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Ramsay may be the Determinator, but there are times that even he can see there is nothing to be salvaged. Below are some of the highlights—or in this case, lowlights.

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    Season 1 
  • The second dinner service had the red team getting positive reviews for the appetizers but being unable to serve entrees to half of their tables. One table resorted to ordering pizza, and by the time it had been delivered and eaten, they still hadn't received their entree. Naturally, the red team lost the service.
  • During the third challenge, the teams were assigned to create a five-course dinner to present to Chef Ramsay. On the Blue Team, Ralph came up with a grilled ribeye steak with grilled white peaches. Andrew was the one to present this to Chef Ramsay as the main entree, and Gordon was quite mystified at this particular choice, as was Andrew himself. Nevertheless, he was quite eager to find out if peaches worked with a ribeye; Unsurprisingly, it didn't. It was easily the worst-received dish from either team in the challenge.
  • The first ever blind taste challenge had the red team win at 4-1. Andrew was the only one from the blue team to score a point, and Ralph lost it for them when he mistook baby spinach for lettuce. Jimmy from the red team didn't have it easy either. His first taste test was on chicken. And his answer?
    Jimmy: It tasted like a meat tortellini with a bit of sweated onions in the background.
    Ramsay (after laughing): That was chicken, you twit.
    Elsie: Tortellini, where the fuck does he get that?
  • In terms of completed services, Season 1 has the lowest ranking of two out of nine (this doesn't count the final dinner service). Granted it could be excused as most of the contestants were amateur cooks, but still.

    Season 2 
  • The signature dish challenge was rife with bizarre and ill-conceived dishes, and before even reaching the halfway mark Gordon complained of feeling sick and almost considered stopping right there. Nevertheless he pressed on, despite having stomached many hot and overly-spicy dishes that nearly had him calling it quits.
  • The opening service had the red team not send a plate of appetizers for an hour and a half due to Polly's struggles on risotto, and Sara's incorrect timing when she tried helping her. Unsurprisingly, the red team lost, and Polly was the first one eliminated.
  • Season 2, episode 3 had Giacomo having trouble turning the oven on. This was such a huge blunder in Ramsay's eyes that Giacomo was eliminated for it, even though Keith and Garret each said Tom should've gone home.
  • The menu service was a big one for the red team who were 11 tables behind the blue team. This is mostly because Virginia and Sara's items were too difficult to cook despite saying that they could do it. By comparison, the blue team was pulled from service temporarily to finish up their delivery punishment, but still managed to complete their tables way before the red team (it helped that their menu was an easy one). When it looked like the red team wouldn't finish service, and then Sara mouthed off to Ramsay when he suggested simplifying the dishes on the fly, an infuriated Ramsay had to call the recently finished blue team to help the red team (something that has never been done before).

    Season 3 
  • Rock's signature dish had dishonor of being the first one to have pre-made food in it (for him, he used frozen gnocchi).
  • Somehow during the first service, Aaron overcooked the entire meat supply for the blue team. Sous Chef Scott summed up the situation like this.
    "We don't have any fucking chicken, we don't have any more Wellingtons, we don't have any fucking lettuce! We haven't served any food! How could we be out of anything?!"
  • In Episode 3, Jen made the mistake of throwing out the leftover spaghetti just moments before a new order for it had come in through the window. With none left to spare, she retrieved the pasta she had just thrown out from the top of the trash, washed it and boiled it to the point where it would supposedly kill the bacteria, only for Julia to stop her from attempting to redeem trashed food. She later owned up to her mistake that night, to which Ramsay gave her a warning to "stay away from bins".
    • Joanna's carelessness that same service however proved much more damning when she failed to notice that the crab she was using in the appetizers was spoiled and reeking. Ramsay ripped her a new one for letting this slip, with the only good news being that the stuff hadn't made it into the dining room. Unlike Jen though, Joanna failed to own it and thus was sent home.
  • Episode 4 had the Blind Taste Test, and jeez did the blue team suck that year! The only person on that team to score more than one was Rock, but the biggest dishonorable moment came when Vinny mistook tuna for pancetta! Even worse, this was after Ramsay warned the blue team that if Vinny screwed up on one item, then the challenge would be won by the red team.
  • Episode 5 had a challenge where the teams had to present dishes for the menu of a wedding reception. Melissa tried to take over Julia's duck dish against the wishes of the rest of her team. Come time for the results, Melissa angered Ramsay by constantly interrupting him and insisting that they would not present their dishes, which pissed him off to no end. It came to a boil when they presented their meat dish: Sliced duck breast... and that was it. There were no garnishes or sides to it. Not even a sauce. Worse still, the "lame duck" wasn't even cooked properly. Oh and the bride and groom joined Ramsay in judging the dishes. Ramsay really let them have it for that one.
    "You four Hell's Bitches. I am embarrassed. I don't think I've ever ever been so embarrassed inside this restaurant in my entire life. That was a joke! You should be ashamed. All four are going to work your asses off. Get. Out. My. Sight."
  • Melissa's overall performance became this the longer she was in the kitchen; after the aforementioned duck breast incident, she was transferred to the Blue Team which Ramsay said was her final chance of staying in the game. She ended up tanking so hard in the following service that not only did her team lose, but Gordon sent her packing without even bothering to ask her teammates for who they had nominated. This was in the face of both Brad and Josh's performances, which Gordon also called inexcusably bad, and yet he ultimately allowed them to stay over Melissa that evening.
  • Josh's disastrously misguided performance in the first black jacket service. Having been assigned to cook appetizers, Josh came up with the brilliant strategy of cooking all the appetizers ahead of time before they've been called to order. Ramsay was shocked to find at least a dozen risottos on the stove before any tickets had been received, and returned later to find him doing so again by cooking spaghetti before service. Ramsay had to remind him again to cook the appetizers to order, only to find Josh doing it yet again a short time after. When the service finally does start, a customer returns a risotto Josh had not cooked all the way through, and Ramsay had to spit it out when he tasted it. Ramsay finally snapped and threw Josh out of the kitchen, and then chased after him to take back his jacket and ordered him to leave, making Josh the first contestant to be kicked out mid-service.

