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"SAKURAAAIIIII!!!" is what you would be saying when those moments pop up in Super Smash Bros..

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  • lazyfox: Now, I loved Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I thought Subspace Emissary was good considering that no characters talked throughout the entire thing (except Snake's one introduction line). However, there's one thing that really, really irritated me: Sonic getting the shaft when it came to story in Subspace Emissary. Now, whether you love or hate him (or are just sick of him), there's no denying that he's the most widely anticipated character to appear in SSB. And all you give him is a single Big Damn Heroes moment with absolutely no explanation? Where did he come from? What was he doing? How did he get there? Why was he there? One of the things I looked forward to the most was seeing him interact with the Nintendo characters. Hell, it would've awesome if it was Sonic that Mario had to travel with, forcing two of gaming's biggest rivals to work together and maybe overcome their bitter rivalry throughout the course of the story. But nope. Fans played through hours of story, going -through a painful and tedious maze, and what was the payoff? A single, short moment with no context. To this day, it still grinds my gears.
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  • Tyrathius: The Kirby characters were a bit of a Spotlight-Stealing Squad for pretty much the entire game, but there's one moment in particular I thought was really stupid: The beginning of the game. The stadium is attacked by primids, but they are easily defeated by Mario, Kirby, Peach and Zelda. But then Petey Piranha shows up, and somehow manages to One-Hit KO Mario, a character who has defeated him with ease numerous times in his own series. Petey then proceeds to capture Zelda and Peach without a fight, even though both of them are capable fighters in their own right. Yeah, a minor boss is able to defeat three of Nintendo's biggest name characters, for seemingly no reason other than to force you to do the subsequent boss fight using Kirby. Not only is that a bad idea from a gameplay perspective (what if the player just isn't any good with Kirby?) it makes Kirby seem like an Invincible Hero who trounces threats the other characters can't handle with ease. Even if they wanted the Princesses captured as a nod to their Distressed Damsel roles in their main series, there was no reason to get rid of Mario.
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  • ShiningwingX: It gets even worse as the game goes on but the biggest kicker for me has to be toward the end. After all the characters are turned into trophies by Tabuu's Death Ray attack, who among them turn out to be the ones to save them all, and without whom the bad guys would have won? Kirby, and King Dedede. Somehow, Dedede had more insight into what was really going on than any other character and PLANNED for this with the revival badges. Up until this point Bowser and Ganondorf are known to have much more internal knowledge and involvement in the plot, especially with the scenes showing Ganondorf frequently speaking to Master Hand himself (who, we discover is being manipulated by Tabuu. Throughout the course of the story Dedede is shown to be just above Wario when it comes to being in the know so how in the WORLD could he have figured things out so easily when even Ganondorf was unable to? Its never explained but for an extremely vague explanation by Nintendo on the game's website, which mostly boiled down to "He just knew". As for Kirby, how does he manage to wake up and save the day after being blasted by Tabuu along with everyone else? He just eats the revival badge.
  • genericity The Showdown in Melee was a good final event because the characters you were fighting were thought of as evil and Mewtwo and Ganondorf play together excellently and Giga Bowser alone is a force of nature. What was Brawl's answer to this? A fight against Sonic, Snake and a giant Mario. The event is easy, the characters have no connection to each other and the AI is unexceptional. It just seems like a way for Sakurai to glorify Sonic and Snake's presence. And to add insult to injury there is a pathetically easy event where you fight Ganondorf, Dedede and Bowser together.
    • Cookieman: Oh I thought this event was extremely anti-climactic as well. The point of the event was to illustrate the three companies: Nintendo, Sega, and Konami. Nintendo was considered the "big" company so Mario was big. I thought it was a stupid event too. I also hate the two-player version where you fight the villains and anti-heroes. I do however think the very last event of the Two-Player mode is a fun one (Fighting off every single character).
    • Trialman: Super Smash Bros. For Wii U continues with the Disappointing Last Level problem in Event Mode. This game's last event is that the player goes against Mario, Mega Man, Sonic, and Pac-Man. Practically the exact same premise, but for this one, they don't even use Final Destination, but Battlefield, which makes avoiding the opponents much easier. To make it worse, you only fight two of them at one time, ruining the whole premise of fighting all the main mascots in a team. Again, it feels like a glorification of the third-party characters. Especially disappointing considering all the criticisms that were addressed in this game.
