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Being made by the same people behind Rocko's Modern Life, naturally this show has more than its fair share of radar evasion.

  • "Beans and Weenies" has more than a few Double Entendres involving how "buns" can be a synonym for "buttocks". Raj even states that his mother had the best buns in the village.
  • In “Are You there S.M.I.T.S? It’s me Samson”, Samson has been pelted by balls seemingly out of nowhere all day. He finally fights back by making armor out of his pillows and a trash can lid. It works and he proclaims to the whole camp he’s tired of being pushed around. Everyone laughs until he says this.
    “Don’t believe me? Did you ever see what a pillow can do to a face?!”
Did Samson just threaten his fellow campers with suffocation?
  • This gem comes from "Edward's Big Bag".
  • Also from "Edward's Big Bag":
    Lazlo: Hey, Edward! You can share my bed.
    Edward: I don't have a choice, do I? (He gets in beside Lazlo). Hey, comfy! Your pajamas feel good, too! What are they, flannel?
    Lazlo: I sleep in the nude...
  • Also, this exchange from "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp".
    Samson: This stool is way too hard.
    Edward: Just rub a little stool softener on it.
  • From "Ed's Benedict", when Edward wakes up to find something very large and round between his legs:
    Chip: Oh, don't worry, Edward. I leave accidents in my bed all the time.
  • In "Clam the Outlaw", after Clam catapults the Camp Kidney bus into the lake with Lumpus inside, Lumpus walks out of the lake, and tells Slinkman to get a rope. Slinkman mistakenly thinks that Lumpus wants to lynch Clam, but Lumpus, seeing his assistant's bewildered expression, explains that he just needs it to tow the bus out of the lake.
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  • In "Irreconcilable Dungfrences", the "friendship graduation ceremony" looks a lot like a gay wedding.
  • In 'Beans and Pranks", Lumpus shows the date he expects the Bean Scouts to prank him on a pin-up calendar. Also, when Slinkman reminds him that Lumpus is supposed to call him "Boris", Lumpus replies that he'll call Slinkman other things if he doesn't do as he's told.
  • In "Squirrel Scout Slinkman", there is a scene where Slinkman remarks that the Squirrel Scouts deserve "a good kick in the (donkey braying)".
  • When it rains and everyone's painted clothes wash away in "Lumpus's Last Stand", a chicken woman is briefly seen in her altogether before she covers herself by hiding behind a bear man.
  • The credits sequence for the final pair of episodes has a fish notice the keys to Lumpus' truck, which resembles the male symbol, and says to his wife that it is a sign from the heavens of male superiority before submissively agreeing to take out the trash like she asked. What's suspicious about the scene is that the arrow part of the key is upward, but droops down after the fish becomes dejected and says "Yes, dear". It's hard to see as anything other than a sight gag on the fish's metaphorical emasculation.


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