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Pacific Women's Pro Wrestling

    Harumi Ootaka 

Harumi Ootaka/Harumi Minagawa/Narumi Ootaka

Appears in: Special, Super, Double Impact, Bishoujo Wrestler Retsuden

Voiced by: Tomomi Sugimoto (DI)
  • Affiliation: Pacific, JWI, NJWP, WARS
  • From: Yamagata Prefecture
  • Birthday: September 20
  • Height: 154 cm
  • BWH: 84/58/88
  • Specialty: Throwing moves, Striking/Power moves
  • Finishing Move: Back Drop, DDT
The newest member of Blade Uehara's Pacific Women's Pro Wrestling. A year after her debut, she's sent on her first overseas tour and meets Janis Crea, who becomes her best friend and rival. In time, Pacific goes out of business and Harumi must decide on her own path to greatness. Mentoring under another veteran wrestler, Harumi eventually reaches the top and becomes another main eventer.

    Matsuri Atono 

Matsuri Atono (Matsuri Honda)

Appears in: Special, Super, Double Impact, V3

Voiced by: Machiko Toyoshima (DI)
  • Affiliation: Pacific, WOLF
  • From: Tochigi Prefecture
  • Birthday: August 18
  • Height: 161 cm
  • BWH: 87/56/90
  • Specialty: Submission moves
  • Finishing Move: Face Lock, Chicken Wing Armlock
The second most senior member of Pacific's roster, who often acts in tandem with her juniors Harumi and Mami. Following Pacific's collapse, she goes and joins WOLF.

    Mami Sawanobori 

Appears in: Special, Super, Double Impact, V3

Voiced by: Mariko Onodera (DI)
  • Affiliation: Pacific, WOLF
  • From: Okayama Prefecture
  • Birthday: August 20
  • Height: 165 cm
  • BWH: 86/59/89
  • Specialty: Throwing moves, Power moves
  • Finishing Move: Northern Lights Bomb, DDT
Harumi's contemporary at Pacific. After the group's collapse, she joins WOLF along with Matsuri.



    Suzumi Ishikawa 

Suzumi Ishikawa/Minerva Ishikawa

Appears in: Special, Bishoujo Wrestler Retsuden, V3, Survivor, Ai, Survivor 2

Voiced by: Yumi Touma (Survivor 1 & 2)
The Great Staff Officer
  • Affiliation: World, NJWP, WARS
  • From: Ishikawa Prefecture
  • Birthday: June 3
  • Height: 166 cm
  • BWH: 95/63/97
  • Specialty: Power moves
  • Finishing Move: Chokeslam, Lariat, Powerslam
Thunder Ryuuko's best friend and tag team partner. As opposed to the hotheaded Ryuuko who rushes opponents head on, Suzumi carries matches in a more technical fashion before going in for the kill. Following the fall of World, Suzumi aided Ryuuko in re-organizing their former associates into WARS and continues to offer unyielding support to Ryuuko.

Foreign Wrestlers

    Janis Crea 

Janis Crea/Janet Crea

Appears in: Special, Survivor 2

Voiced by: Miyuki Kawasho (Survivor 2)
Rhythm Meister
  • Affiliation: GWA
  • From: America
  • Birthday: July 30
  • Height: 161 cm
  • BWH: 88/60/87
  • Specialty: Power moves
  • Finishing Move: Powerslam, Crucifix Powerbomb
Harumi's friend and rival whom she met on her first trip abroad. Appears constantly throughout Special's plot, right up to and including being the game's final boss. While her position as teammate or opponent is in constant flux, she is unwavering in support of her friend, whom she wants to have enjoy the thrill of being a wrestler as much as she herself does.

    Super Pirate 

Super Pirate

Appears in: Special
A Spiteful Flower Blooming Through Lucha
  • Affiliation: AAC
  • From: Mexico
  • Birthday: N/A
  • Height: N/A
  • BWH: N/A
  • Specialty: Acrobatic moves
  • Finishing Move: Frankensteiner
A sadistic heel wrestler from Mexico.

    Mary Smith 

Mary Smith

Appears in: Special, V3
  • Affiliation: WWKA
  • From: America
  • Birthday: N/A
  • Height: N/A
  • BWH: N/A
  • Specialty: Striking moves
  • Finishing Move: Combination Kick
The World Women's Kickboxing Association middleweight champion, she was overly confident in her strength and ability until suffering defeat in a mixed match against karateka Akiko Saitou. Although Mary managed to win the rematch, she realized that the world is full of strong people and that she can't get a big head about things. Hearing that Akiko has switched over to wrestling, Mary herself decides to depart for a new squared circle.

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