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     UK edits 
In the UK, The Simpsons suffers from this quite often. One instance was particularly pointless because the unedited version was used in a trailer that immediately preceded the episode.
  • The season nine episode "Trash of the Titans" (the 200th episode) has the following edits:
    • Homer announces to a courthouse clerk that he wants to run for Sanitation Commissioner. The clerk states that it's nice, but the line Homer is in is for people who have to register as sex offenders note . The edited version on Channel 4 in the UK ends act one with Homer announcing his candidacy for Sanitation Commissioner to the courthouse clerk. (Note that the unedited version had been shown on BBC Two multiple times.)
    • All instances of the word "wanker" (mostly used by U2's Bono) were cut. When BBC Two aired this episode, they dubbed Mr Burns' use of it after Bono throws a spoon at him with "Ow!"
    • The scene where Homer reveals that he buried the garbage under Springfield is edited to remove Bart, Lisa, and Marge guessing that Homer got rid of the garbage by selling drugs (though Lisa's line, "I wish it were drugs!" after finding out that Homer is burying the garbage under the town isn't cut) is also cut by Channel 4.
    • After the garbage erupts and destroys the town, Ray Patterson is asked to be Sanitation Commissioner again. Patterson refuses, ending his speech with "You're screwed. Thank you, bye." On the UK's Channel 4, the line is shortened to "Thank you, bye," but Mayor Quimby's "We are far from screwed!" was left in. (Again, both of these cuts were not made by the BBC.)
  • Channel 4 (in the UK)'s reruns of "The Cartridge Family" edited the ending where, as Marge is about to throw the gun away, she realizes that she looks better with it and slips it in her purse. At first, the episode was never shown in the UK altogethernote , due to the beginning scene with the soccer riot and scenes depicting the comical side of gun abuse (including Bart using it to play William Tell with Milhouse), which British censors found offensive and likely to be copycatted by idiot viewers.
  • The season nine episode "The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons" was edited on the UK channel Channel 4 to remove the scene of Bart and Lisa asking Innocently Insensitive questions about the bindi (the red dot seen on the foreheads of women from India — specifically, those who are married, but unmarried women do wear them for decoration) on her forehead, such as "Does it change color when you're mad?" and "Is it a third eye?"
    • Additionally in the same episode, the scene where Homer tries to stop Apu's wedding while dressed up as the god Ganesha is cut out.
  • The season 16 finale ("The Father, the Son, and the Holy Guest Star") was edited on Channel 4 in the UK to remove Homer's final line during his reconciliation session with Father Sean ("I've masturbated 8 million times and I have no intention of stopping"). The American version initially banned the episode (as it was scheduled to air around the time that Pope John Paul II passed away), but ended up airing it a few months later as the final episode of the season, making the intended finale ("The Girl Who Slept Too Little," in which Lisa confronts her fear of graveyards after one gets moved next to The Simpsons' house) a leftover episode that aired in the early part of season 17.
  • The practice of cutting the setups, but not punchlines, and therefore making the situations worse (or incomprehensible to naive viewers) seems to be popular, at least in Australia (along with cutting scenes of physical violence). In the season seven finale "Summer of 4 Ft. 2", Homer tries to buy some illegal fireworks at a beachside Kwik-E-Mart, but to cover his tracks, he buys a lot of risque personal and sexual items (a porno mag, a large box of condoms, some panty shields, two enema kits, and a bottle of Old Harper). The entire scene with Homer buying the sexual items and the fireworks was cut, but the scene in which Marge picks through the bag and says, "Homer, I don't know what you have planned tonight, but count me out" was not edited.
  • For about two years after Princess Diana's death, two gags from two different episodes were edited on BBC Two's airings:
    • Season 4's "Duffless": Homer jumps out the window of the nuclear plant to escape a giant spider. Barney is waiting below with a mattress tied to a stationwagon. Barney notices something that looks like Princess Di and drives up (while Homer falls on his ass), only to be disappointed that it's just a pile of rags. The post-Princess Di-death edited episode just has Barney drive up for no reason [other than the fact that Barney is, at least until season 11, a drunk who really shouldn't be behind the wheel of any type of vehicle] while Homer falls on his ass.
