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  • "Hallobeanies"
    • It begins to rain very hard on Lumpus' window.
    Lumpus: Funny, I don't remember rain being in the forecast.
    Radio: Rain is in the forecast.
    Lumpus: Be quiet!
    • Lumpus's musical number about how much he likes pampering himself on Halloween.
  • From Where's Lazlo?: Slinkman wakes up to be informed that he was just mauled by a bear, and Lazlo and Edward are gone, leading to this conversation.
    Slinkman: Scoutmaster, wake up! Some campers are missing. We need to do a head count!
    Lumpus: A HEAD COUNT?!
    * pause*
    Slinkman: Sir...count the campers.
    Lumpus: Oh, yes, of course.
    • Also when Slinkman tells Lumpus that the camp was missing two more campers (Raj and Clam who went looking for Lazlo). After a pause, Lumpus immediately dashes for his house and destroys his phone so they can't call Commander Hoo-Haa.
    • Raj and Clam's encounter with an elderly weasel, who rants about having some beef with a monkey that chases him around a mulberry bush.
    Weasel: And do you know what the worst part is? I AM ALLERGIC TO MULBERRY BUSHES!!
    • At the end of the special, when we go back to the framing device of Raj and Clam crying over Lazlo's departure, it turns out that Lazlo only left to use the bathroom, and that Raj and Clam do this every time Lazlo leaves to relieve himself.
  • Clam walking on water during a swimming test in "Swimming Buddy", prompting the response "Holy Mackerel" from one of the lifeguards, and in another episode, the Jellies make a boat out of bricks and cement that somehow works while everyone else's boats sink. So much for the laws of physics!
    • To the Holy Mackerel comment above, it's a double pun. The lifeguards were judging how well the campers swam and ranked them as fish, like a Shark (Lazlo) or Goldfish (Samson). It seemed less like them exclaiming that remark and more judging him to walk on water like Jesus. Thus the fish equivalent.
  • Five of the Squirrel Scouts getting their feet stuck in the melted marshmallow that used to cover Raj in the episode "Marshmallow Jones". This could also count as a Moment of Awesome due to what the Squirrel Scouts often do to the Bean Scouts.
  • In "Prickly Pining Dining", Lumpus takes the campers to a restaurant called Beef Lumberjacks.
    Waiter: Welcome to the Beef Lumberjacks.
    Lumpus: Uh yes-
    Waiter: (slams a giant slab of meat on the table) Tell me when. (begins cutting meat loudly in Lumpus's face with a chainsaw)
    Lumpus: When. When! WHEN!
    • Ten times funnier when the waiter comes back with being more meat with a cherry and whip-cream.
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    • Lazlo, Raj, and Clam fooling around in the restaurant's bathroom, especially when Lazlo conducts Raj and Clam playing with everything to the tune of the Blue Danube Waltz.
  • The "Eternal Flame" short, where after Lazlo wins the baked bean eating contest, is sent to light the ceremonial torch. And he's full of gas he failed to expel in time. Explosion ensues. What sells it is Slinkman's last minute realization to this and his Big "NO!".
  • In "Camp Dinkey," Edward imagines the ideal camp as one totally devoted to him while the others toil in misery under the ever watchful eye of burly armed guards of cloned dung beetles... and has also got his mom there for her to tuck him in at night. Edward asks his mom if the other campers like him, and she says of course they do. He then asks if she likes him, and her face suddenly goes blank before she looks at the threatening faces of Chip and Skip standing in the door and stammers "O-of course I do."
    • Clam imagining his ideal camp, where the intercom and the cabins are all sentient and talk like him.
  • Edward's sleeping bag getting destroyed by a beaver in "Edward's Big Bag". Ed's expression just sells it.
    • From the same episode, Edward is forced to share Lazlo's sleeping bag and we get this classic line:
    Edward: Hey, comfy! Your pajamas feel good too. What are they, flannel?
    Lazlo: I sleep in the nude...
    (Cut to Edward sitting at the edge of the tent, clutching his knees and shivering)
  • The entirety of "Beans and Pranks" but particularly the scene where Lumpus has sent "Boris" (Slinkman) in with a microphone. He's trying to listen in but Clam is singing "Old Macdonald" very loudly into the microphone. Lumpus starts bashing and shaking his radar when Lazlo appears out of nowhere, frightening him out of his wits.
