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This is the list of episodes for Camp Lazlo. It ran on Cartoon Network from 2005 to 2008 for 5 seasons and 60 episodes.

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    Season 1 

  1. Gone Fishin' (Sort of) / Beans Are from Mars: Scoutmaster Lumpus wants to go fishing and Lazlo, Raj, and Clam (the Jelly Bean trio) try to help him / Patsy, Nina, and Gretchen of the Squirrel Scouts mistake the Jelly Bean trio for aliens.
  2. Snake Eyes / Racing Slicks: Lazlo and Patsy search for an escaped snake. / The Jelly Bean trio plan to enter the Camp Kidney soapbox derby.
  3. Light’s Out / Swimming Buddy: Lumpus wants to watch a comet, but the Jelly Bean trio keeps interfering. / Lazlo helps Raj overcome his fear of water.
  4. Parasitic Pal / It’s No Picnic: Lazlo finds a leech on his head and befriends it. / Tension grows during a picnic between the Bean Scouts and Squirrel Scouts.
  5. The Weakest Link / Lumpy Treasure: When Commander Hoo-Ha begins camp inspection, the Bean Scouts kick out the Jelly Bean trio to look good. / The Jelly Bean trio search for hidden treasure.
  6. Tree Hugger / Marshmallow Jones: The Jelly Bean trio must convince Lumpus not to cut down a rare Migrating Mulberry tree. / Raj's addiction for marshmallows causes a series of problems for his friends.
  7. Dosey Doe / Prodigious Clamus: Lumpus tries to get closer to Ms. Jane Doe, head of the Squirrel Scouts, by hosting a dance for the Squirrel Scouts / Lumpus decides to use Clam's hidden genius for self-profit.
  8. The Nothing Club / Loogie Llama: Bad-tempered Bean Scout Edward forms an anti-Lazlo club / Lazlo gets a llama for the Bean Scouts.
  9. Float Trippers / The Wig of Why: Raj loses his retainer so Clam and Lazlo try to keep him calm during a canoe trip. / When Lazlo finds a wig that he thinks gives him clairvoyance, he takes up job as camp fortune teller.
  10. Prickly Pining Dining / Camp Kidney Stinks: The Bean Scouts go to a restaurant at the nearby town of Prickly Pines, but Lumpus, unable (and unwilling) to pay, ditches without paying the check... and leaves the Jelly Bean trio behind / Neurotic Bean Scout Samson is displeased by the amount of stinkweed growing in the camp.
  11. Slugfest / Beans & Weenies: Lumpus' mild-mannered assistant, Mr. Slinkman wants to go to Slugfest, but Lumpus won't let him. / The Jelly Bean trio start a hot-dog-making business with their homemade recipes, but their fame goes to their heads.
  12. Beans & Pranks / Movie Night: Lumpus is determined to find out who pranks him on the 9th of June each year/ Edward wants to watch a horror movie, but he isn't considered old enough.
  13. The Big Cheese / Campers All Pull Pants: Raj gets a special type of cheese that Lumpus seeks to take for himself. / Edward is pulling everyone's pants down so Lazlo tries to stay safe.


    Season 2 

  1. Hallobeanies / Meatman: The Jelly Bean trio stay behind at Camp Kidney to celebrate Halloween / The Bean Scouts' Chef McMuscli gives out a can of unusual meat that comes to life.
  2. No Beads, No Business / Miss Fru Fru: Lazlo helps Raj with running the camp store, but Raj soon begins running it with an iron fist. / Jane Doe holds a pageant for the Squirrel Scouts.
  3. Parent's Day / Club Kidney-Ki: Lazlo and Raj masquerade as Lumpus' parents for a day / Lumpus decides to make Camp Kidney into Hawaii when he learns Slinkman must go on vacation.
  4. Handy Helper / Love Sick: When Lumpus learns he doesn't have the Handy Helper badge, he reluctantly turns to Lazlo to help him get it. / Clam becomes lovesick for Gretchen.
  5. Hello Dolly / Over Cooked Beans: Edward's doll, Veronica, is discovered by the rest of the scouts. / The Jelly Bean trio get an air conditioner during a heat wave, but soon everyone else wants it.
  6. The Battle of Pimpleback Mountain / Dead Bean Drop: Lumpus takes the Jelly Bean trio to set up a historically important tent. / The Jelly Bean trio find out Slinkman used to be a daredevil.
  7. I've Never Bean in a Sub / The Great Snipe Hunt: Lazlo tries to break a world record when he attempts to sell beans. / Lumpus sends the Jelly Bean trio on a Snipe Hunt, but they believe Lumpus is a snipe.
  8. Burpless Bean / Slap Happy: Edward is teaching the Bean Scouts to burp a song, but Lazlo doesn't know how to burp. / Lumpus discovers that Lazlo has learned the secret handshake of the Legume Council.
  9. Snow Beans / Irreconcilable Dungferences: Lumpus and Lazlo must ski together on a field trip at Mount Whitehead. / When the dimwitted Dung Beetles get into a fight, Lazlo must bring them back together.
  10. Mascot Madness / Tomato Paste: Lazlo organizes a mascot-making contest for Camp Kidney. / Edward gets enough fake badges to graduate to the higher ranking Tomato Camp, but he doesn't want to go once he learns it’s a boot camp run by Commander Hoo-Ha.
  11. Camp Samson / Beany Weenies: Samson tries to gain some attention from everyone else / The Bean Scouts must pass Commander Hoo-Ha's fitness test, but Jane Doe's Bean Scout-hating assistant, Ms. Mucus tries to sabotage them.
  12. There's No Place Like Gnome / Hot Spring Fever: When Edward is supposedly attacked by a gnome, he must avoid being kidnapped by them by taking a moose's nose hair / Raj and Samson fight over a secret hot spring.
  13. Hello Summer Goodbye Camp: When Camp Kidney is shut down, the Jelly Bean trio and Patsy must go on a quest to have the camp reopened.