    Season 4 
  • Three words: Matt's Exotic Tartare.note  The first dish in the series where Ramsay actually vomited rather than just spitting it out.
  • The opening service had neither team completing the service, with the blue team failing to serve any appetizers, and the red team only getting a few tables before a rubbery, overcooked chicken on their first entree derailed the service for good. What makes this failure epic is the blue team managed to serve a grand total of zero dishes before all the diners had walked out of the first service (when Jason finally got an acceptable risotto approved for serving, it had been three hours since the appetizer orders had come in, and the table with this order was already gone; the rest of the restaurant followed, and Ramsay truly was left to only shut the service down since he now had a completely empty dining room). Ramsay's response was to declare it the worst start ever in Hell's Kitchen history, wake both teams up early the next day and have them bin the wasted food with their bare hands.
  • The red team's performance in the second dinner service counts.
    • Rosann's job as an assistant maître d' was one reason. Not wanting to overwhelm her team, she only gave them a few tickets at a time. This wouldn't be so bad if not for the fact that not only did the red kitchen had to wait for over 30 minutes for the first order, one of the tickets was for a table that waited TWO hours for food as well.
      • Worse still, that same service saw Craig as the blue team's maître d', and during service as he collected an extra chair for a customer, he unknowingly hit one customer upside the head with the leg. Horrified, Jean-Philippe immediately ordered Craig to apologize for the mistake, during which Craig made an honest but clumsy apology to the customer.
    • Sharon's performance on the meat station played a huge role in the loss. She did so badly that her team lost despite the blue kitchen (which managed to serve half of their entrees) having Jason and Petrozza struggling to work together, which ended up getting Sharon kicked out despite not being nominated for elimination.
  • One challenge had the chefs each cutting up a chicken into eight separate parts. Craig's chicken only had two parts meeting Ramsay's approval and more unacceptable pieces than every chef on the red team combined, single-handedly costing the Blue Team the challenge (the women only served up four bad pieces as a team). What made it worse was that Craig was a Sous chef with 13 years experience, and finished the challenge just as Ramsay called time. His teammates were not pleased.
  • Really Craig's entire time on the season counts as one, and his thirteen years of experience really didn't translate into Gordon Ramsay's kitchen, where he was often inconsistent and communicated poorly with both Gordon and his teammates. His often poor attitude and Napoleon complex didn't help matters. Then there was his spectacularly failed response to Gordon when after the fourth service he was in the bottom three alongside Matt and Ben; Ben insisted he'd give "a hundred percent every day", and Matt followed that up with a promise of "a hundred and twenty-five percent". Craig's simple response of "I don't know percentages" left Gordon so fed up that he finally showed him the door.
  • Jason and the souffle incident, also in episode 3. No matter what he does, he can't get them to rise or keep them from sticking to the baking dish. When pressed by Ramsay, Jason tells him that he's going to try and rub some sugar, butter and cocoa powder around the rim and hope that keeps it from sticking. This leaves Ramsay so speechless that all he can do is bang his head against a table note . Unsurprisingly, he was sent home that night.
  • The blue team's performance in the blind taste test challenge. Petrozza was only able to identify the "dry-ass chicken" he was fed, while neither Louross nor Bobby was able to identify so much as one piece of food.
  • Bobby at one point tried to cook fish and scallops in the same pan. Ramsay pointed out that, as Bobby himself has a shellfish allergy, he should really have known better.

    Season 5 
  • Colleen's risotto. How can you mistake sugar for salt? note 
  • The steakhouse service for the blue team was a complete trainwreck from start to finish. Dishonorable mentions include:
    • Ben trying to serve cheesecake and brownies before the appetizers were even served. He blamed it on misunderstanding Chef Ramsay's communication and got mocked by him for it.
    • Giovanni undercooked several steaks, having multiple ones brought back. This wouldn't be so bad if he weren't an executive chef at a steakhouse. Ramsay summed it up best with "Giovanni, thank fuck I never visited your steakhouse." To make things worse, this results in him running out of filet, and that led to...
    • Seth's attempt to clean the filet mignon, where he ended up cutting off so much perfectly good meat trying to remove the fat that he ended up stripping it down to the bare bone. The entire blue team looked on in absolute horror at how much Seth had managed to waste in his effort. Worse still, it was their last supply of mignon that evening. It was all capped off with the blue team losing service.
  • Most of J's performance in his final service (which he was kicked out of halfway through) falls under this trope, but the crowning glory had to be when Chef Ramsay discovered that he had hugely overcooked the rice for the service's risotto. All of it. Even the red team's supply of rice. This led to the risotto having to be taken off the menu for that night, and even Ramsay was stunned at how J had managed to screw over both teams in one go.
  • Despite being hated by just about everyone across both teams, Lacey could actually be a pretty competent performer in the kitchen... until her last service, where she repeatedly whined about not being able to cook meat, completely lost track of her orders, and was eventually eliminated mid-service by Ramsay. Note that this was only one week after J's aforementioned mid-service elimination.
  • Carol's entire performance during the menu service from her undercooked potato sides, poor decision of pouring cream to try and save them (causing Ramsay to immediately throw them out when he caught her), and sending up a raw steak got her the dishonor of being the first person to be eliminated from the winning team!

