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Sibling Team Matt and Nick Lang are the co-writers and co-directors behind many of the Team Starkid productions.

Nick has had a greater on-stage presence as an actor. He also handles much of the puppet work. He worked on and was a part of the Gossip Girl finger puppets, which have reached Memetic Mutation in that fandom.

Tropes that apply to them include:


  • The Ghost: Because he is not an actor, Matt has gained this status to fans.



Actor (Nick)

  • Little White Lie (2007): Kevin Bushwald
  • The Very Potter trilogy (2009 - 2012): the Sorting Hat, the Scarf of Sexual Preference, Arthur Weasley, Peter Pettigrew
  • Starship (2011): Mister Bug, the Caller Bug
  • Holy Musical B@man! (2012): Robin
  • Ani (2014): Emperor Palpatine and Obi-Wan Kenobi

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