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YMMV / Citta Alveare

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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Characters may have acted differently depending on the writer. This wasn't necessarily a bad thing.
  • Angst? What Angst?: Some characters responded remarkably to being forcibly kidnapped and sent to live in a strange city. A few even prefered Hive City over their own world.
  • Crossover Ship: Inevitable, considering the setting.
  • Idiosyncratic Ship Naming
    • Roman+ for Roman Torchwick/Proton
    • Hellshipping for Hazama/Cinder
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    • Royal Flush for Droog/Zelda
    • Achilles in Heels for Pyrrha/Achilles
    • Car Radio for Flammelle Evans/Mike Chilton
    • Getting Away With Murder for Veteran Commander/Reckless Fist.
    • Bittersweet for Kaito/Bansai
    • Fiberglass for Peridot/Shirou Iori
    • Bloodstone for Peridot/Marceline
    • Puppy Love for Elsword/Lacher
  • It Is Pronounced "Tro-PAY": Though the name literally means "Hive City" in Italian, many members of the group pronounced it as SIT-uh rather than CHEET-ah.
  • Portmanteau Series Nickname: CA/Citta
  • Portmanteau Couple Name
    • Darcina for Darius/Lucina
    • Francelot for Frankenstein/Lancelot
    • Aya Wen for Ayato/Wendy
    • Protoman for Roman Torchwick/Proton
    • Crowgitha for Crow/Agitha
    • Emiles for Celes Chere/Emil
    • Alirou for Kagerou/Alisa
    • Dieurles for Charles Xavier/Dieu
    • Merschur for Alex Mercer/Schuyler Nuallain
    • Mettabill for Mettaton/Bill Cipher
    • Baxmon for Baxter Auldritch/Koutarou Amon
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    • Tamaoso for Caster (Tanamo no Mae)/Osomatsu Matsuno
  • The Woobie: Being forced from their home and into a strange, dangerous city, any character could become one.
  • Parental Substitute: Several of the adult characters tended to form close friendships with children brought into the Hive. Some even served as better parental figures than their real parents.
    • Connor adopted half of the City's children.
    • Raven (Elsword) adopted Kotoura Haruka, along with several of his younger castmates.
    • Asano Homura was referred to as "mom" on several occasions.
    • Jet Black adopted Hanten, who's much older than he was. It's complicated.
    • Dirk Strider and Tavros Nitram had an unspoken agreement of adoption.
    • Frisk was a serial adoptee, taken in by Amon, Yuan, and Dio.

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