    Season 6 
  • The signature dishes were a parade of embarrassment.
    • Amanda's signature dish was a margarita french toast, that literally takes about three minutes to make on average. Ramsay was so shocked that he didn't bother tasting it. To top it, Amanda tried to get Ramsay to have a shot of tequila in the middle of a judging, claiming it goes with the dish. He was having none of that.
    • Melinda's Poached Lobster dish barely had any lobster in it! Ramsay literally threw that dish out without even tasting it.
    • Louie served a dish that was, according to him, the most popular dish at his diner, to the point that he claimed that the gravy sold by gallons every week. After tasting it, Gordon questioned if those gallons were for pigs, because it tasted like gunk..
    • Dave had served up ostrich with roasted vegetables. Even though the ostrich was cooked to perfection, the vegetables were unfortunately undercooked, costing Dave what looked like a surefire point.
    • Up against Dave's dish was Suzanne's, a risotto that Gordon could immediately see was undercooked. Suzanne denied this, even after Dave tasted it himself and confirmed it to Gordon. Gordon was not impressed.
    • Joseph cooked a veal shank which Gordon said looked and tasted great, but unfortunately like Dave before him the vegetables were undercooked. Having already lost the point for that fumble, Joseph gave Gordon lip when the man asked him to taste the rockhard brussel sprouts, as Joseph insisted on a fork first. Gordon had to tell Joseph to calm down when he continued to be defensive. His dish lost out to Tennille's.
  • The disasters continued during the opening service.
    • Lovely cooked all the fondants before they'd even started service, and overcooked them to boot. The real kicker? She wasn't even on the dessert station to begin with, but rather the appetizers.
    • Because of Tek failing at searing scallops, Melinda and Lovely threw away not just one, but many servings of capellini in Season 6's opening service. What caught Ramsay's ire was Melinda automatically throwing away undercooked pasta instead of cooking it more time, and was completely speechless when Ramsay finds almost three pans worth of capellini in the trash. Her "deer-in-the-headlights" look doesn't help one bit.
      "Why are you throwing it out? You can't just cook it a bit longer? Look at all this fucking... Who's putting all this in the bin? How many portions are you putting in there?? How much is in the bin?! Look! LOOK!! What the fuck is this?!!"
    • Amanda froze the red team's entire salmon supply, making it impossible for them to continue with entrees, having three salmons on order. First order of Salmon en Croute turned out raw in the center because of this, with Gordon comparing it with a bison's penis.
    • In the blue team, Louie made several mistakes with the lamb chops. First he put the meat in the oven without even searing the rack first. Later he started doing spinach, despite Joseph being the one in charge of garnish, and then he wasted the blue team's entire lamb supply by doing them point blue and having uneven cuts, which actually had him eliminated before the first service even ended.
  • The second service was worse than the first one, and this time, an infuriated Ramsay told everyone to stop cooking and make shrimp cocktails. You know a service has gone south so badly if he has to resort to that!
  • The red team's performance in the Welcome Back Party is easily this.
    • During the menu challenge, Suzanne didn't pay close attention to the client, who explicitly told her and Robert that her husband loved Soul Food and grilled lobster, made worse by the fact that Suzanne herself asked her about the lobster dish. While Robert told every key detail to his team and let them suggest alternatives, Suzanne instead directed the whole team on how to prepare the dishes she wanted to make, and even shut down Tennille's idea of making a Jambayala sauce (the only Southern thing they could have put). As a result, only the shrimp salad was chosen, giving the win to the Blue Team.
    • During service, Red Team failed to send up a single entree that night thanks to Tek's problems on the grill (it's not like a grill back at home, as the grills in restaurants are needed to mark the steaks, and then you have to cook them in the oven for the remainder of the time). When Tek did get an order right, it was only hampered by Amanda sending up a raw lobster tail, meaning they can't send it up because of it. By that point, an already frustrated Ramsay had enough and called the blue team over (minus Kevin who was working on desserts) and had them save the service.

    Season 7 
  • Jamie giving Ramsay her signature dish that had a toothpick in it! Ramsay was so insulted that he did not even taste it.
  • At the start of the season, Ramsay made a public promise to the press that for the first time, both teams would complete the opening night. Come the service however, both teams had problems that led to nearly half of the 16 chefs thrown out of the kitchen, and Ramsay was forced to merge the remaining chefs into one kitchen just to uphold his promise.
  • In the Egg cooking challenge, Ramsay had Siobhan cook the eggs for herself since the red team were down a member. Autumn however butted in and helped her on one half of the eggs (while Siobhan did the other half), causing Ramsay to disqualify those eggs. Those lost points ensured the red teams defeat.
  • Another red team loss was in the pork challenge. Nilka and Fran's dish was an unappetizing Blood Sausage and Prune Puree dish that Ramsay called a disaster (although in fairness, it was Scott's idea for the dish), and Scott and Maria made a sweet potato soup with hamhock garnish when the pork was supposed to be the main dish.

