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The following is a list of episode titles and summaries of the early 2000s teen animated series, Braceface, about a Canadian teen named Sharon Spitz, who gets fitted for braces, but a lightning storm gives her electromagnetic powers (sadly, this would get phased out in later seasons).

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    Season 1 
  1. "Brace Yourself": Getting braces in your teen years isn't easy or fun, but for Sharon Spitz, it's downright strange — especially when a lightning storm gives her mouth electromagnetic powers.
  2. "Crushed": When Connor gets acupuncture to cure his allergies to be with the new girl Tally, Sharon questions whether her newfound infatuation with Connor is real or because of the acupuncture procedure.
  3. "Five Things That Really Bug Me About You": The electricity from Sharon's braces accidentally opens up her friend, Maria's diary, which contains a list of negative traits, prompting Sharon to worry that Maria secretly hates her.
  4. "The Doctor Is In": Sharon is jealous when Nina (an Alpha Bitch who was Sharon's friend as a kid, but became her bully when Nina accused her of breaking her favorite dolls) starts going to Sharon's mom for therapy sessions.
  5. "The Meat of the Matter": Sharon's crush, Alden, gets her a new job at a meat-packing plant, but her chances are jeopardized when she goes vegetarian in protest to the unsavory conditions at the plant.
  6. "The Makeover": Sharon tries to help her big brother, Adam, with his love life by giving him a makeover.
  7. "Mixed Messages": Sharon confesses her infatuation with Alden via cell phone, but the message accidentally gets sent to his friend, Brock.
  8. "The Worst First Date Ever. Period.": Sharon and Alden's first date together falls apart when Alden feels self-conscious about his cracking voice, Sharon has to help out at Alden's family restaurant, and Sharon ends up in the hospital with what she thinks is appendicitis, but is really the menstrual cramps of her first period.
  9. "The Divorce Thing: Living with divorced parents isn't easy, and Sharon learns just that after her mom begins dating a new man and her father (a rock star with his own band) comes by to visit.
  10. "Driving Miss Sharon": Not wanting to feel like a loser, Sharon gets in the front seat of her mother's car, and goes on an unintended joyride thanks to her braces. When Sharon crashes the car into a tree, she worries that her mom will blame her, but her mom ends up blaming Adam, since he recently got his driver's license.
  11. "Twenty Four Hours": Sharon gets her braces removed for a day and sees this as her chance to finally kiss Alden, but when she assumes responsibility for babysitting her younger brother, Josh, and Josh goes missing, Sharon must choose between going through the window of opportunity as it narrows or letting it close and doing what she's told.
  12. "The Pickford Project": Sharon and Maria are upset when, during a wilderness survival project, Nina is chosen to be on their team.
  13. "Miami Vices": Irritated by her mom's constant rules, Sharon jumps at the chance to visit her dad, Richard, in Miami, but discovers that her father can lay down the law as hard as her mom after Sharon goes out partying with Richard's friends and gets drunk on rum and Cokes.
  14. "Take That": Sharon and Maria both resort to stealing items while auditioning for a local TV station's talent search, Maria steals a CD to impress a hip-hop crew, and Sharon steals her mother's favorite earrings, but loses one in a gutter and attempts to shoplift an exact copy to cover her tracks.
  15. "The Election": Sharon runs for class president after Nina is impeached, but faces a smear campaign against her.
  16. "The Good Life": Sharon, Connor, and Nina are picked to be extras for her favorite pop star's latest video, and Sharon sees that being famous isn't as glamorous as it looks.
  17. "The Secret": Sharon volunteers as a teen help hotline caller and mistakes a girl's call about her boyfriend being a "make-out monster" as being a secret about Sharon's brother, Adam. Meanwhile, Alden has issues with his body odor.
  18. "Dissection Connection": Sharon protests against frog dissection in biology class. Meanwhile, Connor and his girlfriend, Tally, from "Crushed," break up.
  19. "Whose Life Is It, Anyway?": Sharon gets in two battles of wills: one between herself and her mother over getting a tattoo (despite the fact that Sharon is underage) and one between herself and Connor, the latter of which is having a hard time adjusting to his break-up with Tally.