    Season 3 

  1. 7 Deadly Sandwiches: In Lumpus' latest attempt to impress Jane Doe, he tries to get a role in the Bean Scouts' titular play.
  2. The Big Weigh In / Hard Days Samson: Lumpus believes he is underweight, so he hunts for the rare lard-a-doodle bird to eat it and gain weight / The Squirrel Scouts go crazy for Samson when they realize he looks like teen idol, Hanley Manster .
  3. Waiting for Edward / Beans in Toyland: When Edward is forced to be the Dung Beetles' chaperone, he leaves them upside-down from a tree with surprising results / Clam discovers that Ms. Mucus is hoarding confiscated toys.
  4. Where's Clam? / Bowling for Dinosaurs: When Raj loses Clam in the forest, he needs to cover up his mistake. / Lumpus tricks the scouts into building him a bowling alley by having them dig for fossils.
  5. Squirrel Seats / Creepy Crawly Campy: When Lazlo and Patsy want to sit together on the bus, the Bean Scouts try to prevent him from doing so. / Raj (who is normally afraid of bugs) finds a cute insect and consequently, becomes more fond of insects.
  6. Sweet Dream Baby / Dirt Nappers: The Jelly Bean trio have to stay in Lumpus' cabin after their's flies away, but Lumpus needs sleep to make a speech to the Legume Council / Disaster strikes the Dung Beetles when Samson overvacuums the camp.
  7. Spacemates / Temper Tee Pee: Nina becomes convinced that the Dung Beetles are her soulmates / Edward is forced to go to McMuscli's anger management teepee.
  8. Lazlo Loves a Parade / Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson: The Squirrel Scouts plot to steal Camp Kidney's float for the Prickly Pines parade / Samson believes he has angered the S.M.I.T.S (Scoutmaster in the Sky).
  9. Tusk Wizard / Squirrel Scout Slinkman: When Raj loses his tusks, he becomes afraid that the Tusk Wizard will not know his location / Slinkman becomes the head of the Squirrel Scouts when Jane Doe goes on vacation.
  10. Bear-l-y a Vacation / Radio Free Edward: The Jelly Bean trio try to give Camp Kidney's Nurse Leslie a relaxing vacation / When the Bean Scouts begin hosting their own radio shows, Edward needs a way to draw in listeners.
  11. Valentine's Day / A Job Well Dung: When Patsy's Valentine's card for Lazlo is discovered, the Bean Scouts are put at the wrath of her father Commander Hoo-Ha / The Dung Beetles are in need of jobs while Lumpus wants his headquarters upgraded.
  12. The Bean Tree / Taking Care of Gretchen: Lumpus believes that Lazlo is his son, so he gives management of the camp to him / When Lazlo earns Gretchen's wrath, he enlists Samson for help.
  13. Scoop of the Century / Boxing Edward: Lazlo helps the loon brothers Dave and Ping-Pong improve their camp newspaper business / Edward tries to mail himself out of Camp Kidney, but soon everyone else wants to.
  14. Where’s Lazlo?: In this prequel special\movie focused on the Jelly Bean Trio's origins, Lazlo gets lost in the woods and is presumed dead by the others; however, Raj and Clam disagree and are determined to find him.

