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  • Banned in China: Due to Cartoon Network UK's feed not liking episodes where potty emergencies are the main plot for some reason, "Hold It, Lazlo" rarely aired in the UK.

  • Cowboy Be Bop At His Computer: An early press release for the show depicted Edward as a stickler for the rules rather than The Bully who tries to break them.
  • Creator Breakdown: Shortly after the show's first season, Joe Murray's second wife divorced him. As was the case when his first wife had committed suicide during production on Rocko's Modern Life, Murray started drifting away from the show's production until he left completely, angry that his involvement in a TV show had ruined his love life once again.
  • Creator's Favorite: Joe Murray said on his website (under their appropriate names) that his favorite characters were Edward and Lumpus due to how fun they were to write.
    • Tom Kenny has stated Slinkman as his all-time favorite role.
  • Dawson Casting: The campers range from kid age to teenagers, yet are voiced by adult actors.
  • Descended Creator: Series writer Steve Little voices the Dung Beetles. On the creators' side, creator Joe Murray provides a minor voice respectively on "Miss Fru Fru" and "Bad Luck Be a Camper Tonight".
  • Mid-Development Genre Shift: The series was originally planned as a children's storybook.
  • Playing Against Type: Jodi Benson's roles here are a far cry from her usual ones.
  • Playing Gertrude: Commander Hoo-Ha is the father of Patsy Smiles, even though Jeff Bennett is one year younger than Jodi Benson.
  • Production Posse: Many alumni from Murray's previous show, Rocko's Modern Life, worked on this show. Several of them were also alumni of Spongebob Squarepants, a show created by former Rocko director Stephen Hillenberg.
  • Talking to Himself:
    • Tom Kenny voices both Lumpus and Slinkman.
    • Carlos Alazraqui voices Lazlo, Clam, and Chef McMuesli.
    • Jeff Bennett voices Raj and Samson. In fact, one episode almost entirely consists of Raj and Samson arguing with each other. Joe Murray commented that Jeff should have won an award for that. He also voices Commander Hoo-Ha.
    • In a LITERAL case, Steve Little voices Brother dung Beetles Chip and Skip, as well as the Lemmings.
    • Mr. Lawrence voices Edward, Dave, Ping-Pong and Nurse Leslie.
    • Jill Talley voices Gretchen, Nina, and Miss Mucus.
    • Jodi Benson voices Jane Doe, Patsy Smiles, and Almondine.
    • Tara Strong voices Amber, Toodie, Honey, and Susie.
  • Screwed by the Network: According to Joe Murray, Cartoon Network cancelled the series not long after he refused to appear in a McDonald's commercial.
  • Throw It In!: According to this (under Scoutmaster Lumpus), the entire ending of "Lumpus' Last Stand" (wherein Lumpus is revealed to be the fake scoutmaster, playing impostor to Heffer, who he locked up, and is thrown into the insane asylum) was thought up by Tom Kenny during a recording session. Joe Murray decided to use it because "It tied up his character well."
  • What Could Have Been: Lazlo was going to have a Brazilian accent, but Executive Meddling told Joe Murray that he could only have one so he chose Raj's. Word of God says that Lazlo's parents are from Brazil though, but Lazlo was born in America.
    • Chef McMuscli was initially planned as the camp deacon. Executive Meddling forced Joe Murray to remove the religious themes.
    • Scoutmaster Lumpus was originally envisioned as a horse, but Joe Murray decided to make him a moose instead as he felt it would fit the setting better.
    • There were plans for a Thanksgiving special during the second season, but it never got produced.

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