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Lauren Lopez (born March 8, 1986 in Royal Oak, Michigan) is one of the members of the group known as Team Starkid.

She's been in every Team Starkid production to date except for Me and My Dick and Ani. She's the second-most prolific Starkid actor after Jaime Lyn Beatty. She was also in the "pre-Starkid" production Little White Lie, which, being a pre-Starkid production doesn't entirely count.

Tropes that apply to this actor include:

  • Bifauxnen/Pretty Boy: She plays a lot of beautiful boys.
  • Creator Couple: Although they only publicly revealed they were a romantic couple when they got engaged in 2020, Lauren Lopez and Joey Richter have been one of Starkid's most iconic couples since people started Actor Shipping them eight years prior (with the pretty unsubtle hints all over their social media that they were together but keeping it an Open Secret).
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  • Cross-Cast Role: She is best known for playing young boys.
  • Dawson Casting: Said boys are usually prepubescent. (Draco Malfoy ends up staying a petite soprano into his senior year because he's a half-elf.)
  • Dead Horse Trope: The Running Gag about Lauren playing Cross Cast Roles has become this over time — indeed, the Lampshade Hanging role where she played George Eliot in Edgar Allan Poe's Murder Mystery Dinner Party in 2016 as a joke about her always playing boys is the last time she's done so.
  • Fake Brit: The proto-Starkid shows run by the Lang Brothers had a Running Gag of Lauren playing a "tiny British lad", leading to her playing Frodo in their parody of The Lord of the Rings and, most famously, Draco Malfoy in A Very Potter Musical. She's reprised the British accent in different contexts multiple times since.
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  • Ms. Fanservice: It has been said amongst fans that Lauren and Joe Walker are conspiring to make everyone bi. Both are known for being attractive while playing either gender.
  • Real-Life Relative: Engaged to Joey Richter in Real Life — notable because she's one of the few female Starkids from back in the day whom Joey did not have an onstage romance with.
  • She Cleans Up Nicely: The reaction she tends to get when she does play a femme character.
  • Those Two Gals: Lived with Julia Albain as roommates for a while after college, and started a side project with her called The Moms (which would, many years later, indirectly lead to the creation of Black Friday).
  • Typecasting: She is known for playing little boys.
    • Playing Against Type: Given her iconic portrayal of Draco Malfoy, and the dozens of male characters she plays throughout B@man and Twisted, she gets this reaction every time she plays a female character.
    • Flanderization: Lauren doesn't present as that much of a Tomboy in real life, nor have the majority of the roles she's played (including many outside of Starkid productions) been cross-cast, but playing Draco has more or less cemented this as her image among fans.