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The journey of a New Whovian through Classic territory, 140 steps at a time...

A mission log Doctor Who archive with a Twitter twist.

In January 2010, recent fandom inductee Hannahchan (real name Hannah J. Rothman) was inspired by the Twitter commentary posted by a friend during "The End of Time, Part 2" and wound up adopting the practice in her impending epic venture into the vast world of Classic Who. The rest is history.


Begun on her personal LiveJournal and Twitter accounts in late January 2010 and earning their own a few months later in April, Hannah formats the Classic Who Twitter Blog as a raw account of her grand adventure through the history of her beloved fandom. She limits her comments to Twitter's 140 characters-per-tweet and does no further HTML editing once she transfers the Tweets to the main Blog so as to preserve the original fangasmia.

The Blog can be found here.The Twitter Live Feed can be found here.

The blog is currently being collected into print and ebook collections with new exclusive content in the form of Twitter Who.

This is an ongoing project with fairly regular updates.


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