    Season 8 
  • Antonia's signature dish provoked another literal regurgitation from Ramsay. Only this time he decided to share the pain by getting the other contestants to taste it. They didn't like it anymore than he did, and Vinny and Nona also came close to throwing up. It was so bad, Ramsay used it as the tiebreaker against the red team.
  • Raj's signature dish is an interesting case of such. His seafood and vegetable "pancake", despite actually tasting good still lost the point due to its horrific presentation. Ramsay could not make out anything on the plate when the dome came off, and it was leaking oil all over the place. Luckily for the guys, Antonia's dish was infinitely worse on every other count.
  • By Season 8, opening nights were poor at best (with the exception of Season 7) and both teams would fail to complete their tables before Ramsay shut down the restaurant. This season though? Neither team could get entrees out in 2 hours before the customers left in anger (the blue team didn't even get a single order of appetizers out in one and a half hours), and an infuriated Ramsay closed the restaurant afterwards, deeming it the worst start to a season.
  • Melissa managing to completely destroy the red team's entire supply of steak by cooking it too early (and overcooking them as well). She somehow avoided being eliminated that episode, and the following episode she was shuffled over to the blue team... where she managed to destroy their entire supply of scallops in a similar fashion. This time, she didn't survive.
  • Emily's appeal to stay in the game on her elimination night definitely left a lot to be desired. With Sabrina having won invincibility that night, it came down to her and Melissa, and by this point Gordon and the rest of the Red Team were openly questioning both Emily's skill and passion. Emily insisted the passion was real but she wasn't good at showing it, saying she "wasn't an emotionally extroverted person". Gordon was not at all moved by that one, and he ultimately called upon Nona to tell him who she thought needed to go home. Nona picked Emily, who she agreed simply did not have the passion to succeed and said was in over her head. Gordon agreed and she was promptly eliminated.
  • Trev's performance on the garnish station during the 100th service of the series was certainly this, and he struggled to get anything out on time which forced the entire red team to come to his aid. And even with their help he still couldn't get the garnish out, eventually prompting Gordon to eject him from the kitchen. He was only allowed to return for the final table, which was already being served by the time he came back to help out. Gordon singled him out as the biggest failure on the red team which otherwise had a commendable service, and Gordon ordered him back to the blue team, warning him that it was his last chance to get his act together.
  • Vinny frequently made bad decisions that jeopardized his place in the game. During the second service in which he was the blue team's maître d', he tried to convince the customers not to order sides as he was convinced Raj would not be able to get them prepared in time; Ramsay ripped into him hard for it and kicked him out of service; to sum up, even though Raj had made the mistake of prepping the sides before the orders came in, it was one of the few times where he was not to blame for the holdups in the dining room. And that's to say nothing of how Vinny thought he could get away with serving an old risotto to Gordon's wife and children in a later service. Once again, he ripped Vinny a new one for daring to serve anyone, let alone his own family a dish that was no longer fresh. The rest of the blue team was appropriately shellshocked that he had managed to rock the boat this bad.
  • Raj did an awful job in both of the first two episodes of the season, but wasn't really the reason why the Blue Team lost (jointly in the first episode) those services. And then came the third episode...
    • Firstly, during the team challenge he couldn't get out a single acceptable serving of scrambled egg, failing to add any seasoning and then trying to argue with Ramsay that it was seasoned properly. Then, he left the kitchen and stuck his head in a refrigerator to cool down when he felt stressed, causing Ramsay to all but drag him back into the kitchen. The end result was that the men didn't successfully serve a single table, and had to have the women take over their tables.
    • In the actual service, he described himself as an "excellent poissonnier" (fish cook), and then proceeded to boil the salmon in stock rather than grilling it. Gordon spat the stock out, and emptied the pan onto Raj's station for his trouble. Then Raj served up another attempt, which actually was grilled, but also raw, causing Ramsay to angrily smash it. Despite the splattered chunks of salmon attesting to its raw status, Raj actually tried arguing it wasn't raw, forcing his team-mates to shut him up.
    • After Boris served raw meat, forcing the whole table to be restarted, Raj decided to eat the fish he had cooked rather than throwing it away, despite Boris pleading with him not to.
    • The real kicker came when it turned Raj had used their entire supply of Dover sole just to serve a few tables. An understandably furious Ramsay ordered Raj to go and apologize to the affected diners and get replacement orders, but Raj refused to do so on the grounds that his jacket was dirty. He then tried pleading his case to sous chef Scott, who reacted as kindly as you'd expect and forced him out of the kitchen.
    • The end result of all this was Raj being kicked off despite the fact that the Blue Team actually won the service, and both Emily and Melissa on the red team having both done horribly for the second week in a row. And the other men thanked Gordon for getting rid of him.

    Season 9 
  • Jonathon's signature dish, aka the Punch Drunk Chicken. Already a terrible looking dish, Jonathon made the critical mistake of topping the chicken with pineapples that Ramsay could see immediately was actually canned. Jonathon tried to defend the move saying he had "limited time" to prepare his dish. Gordon however wasn't having it, and was so put off he threatened to eliminate him on the spot. Realizing Gordon wasn't fooling around, Jonathon simply turned down Gordon's "offer" to leave and went no further. Naturally, Gordon didn't bother to taste the dish.
  • The first dinner service saw the blue team unable to get the sides out due to Stephen's struggles on the station. Worse still he and several other chefs were forced to sit out the challenge and eat their subpar food before they could return to work in the kitchen. Sides still failed to come out, forcing Jonathon to throw out several perfectly cooked wellingtons as they were no longer considered fresh. Unsurprisingly, Stephen was sent home that night.
  • The family night service for the red team. They couldn't get any entrees out thanks to Carrie's serious mistakes such as cooking the wrong items on the first ticket, and serving raw lamb. Ramsay was so upset, he had the entire red team go to every table, apologize to the customers (including the children), and then kicked them out.
  • In Episode 5, the Fire and Water Challenge ended in a 2 point tie, but Ramsay named the red team the losers due to two major mistakes.
    • 1) Because the red team had an extra person, both Elizabeth and Carrie cooked a prawn dish each, and the red team sat out Carrie's dish (with Elise being the most vocal of the the women). However, not only was Elizabeth's dish underwhelming, Carrie's dish was ten time better when the judges briefly looked at it. To add insult to injury, Ramsay deemed it the best dish of the day.
    • 2) Krupa worked with what she thought was veal, but come judging, Ramsay, without even tasting it, saw that she used filet mignon instead of the required protein. However, Ramsay was more angry that in the 45 minutes of cooking, none of the red team noticed it!
  • The High School Reunion challenge. The red team, due to Elizabeth's leadership, either missed every single cue from the committee tasting the dishes or set out to sabotage it: they made Asian dishes instead of Hawaiian, and added bacon to a seafood dish after specifically being told that one of the guests didn't eat meat. As a result, the blue team won the challenge in one of the few shut-outs in Hell's Kitchen.
  • Krupa's performance in the finale which resulted in Will's loss. For context, Paul had The Dreaded Elise, one of the chefs who stood out the most for trying to sabotage the kitchen. Krupa failed fish after fish and was blatant that she did not care, and when replaced, everything had to be started from scratch.

    Season 10 
  • The blue team managed to serve zero dishes in the opening service! Partially caused by Tavon completely butchering the blue team's supply of scallops; he was the first chef eliminated that season. Neither team managed to send one entree through two episodes.
    • After the first service, the Blue Team nominated both Tavon and, to Gordon's surprise Don, even though he had been prevented from cooking through much of the service by his team. Gordon overruled them on their choice to nominate Don and instead called Royce forward to face the chopping block along with Tavon. It's one of the few moments in Hell's Kitchen where Gordon has ever called complete bullshit on a nominee for elimination.
  • During the signature dish challenge, Guy's dish was so messed up he warned Ramsay not to taste it.
  • In the eighth episode, the blue team served zero entrees, only this time Ramsay completely lost his patience with them and kicked out the entire team from the kitchen all at once (something he had never had to do before); it was so bad that Gordon actually had to send the red team over so they could complete all the blue team's orders. In the same episode during the challenge, Royce served a dish that had a large piece of hair in it and a "shit" sack (to executive chefs no less!), needless to say, that singlehandedly cost the blue team any chance they had of winning.
  • In the ninth episode, the chefs had to cook steak dishes using ingredients they received from a slots machine. Out of all the dishes, Robyn's rib eye was the worst received as she not overcooked it, but the coffee and flour rub tasted disgusting. Even worse, had the red team used Kimmie's dish instead (due to the fact the red team had an extra chef, they had to drop a dish for equal sidings), they would have beaten out Clemenza as Ramsay felt her dish was miles better than Robyn's.
    • Special dishonor has to go to Dana and Patrick's flat iron dishes. Despite receiving ingredients that were very common in a steakhouse restaurant (potatoes, mushrooms, blue cheese), they still failed to make note worthy dishes with Dana's dish having too much liquid and being overcooked, while Patrick's dish was overly salty.
  • In "7 Chefs Compete", the remaining chefs did so badly at the day's challenge that Ramsay awarded a total of zero points for both teams. For the first time ever, both teams were made to do punishment and the reward of a helicopter trip for a day at the beach (including a beach club rented for the afternoon) went out the window. Doesn't help that the classic convertible meant to take the winning team to the reward was parked out front, where the chefs had to clean the show's SUVs. Dana describes Season 10 the best as this: "Hell's Kitchen, Season 10, making history. Only making history because we suck!"

