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The journey to catch 'em all will surely run into a problem or two along the way.

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The following have their own pages:

Generation IV

  • MsCC93: I enjoyed Pokemon Heart Gold And Soul Silver. It was an excellent remake of the original games, but the biggest gripe I had with it was the fact that there were no trainers at the Victory Road for the player to battle. It was later revealed that Silver had defeated them all. Yes, I know the scene was another way to show how much of a douche Silver was, but something tells me that this was just another flimsy excuse to make it difficult for the protagonist (you) to level up his/her party of Pokemon to prepare for the Pokemon league.

Generation VI

  • Retloclive: For the most part, Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire did its job as a decent remake of the Generation III games. However, one thing that really disappointed me upon playing through the game was how it completely ignored the storyline changes that were added in Pokémon Emerald. Particularly, leaving out Team Magma's new hideout. Since Emerald had the player face off against both of Hoenn's evil teams, the game swapped around the base set-up of Team Magma where instead of having their hideout off the coast of Lilycove City, they're moved to the volcano of Mt. Chimney while Team Aqua kept the Lilycove coastal base. The change made much more sense towards Hoenn's world-building since Team Magma is now waking up Groudon from inside a volcano instead of the Seafloor Cavern, which ends up looking really out-of-place since the water cavern comes off like something that would only make sense for Kyogre. How cool would it have been if Omega Ruby had Team Magma's base in the volcano while Alpha Sapphire had Team Aqua's base at the usual Lilycove coast? It just comes off feeling like wasted potential, especially since the developers didn't have any problem adding the Pokémon Crystal story changes to Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver beforehand.

Generation VII

  • Star Android Jaguar: Pokémon Sun and Moon had one in the demo: the confirmation of Ash Greninja. They did so well designing the game, then almost. Completely. Blew it. By introducing that thing.
    1. Chesnaught and Delphox didn't get anything similar, so it excludes them and their fans. They could have just as easily added Mega Stones for the trio, like they made Z-Crystals unique to Decidueye, Incineroar and Primarina, making it seem even more half-assed.
    2. The only explanation I can think of for this folly is a Voodoo Shark. If the game is for kids, then why does the game include one of, if not the most psychotic and terrifying villain in the series? If it's not, why introduce something from what is essentially an ascended Pokemon fan-fiction, due to The Anime of the Game repeatedly being at odds with the games where it should not be?
    3. It could also possibly be a Disc-One Nuke, for all the wrong reasons, namely being so over-leveled that any time it stops disobeying you results in a One-Hit Kill. Having such a strong pokemon at the beginning of the game destroys the purpose of training a good team yourself and growing affectionate towards them, instead advocating brute force of one Pokemon over tactics and clever use of all 6 party slots.
  • Retloclive: Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon made quite a few Author Saving Throws fixing up a bunch of problems that plagued the original Pokémon Sun and Moon games. However, the new story that shoehorns in the Necrozma plot ended up making a travesty of Lillie's revamped journey. No longer does Lillie go through Character Development where she starts off as a timid and weak-willed character due to the abuse she received from Lusamine, and over the course of the story, Lillie would eventually develop the courage to finally stand up to her mother. Instead, Lillie starts off in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon as the timid and weak-willed girl abused by her mother, but because Lusamine was changed to no longer be as evil as she was in the original games, Lillie's journey instead changes to wanting to save the world from Necrozma rather than face the woman that abused her, and has apparently already forgiven Lusamine for no apparent reason. Take away a plethora of scenes that built up Lillie's character, such as her moment with the player on Exeggutor Island, and you're left with a shallow revamp of what used to be an incredible character arc.
    • Trialman: I didn’t mind less of Lillie’s story myself, but I do agree on the point about Lusamine not being evil in Ultra. The change itself isn’t the problem, but I was particularly confused in relation to one scene that wasn’t changed. When you first enter the inner sanctum of the Aether Foundation, and find Lusamine’s frozen Pokemon. In the originals, this was a Wham Shot that quickly shows just how crazy she actually is. In Ultra, since she isn’t crazy anymore, the scene now makes no sense, and is borderline confusing, due to the implications of her being crazy still being there. Quite frankly, this lack of change comes off as completely lazy, as it could have easily been fixed by removing the frozen bodies from the map, which can’t be any harder than adding new maps. Hell, they even had the offending room given a different appearance for the battle with Giovanni, so obviously they could change it, but apparently, properly showing Lusamine is good this time wasn’t worth the effort.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon

