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Characters / Bishoujo Wrestler Retsuden

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    Debuted in Bishoujo Wrestler Retsuden: Blizzard Yuki Ranyuu! 

Misato Okumura

Yumi Shouji

Glory Kasahara (Real name: Asuka Kasahara)

Kanako Konatsu

Dread Miyagi (Real name: Natsumi Miyagi)

Condor Ikegami (Real name: Shino Ikegami)

Sayaka Tsurumi

Falcon Kouzuki (Real name: Kana Kouzuki)

Youko Hayashi

Yoshimi Takagi

Greta Burlen

Death Hunters

Death Hunter A

Death Hunter B

Emily Martel

Jessie Bird

Maria Lordon

  • Boobs of Steel
  • Jack-of-All-Stats
  • Joisey
  • Finishing Move: Lariat
  • Kick the Dog: The victim of it. She desperately wants to be recognized for her talent, but is stuck at an amateur level due nobody giving her the time of day.
  • Secret Identity: If the chosen protagonist chooses to befriend Maria and team up with her for awhile, said protagonist will become Darkstar Chaos, with the actual Chaos nowhere in sight. This, along with her in-game vitals and similar appearance, suggests that Maria is the actual Chaos prior to her Start of Darkness.

Radel Michelle

Sierra Gonzales

Big Eartha (Real name: Selena Nimerl)

  • Red Baron: "Europe's Walking Mountain Range"

Norlan Wanz

Janne Rasick

Zabella Belbatti

Mana Roco

Judy Cabia


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