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The Babel Foundation: Stealing children since 2040.
The world is dying of a horrible disease; let's dick around in robots!
—The description of the campaign on roll20.

Adeptus Evangelion: The Tower of Babel is a variation of Adeptus Evangelion, which is in turn a variation of Dark Heresy, which uses the same tone and themes, but is set outside of the Neon Genesis Evangelion universe.

The creator made the game for a specific campaign and the book for her own player's reference (hence why there is no GM guide as of yet, and why this is listed under Roleplay rather than Tabletop Games) and will be posting logs of sessions on a tumblr created for the project.

In the year 2020, the population of Japan is declining at such an alarming rate that, after the failure of programs designed to increase the natural birth rate, the government decides to implement the Genesis Project, a group devoted to the secret of creating artificial human life. They eventually succeeded, but as soon as they decided to implement the project large-scale the artificial humans started dying of a mysterious new disease. Before anyone knew what had happened this disease spread to the natural population and there was a worldwide pandemic.


Flash forward to the year 2040. This disease, known now as ADAM, has ravaged the planet. Governments have collapsed, civil wars have erupted, and a morally questionable and much stronger United Nations controls world politics with an iron fist. ADAM has no cure, no vaccine, and things are only getting worse.

The book outlines six characters from all over the world recruited in a rather shady fashion by the mysterious Babel Foundation, a private military group that none of them had ever heard of. The campaign that follows is dedicated to uncovering the secrets of the Babel Foundation, ADAM, and the Genesis Project.

No working link or archive to the roleplay can be found.


Adeptus Evangelion: The Tower of Babel contains examples of:

  • Everyone Meets Everyone: None of the characters knew each other prior to being recruited, resulting inevitably in this trope during the first session.
  • Feudal Future: The Middle East of 2040 is stated to be practically feudalist, complete with "serfs" that the rest of the world more accurately calls slaves.
  • Headbutting Heroes: Our six pilots don't get along very well, especially not with Luis.
  • Hyperlink Story: As the page quote implies, no one is really sure how fighting monsters in giant robots has anything to do with stopping ADAM or saving the world.
  • Mysterious Employer: No one knows what the Babel Foundation gathered the pilots for, and none of them (other than Kana) had even heard it beforehand. Of course, this might have been averted if Nobu's explanation hadn't been interrupted by a random brawl.
  • An Offer You Can't Refuse: All of the player characters save Kana are recruited in this manner: Yuri faced a life sentence in a Russian death camp if he refused Babel's offer, Luis was starving on the streets with Babel as his only way out, Parton's savings were running out and no one was willing to hire her, Ming Yue had no choice in the matter as her parents literally sold her to Babel, and Jelveh had the option of either becoming a slave or working for Babel. She chose the latter.
  • Puppet State: China's official borders have actually remained largely the same, but they completely dominate nearly the entirety of North Asia. Everyone is completely aware of this and "China" refers to the entire region.


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     Player Characters 

Yuri Gerbert
A 21 year old Russian man who has been imprisoned in a Soviet labor camp for several years before joining the Babel Foundation. The oldest of the group, he seems the most overtly lighthearted and has shown a bit of a big brother instinct, particularly toward Ming Yue.

  • Born Lucky: According to his character sheet. Despite the fact that he was arrested and sent to a prison camp, he does make very good rolls.

Luis Romero
A 14 year old Pervian street urchin, recruited by the Babel Foundation for reasons unknown. Extremely introverted and possessing an incredibly short temper, Luis hasn't exactly been making many friends among the other pilots.

Parton Akers
A young veteran of the war in America, Parton was discharged after being injured (and losing an eye). Her physical condition made work hard to come by, and the Babel Foundation was her only option for employment. Practical and not unfriendly, Parton just wishes that everyone could get along and do their jobs.

Ming Yue Bái
Firey, ill-mannered and mistrusting, Ming Yue has more in common with an abused animal than a human being really should. Literally traded to the Babel Foundation by her family so that they could escape the oppressive regime in China, Ming Yue had the least choice in coming to Babel out of the group.

Jelveh Dariush
Formerly an heiress to one of the wealthy families that controls the Middle East, the downfall of her family left Jelveh with two options: join Babel, or become a slave. Extremely sheltered, Jelveh is oblivious and innocent.

Kana Nanako
Nobu's 16 year old daughter, Kana is likely the only pilot here completely of her own free will. Sickly and just plain weird, no one really knows what to make of her.

  • Missing Mom: Kana's mother doesn't appear to be present, with no word as to what may have happened to her.

     NP Cs 

Nobu Nanako
The owner and CEO of the Babel, Nobu is a cheerful, silly, and enigmatic Japanese man. Why he recruited the players and what he wants from them are as of yet unknown.

  • Action Dad: He freaking suplexed Luis in the second session.
  • Bumbling Dad: Subverted in that he is actually very smart, but there's no denying that Nobu is more than a little bumbling.
  • Lovable Coward: According to his character sheet.

Cindy Butts
The resident M.D. of the Babel Foundation. Gruff and sarcastic, it's clear that Cindy does not want to be anyone's friend. Especially not Yuri's.

  • School Nurse: What her job basically boils down to, in the end. And hoo boy, is she bitter about it.


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