  20. "The Easy Way Out": Sharon gets addicted to a psychic hotline to get answers about her life and future. Meanwhile, Adam uses his cat, Moishe's, name to get a credit card and play the stock market.
  21. "Skipping": Sharon and her friends, Maria, Brock, Alden, and new member, Carmen, start a garage band and decide to skip school to audition for a spring concert. Meanwhile, Nina and her friend, Alyson, try to prove that Sharon is faking sick to get out of going to school.
  22. "Camp Kookalah": Sharon and Maria go to summer camp, where Sharon is promoted to counselor-in-training and must decide between her power as counselor-in-training and her friendship with Maria.
  23. "Angels Among Us": Sharon must confront her own lack of generosity after she is chosen to give a gift to her nemesis, Nina, for the holidays. Meanwhile, Josh learns more about the Spitzs' Jewish heritage, Sharon's mom is stuck with overtime work, and a strange cousin comes to visit.
  24. "Stormy Weather": Fearing that Alden may not be attracted to her, Sharon turns her attention on a fellow counselor-in-training named Jason, but Sharon is shocked when she learns that Maria has sights on Jason too.
  25. "Twisted": In this imaginary tale, Sharon panics when her father announces that he's getting remarried... to Nina's mother, making Nina her literal evil stepsister.
  26. "Teacher's Pet": Maria falls for her substitute English teacher, Mr. Riley, and Sharon supports her friend... until Sharon is told that it's unethical for a teacher to date his students.

    Season 2 
  1. "Social Fabric": It's a new year for Sharon and her friends as they start high school. As part of a senior mentor program, Sharon is paired up with Dion, a fashion designer whose sexuality has been called into question. Sharon must choose between ditching her new friend or sticking by him in the face of adversity.
  2. "14 Candles": When Sharon overhears plans about a surprise party on her 14th birthday, she gets excited. But the excitement turns to disappointment (and anger) when she realizes that no one is throwing a party for her. Meanwhile, Alden discovers the pressures of being Sharon's boyfriend.
  3. "Working Girl": Sharon takes a job at a smoothie shop so she can earn money and gain independence. Meanwhile, Connor simplifies his life by weaning himself off consumerism.
  4. "Dear Alden": Sharon ruins her love life with Alden when a letter she wrote out of frustration ends up on the school's website, and Alden breaks up with her after reading it.
  5. "Mommy Nearest": Sharon's mother becomes stricter in her parenting after she finds an X-rated movie site on Sharon's computer and discovering that Sharon is interested in Adam's older friend, Tony.
  6. "The Friend Zone": Sharon enlists the help of a teen magazine's advice column to mend her broken relationship with Alden.
  7. "Skin Deep": Sharon puts herself on a crash diet after Nina makes disparaging remarks about Sharon's body, but her friends worry that Sharon may be overdoing it.
  8. "Vanity Fur": Sharon and Maria's friendship hits a snag again when Maria is offered the chance to model ski wear lined with real animal fur and Sharon plans a protest against animal cruelty.
  9. "The Coolest": Sharon enters herself on TV3's "Coolest Teen" contest as a joke, but the joke's on her when she makes finalist and must enter a video about a day in her life if she wants to win the grand prize.
  10. "Triangles": Alyson becomes Sharon, Maria, and Connor's unlikely friend and Connor's girlfriend after Connor is saved by Alyson's father from a fire at the smoothie shop.
  11. "Grey Matters": Sharon worries that Maria's new Arab boyfriend may be abusive to her, but Sharon is Mistaken for Racist after Maria meets Sharon's grandfather, who has a less-than-enlightened view on anyone who isn't white, and fears that the racism may be genetic.
  12. "Lorenza": Sharon and Maria find Lorenza, a stray dog, and have three days to give it a home before it gets sent to the pound. Meanwhile, Adam is hired as Maria's butler to raise money for the school's athletic council.
  13. "Second Thoughts": When Sharon's English teacher pairs Sharon with her ex-boyfriend, Alden, Sharon thinks that she and Alden should still be together.