    Season 4 

  1. Strange Trout from Outer Space / Cheese Orbs: Samson is convinced that some new Canadian scouts are aliens / Nina befriends a trio of aliens intent on taking cheese from the Squirrel Scouts' Cheese Ball (Part of CN's Invaded miniseries).
  2. Hold It Lazlo / Being Edward: Edward, angry about losing a drinking contest, tries to stop Lazlo from using the bathroom / Edward makes a holiday about himself, but the Bean Scouts end up acting like him.
  3. Award to the Wise / Cave Chatter: The Bean Scouts become jealous of Lazlo's new award, so Lazlo tries to appease them / The Jelly Bean trio thaw out a caveman who Samson needs as a chat companion.
  4. Ed's Benedict / The Book of Slinkman: Edward is Mistaken for Pregnant when an egg is found in his bed / Slinkman turns the camp upside-down when he accidentally receives a Squirrel Scout handbook.
  5. Never Bean on the Map / Harold & Raj: The Jelly Bean trio try to get Camp Kidney placed on a placemat map / Harold the walrus scout tries to become a someone by hanging out with Raj.
  6. Lumpus vs. the Volcano / Nursemaster: Lumpus angers a volcano spirit when he refuses to sacrifice his chicken pot pie / Nurse Leslie applies for a job with the Squirrel Scouts because Lumpus won't promote him.
  7. Dungs in Candyland / Tour Wars: When Slinkman confiscates all the candy, Samson tries making his own candy and the Dung Beetles get their hands on it / Edward and the Jelly Bean trio compete in the toursim industry.
  8. Lazlo's First Crush / Living La Vida Lumpus: Lazlo and Raj fall in love with a mermaid / Lumpus manages to make Lazlo grumpy like him, but begins to regret it.
  9. Samson's Mail Fraud / The Haunted Coffee Table: Samson lies about being friends with a famous magician / Slinkman and Raj confront a haunted coffee table.
  10. Friendward / Camp Dinkey: Edward tries to make friends with the beaver scout / The Bean Scouts dream up their ideal camp when they find a sign for a place called Camp Dinkey.
  11. Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest / Clown Camp: The Dung Beetles decide to stay at Jane Doe's to take advantage of her kindness / Lumpus makes every day Clown Day despite Lazlo's severe fear of clowns.

    Season 5 

  1. Edward's Big Bag / The List: When Edward steal all the Bean Scouts' sleeping bags, a strange beast is encountered by the scouts / Edward must complete a series of good deeds for hurting Lazlo.
  2. Camp Complain / The Engagement: Lazlo, Edward, Samson, and Harold are assigned address camp complaints / Lumpus is left heartbroken when Jane Doe begins dating Prickly Pines' hideous Mayor McPucker, so he tries to break them up.
  3. Call Me Almondine / Clam the Outlaw: Almondine the owl Squirrel Scout searches for the answer of what it means to be pretty / Clam becomes an outlaw after angering Lumpus.
  4. Penny for Your Dung / Baby Bean: The Dung Beetles search for their favourite penny / Raj digresses into an infant from overuse of labour-saving devices.
  5. Bad Luck Be a Camper Tonight / Step Clam: Lazlo inherits bad luck from Samson / Clam pretends to be Nina's brother to get her in a club.
  6. Kamp Kringle: The Bean Scouts must save Christmas when Santa Claus decides to have a permanent vacation at Camp Kidney.
  7. S Is for Crazy / Samson Needs a Hug: Samson begins causing havoc in the camp when a jellyfish fries his brain, to Lumpus' delight / Lazlo gives out hugs to everyone in the camp, but Samson.
  8. Wedding Bell Blues / O Brother, Who Art Thou: Lumpus and Jane Doe plan to get married but Jane gets her hand stuck in Raj's nose / Edward's bullying older brothers come to Camp Kidney.
  9. Peace Frog / Lumpus' Last Stand: Lumpus decides to buy an SUV while the scouts train frogs for a leap frog competition / Lumpus decides to use wet paint as a substitute for clothing.


These shorts aired separately from the episodes.

  1. Empty Nest: Lumpus wants to photograph a rare bird to win a photography contest.
  2. The Eternal Flame: Lazlo wins a baked bean eating contest, but now must hold in his farts.
  3. Nudist Camp: Lazlo accidentally takes Lumpus' clothes while he's bathing and now the scoutmaster must get back without being seen.
  4. Hiccups: Clam gets the hiccups, so Lazlo and Raj try to get rid of them.
  5. Survival of the Lamest: Lumpus and Lazlo get lost in the woods together.
  6. A Chip and Skip Cartoon: Marooned Maroons: The Dung Beetles get "stranded" on a raft in the lake.
  7. Tales from the Campfire: The Bean Scouts tell lousy horror stories.
  8. Mail Dominance: Edward becomes jealous that Lazlo receives mail while he never does.
  9. A Chip and Skip Cartoon: Outhouse on Haunted Hill: The Dung Beetles are afraid to use toilets in a thunderstorm.
  10. Laid Off Lumpus: Lumpus is afraid that Commander Hoo-Ha will "give him the axe".
  11. A Chip and Skip Cartoon: My Brother's Eater: Edward becomes tired of the Dung Beetles on walkie-talkies so he pranks them.
  12. A Chip and Skip Cartoon: Hair and Gone: The Dung Beetles decide to get hair.
  13. A Chip and Skip Cartoon: Mi Casa, Eew Casa: Slinkman has the Dung Beetles stay in Samson's cabin while he cleans their filthy cabin.
  14. A Chip and Skip Cartoon: The Amazing Race: Edward's plot to beat Lazlo at a canoe race goes wrong.


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