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Fanfic / The Only Hero

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“The only people left… are Quirkless?”
- First chapter, The Only Hero

The day Izuku Midoriya got One for All should have been the best day of his life, but it quickly turns out to be his worst. When 80% of the population suddenly vanishes, Izuku suddenly goes from a Quirkless nobody, to the only hero in the world.

The Only Hero (AO3 / FFN) is a My Hero Academia Fanfiction written by Squeakyclarinet where the Rapture happens to the world of My Hero Academia. But instead of being decided by any religious measure, everyone with a Quirk disappeared. But thanks to the unique effects of transferring One for All, Izuku ends up as one of the last people in the world with a Quirk. He then meets others left behind by the Rapture, and tries to do the same thing as before it, become a Hero.


Because no one else can.

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