  • IthoughtyouwereLuigi The thing that I really hated about the story in Brawl was how confusing it was, the only time I could get what was going on was at the beginning. It especially got confusing by the end where none of the previously established villains were even the main villain, not even Master Hand was the main villain! Instead we get Tabuu, who not only makes no sense, but also broke the already well established "just a kid playing with his toys" theme, and that is what ultimately made me mad.
  • Cookieman: Subspace related, but something that really bothers me to this day is when Pit/Mario and Yoshi/Link join teams? When Mario/Link sees the other team defeat the opposing princess, they attack them ... not too bad, but why the heck would Mario and Yoshi not acknowledge each other and probably explain that it's a misunderstanding? At least there's a scene later on in the game where Mario actually rides on Yoshi.
  • King Clark: One thing that I don't like about the Wii U version is that there wasn't nearly as much effort placed into the Palutena's Guidance conversations as there was for the Snake Codecs (such as one being entirely dedicated to Wario's flatulence), but the absolute worst of them has to be the one for Robin. In it, Chrom makes a cameo, only to be mocked relentlessly for no reason - I'm not even a fan of Fire Emblem, and this pissed me off (most likely because this felt like a thinly-veiled and mean-spirited jab at the fans that wanted him to be playable). The cherry on top has to be Viridi's comment that Chrom would effectively be a carbon-copy of Ike and that Moveset Clones are effectively pointless, which completely fails as a joke for two reasons. The first is considering that the roster already had three complete clones on the roster, one of which was a different Fire Emblem character, and another of which was a Kid Icarus character - they tried to go for Hypocritical Humor, but the joke falls flat on its face since they failed to allude to the actual hypocrisy of the inclusion of either Lucina or fucking Dark Pit. The second reason that this makes no goddamn sense is that Sakurai and company were able to make viable movesets for characters like the Wii Fit Trainer, the Animal Crossing Villager, and the Duck Hunt Dog/Duck/Gunner, but evidently going by this conversation, adding another sword-wielder was apparently too daunting a task for the development team to take. What a waste of an Easter Egg.
    • BlueSunStudios: Ditto on this entry. I really do try to give Sakurai Masahiro a breath of fresh air instead of falling into the Accentuate the Negative trap that most of this fanbase has fallen into, but this conversation is not helping him at all. Sakurai himself said in an interview that Chrom himself would not bring anything new to Super Smash Bros. since his role is fulfilled by Marth and Ike (i.e. he is a blue haired swordsman, as if that's the only thing to him) yet Lucina getting in completely contradicts and invalidates Sakurai's reasoning for excluding Chrom. To make things worse is that Lucina's case of being a Marth carbon copy is also excused and justified in-game when in-universe (Fire Emblem speaking) she has little-to-no logical reason for being one.
    • Dr Zulu 2010: It gets better/worse depending on who you ask because guess who became a playable character in Ultimate? That's right! And what else? He became Roy's Echo Fighter with the only thing similar to Ike being his recovery move and has a unique final smash. So that joke fails for three reasons now.
  • JustDancerStarships: My least favorite Palutena's Guidance is the one on Ness. When Pit is told of Ness's PSI, Pit, in shock, calls it unscientific. Pit, your entire world alone is based on Greek and Roman mythology, your bow fires arrows of light, you use telepathy, the list goes on too long! Ness is more scientific than you could ever be! Also, Palutena tells Pit what he just said was stupid, but pointing out your problems does not make them go away!
    • JustHereToComment: This also feels like it's trying to copy the Snake Codec where Snake feels that magic is unrealistic and Mei Ling replies that the technology they use could be considered a kind of magic. However, unlike that one, Pit dismissing the idea of magic is really hard to swallow since Pit is essentially a fantasy character who uses many powers that can only be considered magic, unlike Snake, who exists in a mostly realistic environment. Perhaps it could've worked if Palutena had explained Ness' powers scientifically and Pit complained that she was ruining the magic for him. Instead, it comes off as a poorly-constructed attempt at Hypocritical Humor.
