the blow somewhat.
  • Inevitably followed when True Companions were separated once the characters return to their own universes. This was invoked in spades in the last days of the group, when characters were aware of the city's and their new lives' ends.
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  • The death of Desmond after sacrificing himself at the end of the Motherlode event.
  • Anders and Hawke reuniting after the events of Dragon Age II.
  • Joshua shooting Terezi, made worse by his leaving the setting afterwards.
  • The aftermath of Iori's Mediator Challenge, ending with one father figure nearly dead and another who wanted his blood to a point he threatened that he would "beg the scientists to leave [him] dead".

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