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Characters / The World Forged By Powers

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The World Forged by Powers

Characters and groups.

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     Harde Ware Systems and Family 

HardeWare Systems

  • Mega-Corp: Though not entirely evil. They sell to both the government and the public.
  • Portal Network:
  • Powered Armour: The HardeWare Stores sell these to the general public as well as the military.

Tropes applying to two or more of them.

HardeWare / Ezekiel Masters

HardeWare, the most famous superhero in the world and widely believed to be the most powerful despite having a fairly weak power set. He has almost a constant supply of innovation and can out think almost anyone else on the planet, having about 70 thoughts in his head at once when not concentrating if he gets stuck on a particularly hard problem or is in the middle of an intense battle his thought rate can reach into the three-hundreds. He has a thing for Aurelia much to her fathers chagrin and he tends to be a loving father, but what ever you do, don't mention the Christmas party incident, I MEAN IT!

  • Artificial Limbs:
  • Chekhov's Gun: HardeWare's HardeSuit
  • Crimefighting with Cash: As the one of the two primary shareholders in HWSys he has quite a lot of financial leverage and his government contracts allow him to get away with things he really shouldn't be able to get away with.
  • Ditzy Genius:
  • Gadgeteer Genius: HardeWare all the way.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: HardeWare and Peter.
  • Instant Armor: HardeWare's suit may not be entirely instant but he can have it sent to him in pieces from HardeWare Towers and assemble it once it gets there.
  • Insufferable Genius: HardeWare, again.
  • Large Ham:
  • Powered Armour: And (of course) HardeWare has the best in the world, OOC the suit took about a week to perfect and is still tweaked now and then, with the combined efforts of all 3 of the GM's... and Mega... the suit was made to have almost no weakness'. In character the suit has yet to be used as of its huge amount of overpowered-ness but it will make its début someday.
  • Truly Single Parent:
  • Technopath:
  • Microkinesis:
  • We Can Rebuild Him: HardeWare's artificial arm, eye and spine are a result of this having happened to him a few times in the past. Only in this case he tends to rebuild himself. Furthermore he expresses a rather casual attitude about his willingness to do so again.

TestWare / Cache Masters

SoftWare / Arania Masters

  • Brain Uploading: SoftWare's personality is mostly based on HardeWare's personality.

WetWare / Peter Vanderheijden /Shift


Jade / Charles Ravenholm

Lisa Willems


     The Collective 


Blue Hood


     The NYSCN 

Aradia Volkov/Viper



The Mad Welder

  • Cool Car: The Mad Welder has the Iron Steed.

LightBlood Academy

  • Extranormal Institute: The Lightblood Academy is not only for the rich but also has scholarships for the extraordinary. It features combat training for the students among other things.
  • Virtual Training Simulation: Lightblood academy has a well equipped gym with holograms and forcefields for students to practice in.



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