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Sibling Team Matt and Nick Lang are the co-writers and co-directors behind many of the Team Starkid productions.

Nick has had a greater on-stage presence as an actor. He also handles much of the puppet work. He worked on and was a part of the Gossip Girl finger puppets, which have reached Memetic Mutation in that fandom.

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  • Creator In-Joke: Matt is the source of one of the most obscure and bizarre Starkid in-jokes, the song "Liam's Got a Phone Call". (The story is that when Matt and Darren Criss lived together with a third roommate, Liam White, Liam frequently received phone calls, leading Darren and Matt to one day improvise a song on the spot about this fact while Liam was on the phone. This got included as a "bonus track" on the SPACE Tour song list and picked up by the Starkid fandom, who largely repeated it without knowing anything about where it came from.)
  • The Ghost: Because he is not an actor, Matt has gained this status to fans
  • Silent Partner: Aside from not appearing as an actor (save for one brief appearance as an extra in Little White Lie) Matt is also a generally shy and private person, who has rarely appeared at fan events or in livestreams. Nick almost always speaks on his behalf when relaying information about "Team Starkid" as a whole, especially after Matt and his girlfriend moved to Wichita, Kansas and can't be physically involved with the shows.
  • Uncanny Family Resemblance: He looks very similar to Nick and is often mistaken for him in his rare public appearances.



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