  14. "Home Alone": While Sharon's mom and her boyfriend, David, are on vacation, Sharon is put in charge of the house, which doesn't sit well with her brothers or her friends.
  15. "Miss Understanding": Sharon takes over the school newspaper's advice column, which ends up causing trouble for everyone around her.
  16. "For the Birds": Sharon's father gets a day job at the local TV station, and falls for the station's executive, Lauren, whom Sharon cannot stand since Lauren has an exotic bird as a pet, which conflicts with Sharon's belief in animal rights.
  17. "Oh, Grow Up!": Sharon's internship at a veterinarian's office traumatizes her when the animal she was tending to suddenly dies. Meanwhile, Adam takes an apprenticeship as a funeral director.
  18. "Genesis": Sharon feels upstaged during March break when her mother's best friend comes to visit, and all of Sharon's friends are enamored with said best friend's daughter, Genesis.
  19. "Nina's Nose Job": Sharon inadvertently starts a rumor that Nina has had rhinoplasty during the time off school in March. Meanwhile, Maria tries to tell Connor that his bad breath might be impeding in his relationship with Alyson.
  20. "Baby Think-About-It": Sharon gets a lesson in proper parenting when her social studies class assigns everyone a high-tech baby doll to test their skills in responsibility.
  21. "Ms. Spitz Goes to Warsch and Stone": Sharon protests against a cosmetics company that uses animals for testing. Meanwhile, Josh becomes a street musician to earn money for a new suit.
  22. "When in Rome...": Sharon and Maria go to Italy, where (once again) their friendship is strained, this time, over Maria's and her grandparents' conservative values.
  23. "Pegged": It's sex(-changing), no drugs, and rock 'n roll as Sharon, Maria, and Alyson start their own band while Carmen, Brock, and Alden pose as girls during a girls-only battle of the bands.
  24. "Aliens": A prank war causes rifts in friendships between Brock, Maria, Connor, Alyson, and Sharon.
  25. "When In Elkford...": Feeling left out after learning that she's the only one in the school who isn't dating, Sharon sees her chance to be just like her friends when Marcello (the Italian boy she had a crush on from "When in Rome...") comes to Elkford, but her chance may be jeopardized when Marcello's European ways disconcerts Sharon's friends.
  26. "Up In Smoke" (a.k.a "Bored"): In desperate need of a change in routine, Sharon moves in with her father and his new girlfriend, but things get sticky when Sharon discovers that she has a juvenile delinquent named Griffin for a potential stepbrother who gets her into smoking cigarettes.

    Season 3 
  1. "Lucky Break": Sharon takes advantage of Nina's superstitious tendencies when the two girls audition for the school's gender-flipped production of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Meanwhile, Josh thinks Alyson's in love with him.
  2. "Weird Science": When Sharon is paired up with Connor for a science project, Sharon fears that her ineptitude in science will be Connor's downfall, but when Sharon stumbles upon information from Maria's and Nina's project she must decide whether to cheat to win or play fair and lose.
  3. "She Got Game": Maria joins the boys' hockey team at school — and Sharon is hired as the team's psychologist to help them with their game anxieties.
  4. "Remember When": A blow to the head from a hockey puck makes Alden think that he and Sharon are still dating. Sharon and their friends decide to play along until his memory comes back, but Alden's current girlfriend, Marlo, steps in and reminds Sharon that things won't be like this for long and that Alden's memory is going to come back eventually.
  5. "Funny Business": Sharon gets a job as a clown to pay for ballet lessons, but soon discovers that she's better at being a buffoon than pirouetting.
  6. "Busted": Sick of being mistaken for a little girl, Sharon buys a pump bra so people can finally see her as a woman. However, Sharon runs into trouble when the bra malfunctions and gives her a nasty case of Breast Expansion.
  7. "The Beat Goes On": Sharon performs at a poetry slam, but her moment in the sun is soon eclipsed by her brother, Adam, who isn't as poetic as his sister, but manages to get a better reception. Meanwhile, Sharon's mother gets hooked on a video game.