    Season 11 
  • During the signature dish challenge, Susan served up a plate of lamb chops that Gordon immediately saw was completely raw, a mistake for which he threatened to eliminate her right on the spot, accusing her of trying to kill him. Worse still, the bed of couscous it was on was overcooked.
    • Sebastian's dish wasn't that much better, having served up a plate of salmon and shrimp corn dogs. He was so fearful of Ramsay's reaction that he tried to scurry off the stage! Fittingly enough, Gordon was not impressed with the idea.
  • In the first dinner service, Gordon kicked out 12 of the chefs, including all but one member of the blue team, for various reasons. These range from simple (Jeremy was kicked out for being unable to repeat an order) to just plain stupid (Sebastian, who was eliminated after that night's service, was kicked out for using nicknames(not helping was the fact that he tried to return to service three times after being kicked out)).
  • Former NBA star Jalen Rose is out to dinner with a girl, and Nedra is serving lobster. JP explains who he is and why this table is so important.
    "And which one is that one? The guy in the suit?"
  • Ramsay dragged one contestant per team on the 3K run with him, skinny Dan and slightly chubby Mary, and wouldn't let the teams start until they both got back; Dan got back well before Mary, but the red team still finished first.
  • Losing the protein taste challenge as the women beat their ten-minute, thirty-three-second time with almost four minutes to spare when Michael and Jon couldn't identify turkey meatballs is just flat out bad. What made this epic was the time sinker that was Nedra as she was paralyzed in fear with the animals that she wasted seven of those minutes!
  • Jeremy served a cold sample (which was dangerous) during the breakfast challenge, that infuriated Ramsay and ensured he was eliminated despite being on the winning team.
  • The red team's reward winning streak ended in the worst way possible in episode 16. None of their dishes scored a point, resulting in the blue team winning at 2-0. A disappointed Ramsay even openly wondered if this loss had anything to do with Ja'Nel leaving the team (as she moved to the blue team to even the numbers).
  • During family night, one chef (Barrett) served raw chicken to Sous Chef James' wife. His seven months pregnant wife.
    Jon: Raw fish, people could survive, and with undercooked meat, cook it a little more, it's not going to f*cking kill you. But raw chicken will f*cking kill you.
  • On the blind taste test; while contestants have done less than a good performance up there in the past, Anthony beat them all in suckage by scoring 0 of 4, ensuring the blue team's losing streak to continue. Ramsay cited him as the first contestant ever in the show's history to not get a single point in the challenge.

    Season 12 
  • The first service of the season was deemed the worst one of the series to date. Why? No dishes left either kitchen!!
  • During the signature dish challenge, Mike served canned tomatoes and packaged tortellini. Chef Ramsay threw that one out before he tasted it. The blue team, of course, lost, and Mike sat out the punishment on his own volition; had Ramsay been supervising, he would have likely been threatened with elimination from the show before a single service.
  • Gaurav's short time on the show was definitely this. His signature dish, a tuna steak was considered abysmal when Gordon tasted it. Following up that failure was Gaurav's lack of sanitary care in the kitchen, tasting the food with his finger and then sticking it back in. Naturally this did not go unnoticed by Ramsay, and the entire night he made excuses saying "Everybody does it!" Unsurprisingly, for all the failures unfolding in the kitchen, it was this that got him sent home, with Gordon saying he had nowhere left to go with Gaurav.
  • None of the teams were able to complete the first three services, and both teams were kicked out in those services. It got so bad in the third episode that Ramsay ordered both teams to nominate three people from each team (instead of the usual two).
  • DeMarco had five consecutive nominations before being thrown out in Episode 5, a record for the show. He would later be tied with Season 14's Josh.
  • In Episode 7, pizza was the main theme for both the challenge and dinner service, but both scenarios had moments of failure;
    • In the challenge, the chefs had to make gourmet pizzas, but Ramsay and guest judge Wolfgang Puck would only be tasting three of the four from each team. Melanie decided to drop Kashia and Bev's dish for looking burnt, but that decision ended up costing the women the challenge. Joy and Jessica's skinny girl pizza (named due to Joy dropping their initial pizza to the ground and forced to make a smaller pizza due to the lack of ingredients) angered Ramsay and Puck, while Melanie and Sandra's parmesan crispy prosciutto flatbread pizza had raw dough. To make matters worse, Kashia and Bev's pizza was deemed the best of the women, and had it been used, they would have scored 7 points.
    • In the service, both teams struggled on making pizzas and both were forced to toss pizzas to the trash, with Ramsay forcing both teams to pull out the rejects from the trash after service ended. The women only got out of a joint loss as the men struggled everywhere else that night.
  • In Episode 15, the final seven were in an individual challenge for a black jacket, and had their dishes judged by Season 3 winner Rock, Season 9 winner Paul, and Season 10 contestant Dana. Gabriel made lamb chops, but the judges noticed how small and overcooked the lamb was (as Gabriel seared the slice lamb fearing that it was raw). Even worse, the half that he did not plate was cooked perfectly, angering Ramsay to the point he gave Gabriel zero points.
    • Another dishonor went to Melanie's lamb dish as she made a big technical error by adding raw flour to her mashed potatoes in an attempt to thicken them? The result? Gluey tasting potatoes and an inedible puree.