    • Also, the scene where "Boris" encourages the Jelly Beans to vandalize the Camp Kidney sign, or in his words, "make it funny". As Lumpus comes by to see what they've done so he can kick them out, he finds they they've turned the sign into the Arch de Triomphe!
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    • Another gem is towards the end where Lumpus's face is obscured, as if the Jelly Beans defaced him, with all the other campers commenting on how hideous it looks. It's then revealed that Lumpus's face is exactly the same! In other words, the campers roasted him without any context.
    • The Jelly Beans, not knowing what a prank is, Comically Missing the Point of an electric hand buzzer, which they proceed to use on themselves.
    • The Jelly Beans prank "The Big Moose", but instead of Scotmaster Lumpus, they "prank" a taxidermy moose head in the mess hall, giving it a hair cut, suit and clean shine.
    • Lazlo's Imagine Spot of Lumpus as a Bean Scout.
    Lumpus: It's Loom-pus! (kicks scoutmaster in the shin)
    • At the end of the episode, it's revealed it was Slinkman pranking Lumpus due to the moose forgetting his birthday every year. This year, Lumpus did remember his birthday, but unfortunately, he remembered due to him reading Slinkman's diary, which means he also knows who has been pranking him year after year, so he returns the favor with a prank of his own...
  • All of "There's No Place Like Gnome". Edward gets bitten, apparently by a wood gnome, and is informed by Slinkman that the gnomes eat bitten campers at sundown.
    Edward: (sobbing into Slinkman) I'm gonna be spendin' my last moments inside th' mouths of pink-cheeked, bearded miniature mutants that inspired hideous lawn ornaments! How am I gonna explain this to my mother?
    Slinkman: Well, there may be a way, but it's very difficult.
    Edward: Everythin' wit' Mother is difficult.
    • A moment that follows the same scene:
    Slinkman: You must pluck a single nose hair from-
    Cut to the exterior where we hear a yanking noise and Edward screaming in pain. Cut back to the two with Edward holding one of his own nose hairs between his fingers.
    Slinkman: A moose.
    Edward: But, the only moose in camp is... (makes an OhCrap face)
    • When he goes to ask the Lemmings for help, they're all swimming in the lake. All four of them run away from him... followed by a viking ship piloted by undead skeletons.
    • At the end, it's revealed wood gnomes don't eat campers and that Slinkman made it up to get back at Lumpus. He's seen joking about it with real wood gnomes, who are really jolly little men.
  • In "Boxing Edward", the eponymous platypus discovers that the Jellybeans are the culprits behind all the flowers around camp:
    Edward: YOU CHANGED ALL THE SHOWER HEADS! THE FLAGPOLE! And I don't even wanna say what you did to Slinkman!
    Cutaway Gag showing Slinkman with sunflower petals around his eyes and with a sunflower in his mouth.
  • "Poison mushroom! Poison mushroom!"
    • Also in "Seven Deadly Sandwiches", Edward as a poisonous sap sandwich:
    Ping-Pong: Well, you look like a sap!
    Edward: Don't push me, Ping.
    • In fact, the entire rehearsal scene. Chip forgets what role he's playing, Skip had to take his frog off because it was eating his flies, Samson is allergic to wheat bread, and Raj is baffled by Dave's choice to be suspended above the stage on a rope.
    • Lumpus tries to get the lead role to impress Jane Doe. But since Raj is already cast as this, Lazlo, as the director, casts him as a "strong" character. What he actually gets cast as: A ROCK?????!!!!!
  • In "I've Never Bean in a Sub", Lazlo has to choose between breaking the record for the most beans stacked so he can get into he record book, or let the current record holder keep his title in exchange for being given his submarine. As Lazlo lets the guy keep his sub, Edward was starting to write "S.S. EDWARD" on the top.
    • From the same episode, the grilled cheese griller. Somehow, the girls think it tastes delicious even though it's redundant.
  • From "The Great Snipe Hunt", Edward's eyebrows falling off after Scoutmaster Lumpus yells at him.
  • Plenty of moments from "Radio Free Edward".
    Samson (calling Edward via tin can phone): Is there gonna be another yeti attack tonight? Cause I gotta get to sleep soon.
    Edward: Let's just say... (shoves his beak into the tin can) stay tuned.
    • When Freddie the Walrus starts his radio show, he puts in requests, only for Scoutmaster Lumpus to shout at him down the phone, "Turn off that racket! You're driving me crazy!" So the walrus proceeds to play an actual song called "Turn Off That Racket, You're Driving Me Crazy", much to Lumpus' shock and horror.
