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  • Almost every heartwarming moment goes for the Jelly Trio's, showing The Power of Friendship very often. The most prominent ones:
    • In "Swimming Buddy", Raj has to deal with his aquaphobia in order to be a shark with his friends. He almost surrenders, but when he sees a marshmallow cake with "Raj, You Did It!" written on it (and they made this before he showed any confidence in succeeding or even trying), he gains enough courage to face it. And succeeds.
    • Also, in "Marshmallow Jones", it has the near ending on the episode, when Lazlo and Clam hug a "marshmallowed" Raj, and tell him they love their "marshmallow buddy". Raj, overwhelmed with happiness, tells them he loves them too and breaks down in tears. All together now: Awww.
    • And again, in "Float Trippers", Raj has to choose between his retainer or his friends. He, of course, chooses his friends and uses The Power of Friendship to save them, and the trio does a brief Group Hug before falling.
    • In an episode flashing back to when the trio first met, we see just how much of a positive effect Lazlo had on his two friends—before meeting him, Raj was a painfully shy Shrinking Violet and Clam was a fairly aggressive recluse.
  • Also, a few moments show that Edward doesn't actually hate Lazlo and even likes him back. While Lazlo hugs him almost always, the moments when Edward smiles or returns the hug instead getting angry is very heartwarming.
  • Lumpus' confession to Jane. Too bad he was in drag and her boyfriend mistook the confession. Hilarity Ensues.
  • The Rotten Bean Scouts telling Edward he's the greatest in "O Brother Who Art Thou". Edward is even moved by this remark.
  • The ending of 'Tomato Paste'. Edward is about to go to Tomato Camp after being accepted (Something he's horrified about), and as a gift from all the campers, he's given a picture of himself. Edward is moved to tears. which is what gets him kicked out of going to Tomato Camp.
  • Lazlo's devotion towards Scoutmaster Lumpus, even though the Scoutmaster doesn't even like him back.
  • Edward's love for his doll Veronica.
    • And in the episode revealing it, Edward attempts to pretend that he doesn't actually love the doll and is convinced to blow her up. He's understandably horrified at the fact that this should happen, but knows that his reputation will be ruined if he doesn't go through with it. He attempts to get out of it by making a pickle look like Veronica but everyone sees through it and Lazlo offers to bring the real doll to him. What does Lazlo find in there? An entire collection of photographs showing all the good times Edward had with Veronica and Lazlo, being Lazlo, is immediately moved to tears over how much Edward loves the doll. Realizing that he can't force Edward to destroy something that's so precious to him, Lazlo goes out and convinces everyone that the pickle is Veronica and Edward, smiling this time, blows up the pickle instead.
  • Clam willing to pretend to be Nina's younger brother in Step Clam. The episode makes it pretty clear the two get along very well, contrary to the usual antagonism between the Beans and Squirrels. The final scene in the episode also reveals that Jane Doe tried the same as Nina when she was little. Her pretend brother? Slinkman!
  • At the end of the Slugfest episode, Lumpus confesses that the reason he didn't want Slinkman to go to the titular event is because he didn't want to be left alone, and laments that they never do anything together. Slinkman then offers for Lumpus to come to Slugfest with him, which he happily accepts. The episode ends with the two of them having fun together at the festival.
  • At the end of "The Nothing Club," Lazlo thanks Edward for coming up with the idea for the titular club. Edward is genuinely touched, and actually smiles.
  • In "Tree Hugger", it seems as if Scoutmaster Lumpus is about to chop down the Migrating Mulberry Tree, which is a critically endangered species of plant, just for the sake of finishing his boat that he had built ever since he was a boy using one of the Scouts as a chainsaw. But, when he takes another look at the tree (of whom is apparently female), he changes his mind and chooses the Tree by dumping his boat in Leaky Lake.
  • In "Spacemates", it is shown that Pansy and Lazlo are soulmates, meaning that they will be together in the future forever. The creator of the show states that Lazlo has a secret crush on Patsy.
  • In "Valentine's Day", it is shown that Patsy would never want to hurt Lalzo out of malice if she could help it, but the stakes were very high in that episode: either Patsy beats the shit out of him, or Patsy leaves him to the mercy of her father Commander Hoo-Ha, who looked like he would've done far worse than what Patsy could possibly do to him, if not outright kill him if she didn't. Given she's in love with Lazlo, this is obviously very painful for her to do... but, Lazlo allows her to maul him because A) he doesn't want Hoo-Ha to do it, and B) he doesn't want the situation getting worse between them, so, Lazlo takes his ass-kicking like a man.

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