    Season 13 
  • During the signature dish challenge, JP served up a New England-style haddock dish which certainly sounded appetizing, until Gordon pointed out that he had finished the dish with twenty minutes to spare, had to re-fry the dish so that it would be hot when served, and that this had resulted in the fish being dry. Gordon was so offended by this that he threatened to cut JP from the competition right there, finding the entire preparation to be ill-advised, ill-managed, and lacking in basic cooking sense. JP quickly apologized for the fumble.
  • La Tasha's signature dish, shockingly enough was also this; hers consisted of a hickory-smoked grilled watermelon. Gordon and the audience were all aghast at the primitive-sounding dish, and despite her confidence Gordon still found the dish to be underwhelming in its concept and flavor. Luckily though, it proved to be arguably La Tasha's only major fumble in the competition, as she quickly showed herself to be a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen.
  • The opening night service by the blue team. They struggled through the appetizers because of poor communication between the fish station (JP and JR) and the hot appetizers (Aaron). After Fernando took control of the risottos, the blue team managed to complete the first table in nearly an hour. However, they were kicked out of the kitchen after mishaps with the halibut from JP and JR (who were both kicked out) and then Fernando, who got the whole kitchen kicked out. This was a huge contrast to the red team who had a near flawless service.
  • In the second service, Janai overcooked a risotto by 10 minutes. Naturally, she went home in that episode.
  • Roe singlehandedly costing the red team the challenge on Episode 6 with a poorly made pork dish. Before then, they were in the lead, but Roe got the lowest score of the challenge (4 out of a possible 15). Initially, her dish received praise for its simple and appealing presentation, but the judges found its components to be completely lacking in flavor and to be an underwhelming combination. Even worse, it was revealed that Jennifer's pork dish was better, and had they chosen hers over Roe's, they would have won.
  • In Episode 8, the chefs were making dishes for the people in charge of a dog show. Sade thought that they were supposed to make food for the dogs, and ended up making dog food. What also didn't help is that her new teammates on the blue team knew of her mistake, but never even bothered to correct her. Fortunately for Sade, and unfortunately for us, the blue team had an extra member, making her dish be the odd one out, so we didn't see Ramsay's reaction to this.
  • In Episode 9, Frank's abysmal fish performance is easily this. He singlehandedly cost the Red team a victory, and Ramsay eliminated him without any nomination ceremony.
  • Frank's entire performance in the final service. Bryant tried to make his menu easy enough so Frank wouldn't screw up like he did in his last one, but Frank still managed to slow down the kitchen on terrible performances on appetizers and garnishes forcing Bryant to kick him out of the kitchen.

    Season 14 
  • In the signature dish challenge, Chrissa had the brilliant idea of crusting her chicken with ginger cookies. Ramsay was so baffled by this and its poor presentation that he laughed his ass off before even tasting it. Unsurprisingly, he quickly spat it out.
    • Monique's pasta dish was definitely this, as the Red Team depended on her dish to overcome Bret's to secure victory for their side. When Ramsay inquired on how she prepared the marinara sauce, she admitted without a second thought that it was actually from a jar. Gordon quickly spat it out and chastised her for this lazy move, to which she had the audacity to say he should've told her first that he wanted only fresh ingredients; this not only cost them the challenge, but the others, T in particular were quick to call her out on her ignorance after the fact.
  • The third service was this in Ramsay's eyes.
    • The red team had Mieka doing so poorly on the appetizers to the point that the red team was kicked out before they could start on the entrees.
    • The blue team didn't perform much better either. While they did get to the entrees, Nick sending up raw pork twice as well as raw lamb, which was noticeably full of blood, got them kicked out as well.
      • Nick wasn't the only one to make dangerous mistakes either. One of Adam's scallop salads had plastic in it. What's worse was that it went out to the dining room, but was spotted by the customers and had to be sent back.
      • The crowning moment of fail, as well as dangerous, was from Michael. He heated up a pan to the point of it being smoking hot. He then put in on top of the colder pans under the fish station. This could have resulted in Bret or Josh getting a third-degree burn had Ramsay not caught him in the act.
    • It was so bad overall that Ramsay actually went up to the dorms (which he never did up to this season) to tell both teams that they lost.
    "In fourteen seasons of Hell's Kitchen, I have never set foot in these fucking dorms."
  • Monique was involved with a lot of these:
    • During the signature dish challenge, she not only used packaged ingredients, but argued with Ramsay about it.
    • In the fifth episode, the chefs are instructed to make gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. Monique's dish was the kind of thing you'd see at a particularly cheap roadside diner, with a tomato on top.
    • It's rare for someone to get eliminated for a bad performance on garnish, and even rarer for someone to serve poorly made garnish three times in a row. After this, she was finally eliminated.
  • Episode 7 featured the red team collapsing on entrees thanks in part to Sarah on meat (who sent up raw wellingtons and overcooked lamb, then another overcooked order of lamb along with burnt chicken) and Christine on garnishes (who served raw and then burnt eggplant and severely over-seasoning the lentils). As a result, the team was eight tables behind the blue team who were just finishing up their last ticket, and a fuming Ramsay ejected the red team for the fifth time that season.
  • Josh, during the Mardi Gras Homecoming service, sent up a risotto with white wine in it. It doesn't sound too bad until you remember that these were high school aged patrons they were serving that night.
  • In the ninth episode during the exotic meats challenge, the two teams struggled to produce a series of dishes to impress Gordon and the judges, but the win ultimately went to the blue team. Ramsay and his two guests then asked Michelle to present her dish, which was passed over by the rest of the red team. Her Asian-inspired alligator curry with coconut rice was not only by far the most visually-appealing dish of the lineup, but the judges said that they'd have given it a perfect score of fifteen out of fifteen if it had been selected.