  • In "Clam the Outlaw", Clam stopped Lumpus from going on a field trip by himself by catapulting the bus into a lake. As Lumpus is walking out of the lake...
    Lumpus: Get a rope.
    Slinkman: Sir...?
    Lumpus: We'll need it to tow the bus out of the lake.
  • The "No-Good Lousy Blues" song from "Float Trippers", which is so hilariously awful that Clam tries to knock himself out cold with a piece of wood.
    Oh, roses are blue,
    And violets are, too,
    Candy is so sweet, but not as sweet as...
    Well, actually, it's also sticky just like your hair right after you comb it with your mom's comb that has globs of sticky hair spray on it so then your cowlick gets all sticky and won't go down and you look like a sasquatch all day.
    I got the no-good lousy blues!
    Oh, birds, they gotta swim,
    And fish, they gotta fly,
    Sometimes I feel like living,
    Sometimes I wanna forget...
    All about having to leave camp and go back to school and have the teacher call on me when I don't know the answer cause' she has some kind of radar that tells her when I don't have a clue and I'm gonna look like a dummy in front of the whole class until recess when I can scream and have fun again,
    And forget about the no-good lousy blues!
  • Another great Clam reaction moment is from the end credits of "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp". As he goes to Camp on the bus, Clam notices that for some reason, Dave and Ping Pong are on the sign, Raj is in the lookout tower and Slinkman is in a bathtub.
  • Honey, a Squirrel Scout and background character. She's always seen with a wall-eyed expression and a smile. The most noteworthy thing she's done in the series is drool.
  • Slinkman going crazy in "Slugfest".
  • In "The Wig of Why", Lazlo tries out being a Fortune Teller after finding a wig and starts reading everyone's futures via predictions, asking in return for just one smile. Edward wants to know his predictions, but refuses to smile for him, so he doesn't get any. Eventually Lazlo gets hounded by everyone else so badly that he finally declares enough and writes a prediction in the wig that "would never, ever come true in a million years", stating that he won't reveal it until the next day. Everyone gets impatient and tries to steal the wig until Edward of all people finally cracks and gives Lazlo the biggest, widest smile possible asking if it's enough payment before checking out the "impossible" prediction written within the wig.
    Edward: (reading it to himself in his head) "Edward will smile for Lazlo"? ... "Will smile...for Lazlo"?
    • After he reads this, Edward, in a rare act of kindness towards Lazlo and after realizing Lazlo got the prediction right after all, tells the other campers there's nothing in the wig and that they should go back to their cabins and forget about it. His face has also gone back to its usual state, and he remarks that his face hurts while rubbing his jaw as he leaves.
  • In the Grand Finale, the reveal that Heffer Wolfe was the real scoutmaster of Camp Kidney all along. The line that removes any doubts it was him is funny too:
    Lumpus: (being hauled off to jail) I'll get you for this, cow!
    Real scoutmaster/Heffer: STEER!
  • During a "friendship" presentation night in "Friendward", Edward presents a big "french ship", complete with working cannons. No one's impressed, and Slinkman had to awkwardly ask if he knew what a "friend" was.
  • "Samson's Mail Fraud"
    • When Mr. Bun turns Samson away and refuses his request to have Presto the Amazing come with him to Camp Kidney, Samson starts to cry and the scene cuts to a card reading "THIS SCENE EDITED DUE TO THE GRAPHIC NATURE OF SAMSON'S GUT-WRENCHING HEARTBREAK."
    • Mr. Bun and Presto the Amazing thinking that Samson is a girl.
  • "Lights Out"
    • The flashback of when Lumpus's mother named a comet after him for his fifth birthday.
    Lumpus' Mom: Happy birthday, sweetie. I named a comet after you.
    Lumpus: I wanted a bicycle!
    Lumpus' Dad: You're getting a comet and you're going to like it!
    • When Lazlo, Clam, and Raj find Lumpus' telescope, they mistake it for a cannon and think that Lumpus is trying to shoot the moon.
    • After trying to get Lazlo, Clam, and Raj to shut out their lights so he can watch the comet and getting sick of having to put up with their distractions, Lumpus finally comes clean and explains that he wants to see his comet now while he still can. During his talk, he's completely oblivious that the comet he wanted to see is now right behind him. Even with Lazlo, Clam, and Raj expressing their awe at seeing the comet, Lumpus doesn't notice until it's too late and the comet won't be seen again for another 50,000 years.
