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  • Pretty much everything Muggle does or says, starting with his introduction.
    Muggle: Knowledge is very important Max. Socrates once wrote that it is the only good and ignorance the only evil. Excuse me... I'm gonna explode. *KABOOM*
    • Max asks Muggle why he would mind sharing a sleeping bag on their camping trip:
    Muggle: "Well, sometimes, in the middle of the night, I burst into flames."
    Max: "...I snore a little.
    • In "The Lady Doth Protest To Much," Max yells at Muggle to "Hustle!" (i.e., run faster) to catch up with a truck. Muggle takes this to stop for a few seconds and disco dance, complete with the show's orchestra actually playing a few bars of "The Hustle"!
    • After beautifully quoting a passage from Hamlet ("For in that sleep of death...") during Felix's memorial service.
    Max: Didn't Hamlet say that?
    Muggle: Not to me.
    • An a few minutes later, when the gang is trying to figure out what to do about the cats:
    Trixie: They're cats, we're rats. They're big, we're small. What are we supposed to do??
  • Max singing "Born In the USA" in the episode "A Rat o Bear Arms".
  • Max telling Jammet all he cares about is food and sex in the episode "A Little Romance." Considering Max is more or less the Messianic Archetype of the cartoon....
  • Most of Jammet and Muggle's lines qualify. Also, Max whenever he's in Sarcasm Mode.
  • Jammet giving President Cat a hotfoot in "Opie's Choice".
  • Jammet's attempt to pass an obvious porno paperback, Nazi Milkmaids from Acapulco, as a "travel guide."
  • The writing on Felix's headstone ("Felix 1991-1992: Can I come? Can I? Huh? Huh? Huh?") in "The Rat To Bear Arms" is funny in a very touching way.


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