    Season 15 
  • Kevin's signature dish was a Caesar Salad on top of pizza. Not only was Ramsay not impressed by it, but Kevin made it even worse when he revealed that he used two pre-made ingredients to make the dish! He almost got eliminated on the spot because of it.
  • In the dumpling challenge had the Hassan-Frank pair pluck all their dumplings more as pierogies than what they were supposed to be, and got zero points. This ensured the blue team's loss.
  • In Episode 3, the red team's communication challenge loss in Season 15 is considered this. 5-3 may not look bad, until you remember that Kristen's spanakopita dish looked awful (thanks to Meese's mistake on the recipe), Manda making a burrito instead of taquitos (due to Danni's miscommunication) and Jackie's Eggplant Parmesan looked unappetizing as well. Plus, the challenge ended prematurely because the blue team was in a lead so big, it was almost impossible for the red team to catch up.
  • In the Wedding Challenge Frank had no faith in Manda's skills, so he (without anyone's permission) decided to cook an extra dish to replace Manda's. Both of his dishes were awful, and he almost cost the blue team the win (which was saved thanks to Joe).
  • In Episode 8, the ingredient number challenge was a complete reversal as the red team won 3-1, while the blue team lost due to Frank, Joe, and Chad's dishes failing to meet the mark.
    • Frank's hanger steak was not properly cooked, and his decision to space out his potatoes on the plate actually made Ramsay laugh about it.
    • Joe's lobster salad had little to no lobster due to tasting his dish a lot during the cooking, with Ramsay reminding him that it was not an eating challenge.
    • And finally, Chad's black garlic tuna ruined any chance of the blue team bouncing back as his decision to cover the entire protein in black garlic (which Jared warned him about earlier)ruined the taste of the tuna.
  • The blue team's performance in the Blind taste Test counts here due to the poor performances by Dannie and Frank that had them lose 3-8. Special mention goes to Frank for guessing Snickers!

    Season 16 
  • During the signature dish challenge, Kimberly made the rookie mistake of including canned clams in her pepperdelle pasta. On top of that, the pasta was not homemade. Gordon was surprisingly forgiving of that move however, but still called the overstuffed dish a disaster for its poor execution. Johnny summed it up the best after the challenge:
    Johnny: You cannot make the words "canned clams" sound good, ever.
  • Heidi failed to score a point for her team in the Southern dish head-to-head challenge. What puts it into this category is the fact that she was attempt to score empty plate, as her head-to-head rival, Koop, was unable to finish his dish due to cutting himself while slicing celery.
  • The blue team was kicked out of service seven times in the first ten episodes (the original record was five times, which was tied with Season 10's Blue Team and Season 14's Red Team). They only completed three services (two of which they won) because they simply couldn't work together properly, and made too many basic mistakes. By the sixth time, you can easily tell that Ramsay was exasperated by the constant kick outs.
    • If one counts the black jackets getting kicked out of their first service, then Paulie was thrown out of eight services.
    • One particularly notable service is Episode 8, where the blue team is ten tables behind the red team (keep in mind that teams have been yelled at for being four tables behind) before being booted, leading to an unsurprising loss.
  • The first black jacket services always seem to go rough (minus Season 9, 10, and 11), but Season 16's takes it to a whole other level when they didn't get any entrees out, forcing Ramsay to kick them out, and reluctantly pulling his sous chefs from their night off. No wonder the fans refer to it as the Worst Black Jacket Service ever.

    Season 17 (All Stars) 
  • The Red team in the signature dish challenge held a respectable lead over the Blue Team for most of the time, and it almost looked like they would win. And then Robyn's Salmon dish received the only 1 out of 5 which singlehandedly cost them the challenge. Even Ramsay noted that they almost had it.
  • The red team's service in Episode 8. Oh boy. They started off slow with Elise's attempt to prepare the cold starters, but then things got worse when Manda could not remember a ticket order, and Barbie kept sending up raw meat. It eventually led Ramsay to kick the red team out of service and deem it their worst one so far.
  • If you thought Episode 8 was bad for the red team, Episode 10 took it up another notch:
    • First off, the Blind Taste Challenge had the blue team crush them in an 8-2 Curb-Stomp Battle with only Barbie getting the two points for her team. Understandably, Michelle called it the lowest point for the red team.
    • Then came the charity service. They were doing fine in the first two appetizer rounds, but then Elise and Barbie were in charge of their entree dishes and things went chaotic with shouting, screaming, lying, burnt food, you name it! By the end of it, a very weary Ramsay called their performance the "worst charity night performance ever".
  • Dana, who was one of the most consistent chefs of the red team, singlehandedly sunk her team on her disastrous performance on meat which included scorching her initial Wellingtons, and sending out raw and overcooked Wellingtons to the pass. It was so bad, Ramsay eliminated her on her first time ever nominated over Elise.
  • In the second Black Jacket challenge, Elise served Ramsay lobster that still had the digestive tract in it. Ramsay, understandably, refused to even taste the dish, and it pretty much destroyed any chance she had at winning.
  • Robyn's pathetic performance on the meat station during the final service is this in shades, even including one point where she put a lamb on a pan that was just used for a beef entree. What makes this worse is that she is kicked out by Ramsay instead of Benjamin, who saw her performance far away from their stations. Her performance pretty much destroyed any chance of Benjamin winning.