  • Thepenguinking2: I'll be honest, I found Rescue Team's plot to be fairly underrated. It may not be as complex as the later entries, but it still has some great moments, mainly with the bond that you and your partner develop throughout the adventure. This all culminates into the very end, where The two of you convince Rayquaza to destroy the meteor, even at the risk of your own life. This then leads to the trademark Tear Jerker ending when you get sent back to the human world, leaving your partner heartbroken. This then leads to a Heartwarming Moment where you realize that your newly-made best friend is devastated by your departure, so you go against Gardevoir's task and send yourself back to the Pokémon world, with everyone, including your partner, welcoming you back with open arms! It's such a sweet ending, I loved it... and then the very next morning, your partner tells you about the ability to appoint other leaders and leaves for the friend area, never talking to you, greeting you every morning, or visiting the town with you again. ...S-seriously? So you're telling me that I spent this whole game developing an inseparable friendship with my rescue team partner, even braving fugitivity together, then joining to save the world by each other's side, and finally interrupting my departure back to the human world so that I can reunite with my new best friend, only for said best friend to basically give me the middle finger and basically never talk with me again!? That just undermines the heartwarming ending to such a degree that I'm glad that I never beat the original Rescue Team at any point. I'm sure I'd be sickened even as a kid if I got to that ending. Thankfully, DX fixes this because of the new team system allowing you to have a different leader from the start. Your partner will still continue to greet you every morning and follow you around town, still showing the duo as the besties they always were. This change alone makes DX, in my eyes, the superior Rescue Team experience. Still, scars never heal.
  • Videogmer314: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky. The Perfect Apples incident. You're supposed to go to Apple Forest to collect Perfect Apples because Team Skull ate the stock while the guild was sleeping. Team Skull, being the jerks they are decide to give you a hard time (again) and follow you. When you get there, Team Skull has beaten you to the punch and ambushes you, then steals the apples. Chatot decides this is somehow your team's fault, and he punishes you by making you go without dinner and face the wrath of the Guildmaster, only to find that Team Skull has saved one apple just for Wigglytuff just to rub salt into the wounds. The next morning, Small Name, Big Ego Chatot pretty much tells you "Don't get your hopes up" when asked about being picked to go on the upcoming expedition. This is what solidifies Chatot's status as The Scrappy of Time/Darkness/Sky by the way...
    • fluffything: Aegis Cave. There's a very good reason why the entire dungeon is considered a Scrappy Dungeon. But the absolute DMOS-worthy moment is that the whole thing was little more than a glorified treasure hunt. That's right, you just went through several hours of tedious puzzles and the same dungeon over and over again just for some treasure. Isn't that great!? About the only saving grace is that you can recruit the Legendary Golems (Regirock, Registeel, Regice, Regigigas) afterwards, but is it really worth going through the whole mind-numbing boredom again?
  • Cdv 4 Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. originally I had Hydreigon's death for how out of place and abrupt it was, and the fact that one of the only good characters dies, and I considered the ending for being way too long and feeling insulting, but what sealed the deal for me was when Hydreigon got brought back. Seriously, it also wasn't even a clever or interesting way that they brought back Hydreigon, instead, someone thought it was a good idea to have him come back because he's invincible, even though he can faint in dungeons, and was directly killed on screen. It just felt lazy how they did bring him back.
  • Blazer_the_Delphox: Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon was easily my least favorite entry in the series. Thus, this moment did not do the game any favors at all. What would that be? The ending. Oh, boy. So, the game tells you very late that you are the same human that fought alongside Mew against the Dark Matter in the ancient past. Okay, I can deal with that. The game has also led you to believe that Nuzleaf and the Beheeyem were the ones that caused your amnesia. Hey! That's actually pretty interesting! And then you get to the ending after defeating the final boss. The game gives you a massive Info Dump that completely negates the Nuzleaf reveal. Instead, apparently, your partner is the reincarnation of Mew, and they gave you both anmesia for... reasons. And not only that, since your partner has fulfilled their role in saving the world, they have to leave you. What. So instead of having the player leave in the end, the partner does. The main issue I have with this ending is that not only does it imply that the player had no purpose in the world, even though they were the one leading the charge when it came to destroying the Dark Matter, but it also seems like the writers wanted to put a twist on the typical Pokémon Mystery Dungeon ending, and did so with a massive Ass Pull. And then there's the fact that the game never explores how Carracosta would've reacted to hearing that his child is essentially dead. Now, if someone who liked the partner calls bullshit on them essentially dying, you've done something terribly, terribly wrong. A horrible ending to an already underwhelming game. Great job, guys.

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