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    Belladonna Marie Cocherto / Belladonna 
A housewife and librarian from Savannah, Georgia, who, after discovering that her husband was having an affair with her sister, snapped and transformed into a deadly dominatrix, murdering them both. She is armed with an electric cattle prod. She died after committing suicide by electrocuting herself with her cattle prod while taking a bath, which was reported as being "accidental".

    Gabriel Faustus / Dr. Faustus 
A deranged plastic surgeon from Los Angeles, who intentionally disfigured many of his patients. He is armed with a scalpel and has a set of metal "jaws" attached to his own face that resembles a bear trap, which he also uses to attack with. He died from an infection caused by the grafting of said contraption onto his face.

    Cleetus T. Radley / Cleetus 
A murderous redneck cannibal from Kentucky who fights with a severed leg of one of his past victims. He starved to death after contracting a tapeworm infestation.

    Billy B. Tattoo / The Imp 
A violent dwarf government employee with a Napoleon complex from Albany, New York, who is supported by stilts. He died from complications after amputating both his legs to replace them with the stilts.

    Franklin Peppermint / Mammoth 
A gigantic, feral simian creature who was previously a human postal worker from Covington, Indiana, nicknamed "Mammoth" due to his large size. After he was fired from his job, he flew into a rage and killed many of his colleagues and customers in a bloody rampage. He committed suicide afterward by shooting himself.

    Raymond Raystack / Oddball 
An FBI criminal profiler from Belfast, Maine, who, after a long career of tracking serial killers, was driven insane and became one himself. His costumes feature him bound in straitjackets, having his arms tied behind his back, or with them amputated altogether, and so he relies on using his head, torso and legs to attack. He died after being gunned down by his protégé.

    William J. Whitefield / Tormentor 
A sadistic vigilante judge from Phoenix, who is armed with a chain. He was executed on the electric chair after being found guilty of acquitting criminals in his court so that he could secretly torture and murder them himself.

    Violet Boregard / Violet 
The youngest playable character in the game. A teenage traveling circus contortionist from Austria who developed a hatred for men after killing a man who attacked her in her dressing room after one of her performances. She died from internal injuries after her spinal cord was ruptured

One of the later unlockable sub-bosses. Deformed conjoined twins at the sternum, without any legs. One of the upper halves simply "walks" on his hands whilst the other upper half fights.


The final boss. She is a demonic female deity from a dimension in Hell who was responsible for the organization of the tournament.

    The Gimp 
An unlockable Training Dummy who can't be controlled directly and is only available in Practice Mode. He is a masochistic gimp who enjoys pain.

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