    • The entire shadow puppetry scene.
  • "Movie Night"
    • When Slinkman informs Lumpus that Hoo-Ha takes the rule of not allowing scouts to watch scary movies when they're too young very seriously, Lumpus has an Imagine Spot of Hoo-Ha punishing him by telling him he's no longer allowed to have "milky wilky".
    • Lazlo comments that he remembers when he first became a big boy. We then see a flashback of Lazlo and Raj as babies, with Lazlo instantly becoming his current age (complete with suddenly wearing his Bean Scout uniform) and rambling stuff about pseudo-math while Baby Raj continues babbling and sucking his thumb.
    • Clam becomes too excited waiting to yell Surprise when Edward comes:
    Clam: Surprise!
    Raj: Not yet, Clam. I will tell you when it is time!
    Clam: Surprise!
    Raj: Clam!
    Clam: Uh, surprise?
    Raj: Clam, you are festivity-challenged!
    Clam: Happy Boxing Day! Eh, in Canada.
    • Later, when Lazlo brings Edward in:
    Raj: Okay, now, Clam!
    Clam: Pancakes!
  • "Campers All Pull Pants"
    • When Edward pantses the Lemmings, he somehow manages to make all their pants go down in unison while only pantsing one of them.
    • The ending, where Lumpus realizes that his shirt is missing and finds it up the flagpole.
    Slinkman: Uh, sir?
    Lumpus: What is it, Slinkman?!
    [Cut to a shot of the flagpole, with Lumpus' shirt fixed to it]
    Lumpus: I've been shirtsed!
  • "Beany Weenies"
    • Ms. Mucus saying what she assumes Hoo-Ha and Lumpus are saying in a mocking tone while watching them through her binoculars, especially since what she says matches their lip movements.
    • Ms. Mucus' Jaw Drop when Hoo-Ha chooses her to prepare the Bean Scouts for their fitness test.
  • "Hard Days Samson"
    • The very premise of the episode is that the Squirrel Scouts become infatuated with Samson and refuse to leave him alone because he happens to look like a hunky celebrity named Hanly Manster.
    • When Samson tells the Squirrel Scouts that he has to go to the bathroom, the Squirrel Scouts swoon over him and act like he just said something romantic.
  • In "Creepy Crawly Campy", when Lazlo objects to Raj calling bugs repulsive by saying that it's like saying Scoutmaster Lumpus is repulsive, we then see Lumpus eating a sandwich while taking a bath, dipping the sandwich into the bathwater between bites.
  • When Edward visits Nurse Leslie over supposedly laying an egg in "Eds Benedict", he's shown an educational film where the owl scientist is clearly dubbed over by a different actor whenever he says "platypus".
  • At the end of "The Book of Slinkman", the Bean Scouts react to the news that they had unknowingly been following the rules of the Squirrel Scout handbook by tearing off their dresses, puffing out their chests, and boasting about such manly things as liking monster trucks and eating beans.
  • In "Dungs in Candyland", when Slinkman starts to say why candy is prohibited at Camp Kidney, we cut to a scene of Lumpus threatening Slinkman with a giant salt shaker while shouting "I said no candy, you worm!"
  • "Penny for Your Dung"
    • Lazlo tries to pass off his penny as the one Chip and Skip are looking for. They assume the penny to be a fake because they claim the penny they're missing to depict Abraham Lincoln wearing an eyepatch and playing a banjo.
    • Later, Lazlo tries to convince Chip and Skip to stop their search for the penny by showing up dressed as Abraham Lincoln with an eyepatch and a banjo, only for things to spiral into chaos when Edward walks in dressed as George Washington, followed by Samson dressed as Santa Claus and Dave dressed as Frankenstein's monster.
  • "Baby Bean":
    • Lumpus apparently not knowing what a baby is when Slinkman asks him about Baby Raj being at his house.
    • As Raj starts rapidly returning to his normal age, Lumpus laments that he's so busy that he's missing most of his son's childhood. When Raj offers that they can play catch, Lumpus says no because he's too busy.
  • In "Overcooked Beans", the Bean Scouts inadvertently blow up the camp washing machine when they try to do everyone's laundry in one load. When Lumpus drops them off at the town laundromat, he takes the time to remind them "And don't blow anything up!"

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