  8. "Game, Set-Up, and Match": Sharon plays matchmaker for her gay friend, Dion, who she thinks is lonely, but Dion gives Sharon a lesson in interfering with other people's problems.
  9. "While You Were Sleeping": Sharon takes over for managing their garage band, Mangled Metal, while Maria gets some much needed rest, but Sharon is soon the stressed one as she juggles arrangements for Mangled Metal's performance while babysitting David's children.
  10. "Identity Crisis": A quirky, substitute student-teacher helps Sharon get in touch with her inner free spirit, which soon annoys her friends and family.
  11. "A Knight to Remember": When Sharon's prom date stands her up, it's Sharon's father's girlfriend Lauren, to the rescue, who arranges Sharon to date a male pop singer named Taylor Knight.
  12. "Just Quacks": Sharon helps her brother Adam get in good with Hannah's father, who is the head of a duck conservationist organization...until she learns the conservationist organization condones hunting animals to curb overpopulation.
  13. "Griffin's Girl": Sharon's potential stepbrother, Griffin (from "Up in Smoke"/"Bored"), is back—and much better-behaved, all thanks to his new girlfriend. Unfortunately, Griffin's "new girlfriend" turns out to be Sharon's nemesis, Nina Harper.
  14. "Poor Richard": Sharon is mortified when she finds out her father is returning to the music business—as a wandering minstrel at a medieval-themed restaurant. Meanwhile, Connor distances himself from Alyson after he gets an embarrassing after-school job.
  15. "My Big Fat Bracefaced Life": In this clip show episode, Sharon regales her highs and lows as a braces-wearer to a girl named Tracy, who is worried that she may end up a "metal-mouth" just like Sharon.
  16. "Clean Slate": When Nina's cousin from London confesses that she was the one who broke her dolls as a kid, Nina realizes that all these years, she's been mean to Sharon for nothing and decides to start over and become Sharon's friend — which doesn't sit right with Sharon.
  17. "The Loooong Weekend": Sharon finds herself invited on a cabin trip with Alden, Alden's sisters, Daisy and Violet, Alden's girlfriend Marlo, Maria, and Brock, where Alden and Marlo have relationship issues to work out.
  18. "Act Your Age": Sharon tries to find a mature young man—and gets one in the form of a twelve-year-old named Pablo.
  19. "A Dog's Life": Sharon's pet dog is chosen as the new spokes-canine for a dog food.
  20. "The Domino Effect": In an effort to raise money for a charity drive, Sharon uses Connor's anniversary gift to Alyson (a dominos display) to raise money, but finds that the gift wasn't meant to be seen by anyone but Alyson.
  21. "The Father Factor": Sharon uses her mother's boyfriend, David, as a "surrogate father" (after Sharon's real father enlists Nina as his "surrogate daughter") on a TV game show where fathers and daughters compete.
  22. "All About Sharon": A new girl named Winnie encourages Sharon to audition for a summer job at a pioneer theme park, but Sharon's friends are worried that Winnie is encouraging Sharon for all the wrong reasons.
  23. "23's A Crowd": Sharon befriends a cat lady named Miranda after tracking down her pet cat, Moishe, and tries to save her from being indicted by Animal Control for keeping too many animals in her house.
  24. ""Lights! Camera! Ego!": Sharon and her friends prep a video for their band, Mangled Metal, to submit to TV3's latest contest, but creative differences may (once again) drive Sharon, Alden, Maria, Brock, Alyson, and Connor apart as friends.
  25. "Vegging Out": After being diagnosed with anemia and told to give up her vegetarian diet, Sharon befriends a guy named Cody, who tries to show her that eating meat isn't as bad as she thinks; but how far is he willing to go to prove his point? Meanwhile, Alden shows signs of jealousy towards Sharon's relationship with Cody.
  26. "Leap of Faith": In the series finale, Sharon, Maria, Brock, and Alden go to Enviro-Camp, where Alden realizes that he still likes Sharon; but discovers it may be too late when Sharon falls for a counselor named Alex. Meanwhile, Maria is suspicious about Brock keeping secrets from her.


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