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Tear Jerker / Camp Lazlo

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  • Lazlo is crying about Lamar, and the other Bean Scouts are sad about Lazlo. Even Edward.
  • In "Livin' La Vida Lumpus", the normally eager and optimistic Lazlo falling into a deep depression after hearing one too many of Lumpus's complaints about the camp.
  • In "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp", Camp Kidney ends up shut down because it's been handed down one too many times. Lazlo, Raj, Clam and Patsy go to the Big Bean, the founder of the Bean Scouts to help save the camp...only to find out he shut it down. Why? "Ah, Camp Kidney was a dump! A hand-me-down camp with misfit scouts in dirty hand-me-down uniforms! Now go away, I have work to do!" However, as Raj uses Lazlo's scarf as a tissue, he sees someone wrote a poem in it. "Let me take you to my heart, Camp Kidney, a wonderland where summer runs free, where I laughed and I played while my good parents paid, to let their child come of age and be me." And guess who wrote that poem? The Big Bean. He tearfully explains that after building bigger and better Bean Scout camps, he grew ashamed of Camp Kidney, but now he's ashamed of himself for forgetting his origins.
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  • In the prequel special "Where’s Lazlo" the Bean Scouts think Lazlo got eaten by a grizzly bear that followed him back to Camp Kidney after he took a pine cone out of his nose. Edward fasely tells them that the scared the bear off after trying and failing to save Lazlo. When Raj and Clam realize he was lying (he said it was a black bear that ate Lazlo, but they rembered that it was actually a brown bear Lazlo brought to camp), they sneak out of camp to try and find him. After the adventure they go through, they eventually find him working as a busboy at the Beef Lumberjacks restaraunt. They are ready to go back to Camp Kidney, but Lazlo doesn’t want to go back because the organized camping was "cramping his style". Raj give him the following What the Hell, Hero? over it.
    Raj: You know, Lazlo, when we first met you, Clam and I didn't know anything about camping. But you showed us what camping is: that it's having fun and adventure in nature. But we did not escape from camp dressed as totem poles, risk getting eaten by nature, ride a roller coaster with a weasel, and drink water without ice, because we wanted to be good campers! (sighs) We did it to find you. Because friends stick together.
    Lazlo: Come on, Raj. It's me, Lazlo. I go where the wind takes me. Isn't it good to go where the wind blows?
    Raj: Not when it blows off your friends. Goodbye Lazlo. Come on, Clam.
    Clam: So long, Lazlo. Good luck with your wind.

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