  • Skapokon: OK, call me a nitpicky guy, but it really annoys me when Trophy Descriptions in Smash get things wrong, specially the origin games of the characters. From minor mistakes such as saying that Meta Knight comes from Kirby Super Star instead of Kirby's Adventure to huge mistakes such as how the main Mario cast in Paper form debuted in Super Paper Mario according to Brawl, ignoring the 2 games that came before it. But the biggest blunder and the DMoS for me is how Rayman (and his friend Globox) debuted in Rayman Origins. That's right, they completely ignored the entire Rayman franchise just so they can promote both Rayman Origins and Legends via the trophies. And even that doesn't make sense because Rayman 1 and 2 are on the 3DS (the former via D Si Ware, the later via the port Rayman 3D), which makes me wonder if they made this mistake on purpose or whoever was in charge of the trophies legitimately thought that Rayman and Globox debuted in Origins.
  • Midna: On the subject of trophies screwing up debuts, the PAL version of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U identifying Lip's Stick as originating from Tetris Attack. As someone who really likes the universe of the Panel de Pon series and is desperately waiting for the series to make a comeback, this felt like a huge slap in the face after what was then seven years of no acknowledgement. I wasn't fond of Nintendo of Europe's relatively drab localization style to begin with, but this cemented it. At least the American version doesn't have this mistake.
  • SenorCornholio: My dethroning moment has to be from, once again, the Palutena's Guidance conversations. Now, I want to go on record saying that, even though they're no codecs, the guidance conversations were entertaining enough for me personally. Some were good, some were downright hilarious, some were pretty flawed, and the DLC characters...get none of that. I'd understand that they probably didn't want to bring in Pit, Palutena, or Viridi's voice actors just for one or two snippets of dialogue, but that excuse goes straight out the window with Bayonetta's trailer. Here, we see Pit and Palutena talking about Bayonetta like this was one of their guidance conversations, and like that I was excited...only to find out when I got her that it's still the same damn "alternate dimension" dialogue we've seen before Bayonetta's inclusion. In other words, they lied. Okay. So let me get this straight: you can't bring Antony Del Rio, Brandy Kopp, and Hynden Walch into the studio for seven new DLC characters, but you can bring two of them in to voice for one stinking trailer? I can handle Tabuu's sudden appearance in Subspace. I can handle the Spotlight-Stealing Squad status of the Kirby characters and the Kid Icarus characters. I can handle some of the weaker guidance conversations, including further cementing Chrom's Butt-Monkey status. But you can't possibly convince me that them implying they'll give us new conversations, good or otherwise, and then not delivering on that is an okay thing to do. I couldn't possibly be more insulted if freaking Cat Mario got in. At least some fans cared enough to give us these videos. Kinda sad that the fans cared more about this than Masahiro Sakurai did...
    • Gemidori: And, it gets even worse in Ultimate: while most characters retain their SSB 4 Guidances, revamped ones get wholly new ones. Hell, even Piranha Plant, a bonus character not part of the Fighters Pass, got its own Guidance, and yet still to this day they have confirmed that DLC characters will have no special conversations. 5 years later, the exact same issue remains untouched. Admittedly, Piranha Plant's was recorded the same time as the others, but what was stopping the actors from coming back and recording the DLC characters in advance at any later time?
  • Gemidori: While I absolutely love Ridley in Ultimate and enjoy how even his more sadistic personality in the manga was added in, one thing that I can fault is his Palutena's Guidance. To start, there isn't much info on how to fight him, and is more backstory on the character himself. Which is questionable, but given that Ridley is one of my favorite Nintendo villains, I will take it. Palutena lists off the various forms that Ridley has takennote ...the problem is that she lists them as separate Ridleys. Not forms of Ridley, but apparently completely different space dragons that just so happen to be called Ridley. No. Hell no. While I do understand that Metroid mostly utilizes Show, Don't Tell for its story, it's literally outright stated in several games that Ridley has always just been the one Ridley up until Super Metroid, where he finally actually dies. And then he gets cloned in Metroid: Other M, and then technically cloned again by an X-Parasite in Metroid Fusion. There we go, I just cleared up the continuity hole that this thing made, and I didn't even need to look up any details while reading this. While I still love Ultimate and is still my favorite Smash Bros. game of all time, which is helped by Ridley being handled gloriously in the game, this Guidance goes to show that even now, he still isn't really portrayed perfectly.


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