    Season 18 (Rookies vs. Veterans) 
  • After spending the first two episodes acting overly cocky, the rookies got a helping heap of reality on opening night's dinner service, which included raw proteins, and Chris getting caught writing ticket times down instead of helping Mia (although, his later reveal about his concussion makes it more understandable). However, the crowning moment of stupidity came from Scott who was caught cooking shrimp for tableside when it was Scotley's job.
  • The second service was this for Jen, where she consistently failed on the garnish section with both her portions and seasoning, much to the frustration of Gordon and her team. The real topper though was when she accused Gordon of attempting to sabotage her when he again complained about insufficient sides for the duck garnish. When she didn't stop, Gordon really let her have it and ordered her to get out. Shocked and appalled, the veterans were understandably happy to see her leave.
  • In Episode 4's soup challenge, Bret ruined the Blue Team's streak by making his soup out of canned tomatoes. This comes as shocking because by 18 seasons of Hell's Kitchen, everyone should know that canned or frozen products are practically forbidden. It didn't help that the Red Team scored three perfect bowls, giving them a 10 point gap.
  • Episode 4's dinner service was so bad—-from both teams—-Gordon abandoned the "Rookies vs Veterans" experiment altogether and went back to the Men vs Women format. A couple of dishonorable moments include:
    • During appetizers, Gizzy decided to leave her post on tableside, and budge her way into Mia and Scotley's station, despite neither of them asking her for help.
    • Chris leaving a pork chop in the oven for seven minutes too long, and when Ramsay pulled it out, it came out as the most burnt protein the show ever filmed in eighteen seasons.
    • On the veteran side, Kevin had his worst performance in both seasons as he served overcooked, undercooked, and then raw lamb. That last one forced Ramsay to do the order himself, and give Kevin his first ever nomination.note 
  • Trev forgot to plate the fish for the cioppino in Episode 7’s challenge, not unlike his failure to plate correctly identified carrot puree in Season 8’s Taste it Now Make it Challenge, costing the red team the victory.
  • The Blue Team's performance at the Sweet 16 Service isn't as disastrous as some of the other services noted here, but what puts them on here are just who and what got them kicked out in the first place. First, Roe (who in Season 13 was one of the strongest people on the meat station) sent two straight raw steaks. This was followed by Mia (who at that point was one of the clear frontrunners in the competition) failing to put enough batter on one serving of fish and sending another one still raw. The straw that broke the camel's back however was Ariel accidentally sending out a halibut she was still cooking instead of the one she had cooked perfectly just earlier. To make matters worse, the halibut was to go to the table occupied by the birthday girl herself, Gordon's youngest daughter Tilly. Naturally, Gordon went Papa Wolf on them and kicked them out for the 2nd straight dinner service.
  • Episode 9: After struggling all night, the Red Team gets kicked out, and the Blue Team steps in to finish service. How badly did the Red Team screw up? 2/3 of their diners were fed by the Blue Team that night!
  • Episode 10, like last season, was another disaster for the Red Team.
    • The Blind Taste Test took place this episode, where any hope of a Red Team victory vanished when Trev tasted zero out of four items correctly while being the first one up (compared to Heather, who scored 2/4). They lost 6-10 after Mia scored a 4/4 compared to Motto’s 3/4, Ariel scored a 3/4 compared to Bret’s 2/4, and Kanae identified one item correctly to win the challenge for the Blue Team.
    • Then the Charity Night Service. Oh boy. Both teams were neck and neck throughout, but what ultimately cost the Red Team the victory was Jose failing to check his saltimbocca plates on the pass before sending out the 12-top. As a result, half of the 12-top’s saltimbocca dishes were returned for being raw, leading Ramsay to cook the refires himself while delegating the rest of the team to desserts. This, combined with the fact that Jose would be on his fourth nomination that night, ensured his elimination.
  • And then Episode 11 continued the trend of the red team's failure.
    • First came the Dessert Challenge where, despite Motto scoring a decent 7, lost 11-14 as both Bret and Trev score low two's on their desserts (Bret's for being raw, and Trev's for being one of the worst desserts guest judge Valerie Gordon said to have ever had).
    • Then came dinner service where the mistakes from both Trev and Bret ranged from idiotic (Trev forgetting to put the crust on the lamb), and to the most lethal (Bret served a raw salmon meant for a five months pregnant woman from the chefs table!). This led to an unsurprising defeat, another ejection, and ultimately Trev’s elimination.

  • It's not just individuals who provide epic failures; some whole teams end up as a nexus of Facepalm-inducing incompetence.
    • Season 7's Red Team only won three challenges, and only two dinner services (if you counted the last dinner service before the black jackets a red team win) which they tied with the men. Meaning that they never outright beat the Blue team in any dinner service. Unless you didn't count the two finalists' service, which can be (hardly) considered as their only service win.
    • Season 6's Red Team was a close contender. They did well in the challenges, winning half of them. But in terms of service, they only beat the Blue team once. It's even worse when you remember that their only victory was in the seventh service, meaning they lost six services in a row since starting the season!
    • Season 17's Red Team became this. Aside from the 3 straight wins in dinner service (one of them is a joint win, and their member is eliminated), they lost the rest of the services and had a 7-3 loss record against the Blue Team in challenges. Also, despite having their second member eliminated 6th, only 1 original Red Team member got the Black Jacket (Robyn kind of counts, but she was with the blue team for the majority of her stay after Episode 4).
    • Season 18’s Red Team post men vs. women switch. They only won two services out of six (losing all the rest to the Blue Team) and had one of the worst challenge streaks in the history of the show, recording just one victory out of seven.
    • As for the worst Blue Team, Season 10's in the entirety of their existence only won one dinner service and lost all the other dinner services (11 total losses) sometimes in combination with the Red team.
    • Season 11's Blue Team is another competitor. They only won 2 out of 14 challenges, and 3 out of 14 services. A record 10 chefs were eliminated from that team!
    • Season 16's Blue team is also another consideration. While they did win most of the challenges, they were kicked out of the kitchen in seven services and only completed 5 of the 12 services, two of which they won against the red team.
  • Sometimes, a contestant performs so horrifically during service that Ramsay eliminates them from the competition right then and there. Examples include:
    • Season 3: Josh's aforementioned incident.
    • Season 5: The only season to have two of these in a row.
      • The aforementioned J incident above, but also poor mistakes on the fish station.
      • The aforementioned Lacey incident.
    • Season 6: The aforementioned Louie incident.
    • Season 7: Nilka ruining the red team's entire supply of fish, then very nearly sinking the team entirely when she desperately tried to save face.
    • Season 12: Gabriel screwing up on the salmon three times. First it was dry, Second time it was burnt, and the third time it was raw.
    • Season 15: Kevin sending up raw scallops which was even worse when Ramsay showed him how to properly cook them earlier.
    • Season 17 (All-Stars): Josh's terrible performance on garnish got him kicked out of the kitchen, but trying to fight his way back led to Ramsay eliminating him on the spot.
    • Season 18 (Rookies Vs. Veterans): Jen had a poor performance on garnish along with a poor attitude throughout the night. This culminated in her serving Ramsay underportioned garnishes, and having the balls to accuse Ramsay of sabotaging her. This, naturally, enraged Ramsay, who proceeded to eliminate her on the spot for her disrespectful attitude.


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