    • From season five's "Rosebud": Mr. Burns is in a sandbox with Maggie trying to bargain with her over his old stuffed bear. Maggie offers Burns her pacifier, and Burns reluctantly obliges. A cameraman pops up and snaps Burns' picture. Burns shouts, "Damn you, paparazzo!" The post-Princess-Di-death edited episode shortened the line to "Damn you!" (On a non-Diana-related note, in the scene with the Ramones the line "Go to hell, you old bastard!" [after they've sung "Happy Birthday" to Mr. Burns] is often cut on the same channel, making the shot of a horrified Burns as the curtain shuts unexplainable, although some edits allow the first half of the line to survive.)
  • The season 15 finale "Fraudcast News" (in which Mr. Burns tries to take over Springfield's media outlets after a newspaper falsely reports that he died) was edited in reruns in America and on Channel 4 in the UK. Groundskeeper Willie's line, "I've reviewed the new tractors. They're all shite!" either bleeps out the word "shite" (American syndicated version) or cuts the line down to "I've reviewed the new tractors." (Channel 4 / Sky version - although the line did survive uncut on its premiere as it was shown in a later timeslot).
  • Channel 4 in the UK has a rather inconsistent way of editing episodes. Whenever an episode premieres, the episode is shown uncut and uncensored. The same can't be said for the reruns, which will edit out all manner of violence, sexual innuendo, and some choice swear words (mostly the extreme stuff, like "spaz," "bastard," "bitch," and "wanker"). Taken to the next level when the episodes air on the channel's afternoon T4 block, as they'll cut just about anything out, offensive or not. Here are a couple of examples from their airing of "Homer Loves Flanders":
    • The end of Act One where Homer declares Flanders his friend as he drives by cuts off before Carl says, "I don't know. Something about being gay," after Lenny asks him what Homer was shouting. (This actually caused a minor controversy when the edited version was first shown and led to Channel 4 issuing an apology. They then reinstated this on later repeats of the episode.)
    • The dream sequence of Ned climbing a bell tower and shooting passersby with a sniper rifle showed Ned climbing the bell tower and assembling the gun, but Channel 4 cut Ned opening fire on innocent people and the mailman returning fire, and the dream immediately jumps to Ned waking up and realizing that he hates Homer Simpson. (They reinstated this on subsequent airings of the episode as well.)
  • Channel 4's broadcast of "Treehouse of Horror XIX" cuts out a great deal of scenes:
    • The first segment, Untitled Robot Parody, cuts out the scene where Sex Toy Robot comes in after the Optimus Prime Expy asks where he is.
    • The second, How to Get Ahead in Dead-vertising, tones down Krusty's death by removing the part where he's put through a woodchipper, making it look as if Krusty died by being bounced a great distance across the playground. Also cut are the scenes where Homer kills Prince with his own guitar note , and the end where Homer is shot in the head by Krusty (after Homer asks him what the one true religion is) has the gunshot sound, but the scene of his head exploding is cut with a white background, then fades to Homer locking out the celebrities from Heaven.
    • The third segment, It's The Grand Pumpkin, Milhouse, cuts out the part where the Grand Pumpkin pukes after finding out what pumpkin bread is made of (though the actual pile of vomit wasn't cropped out or digitally removed), Nelson calling the Grand Pumpkin a racist because he doesn't care that Nelson is going to carve a yellow pumpkin, and Tom Turkey blowing the Grand Pumpkin's brains out by blowing through a cornucopia (along with the Grand Pumpkin's dying words). Surprisingly, the line "The Grand Pumpkin is super gay" in Nelson's "Pumpkin carol" wasn't edited in the UK, even though it caused controversy in America from anti-gay defamation groups who protested over using the word "gay" as a substitute for "weak," "stupid," or "lame."
  • "Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade" was initially shown on Channel 4 completely uncensored. Initially, their third grade teacher said that Lisa came from Mrs Hoover's class ("Glugglugglug" while making drinking gestures) and Bart came from Mrs Krabappel's class ("Slut"). Reruns of the episode on Channel 4 have cut out the teacher calling Bart's teacher a slut, and have also cut out Lisa trying to choke Bart with her neck pearls.
    • When the episode airs on Sky 1, they cut away after the newscaster says he's "so fat", removing the part where he throws up in a trash can, but they don't remove the part where he does it in Bart's Imagine Spot later.
  • Season 26's "Sky Police" aired on Sky 1 with Apu's reference to attending MIT in Mumbai censored, changing the line "The Mumbai Institute of Tantric Sex" to "The Mumbai Institute." Way to ruin the joke, guys.
  • Channel 4 also edits out any scenes that show Moe attempting to kill himself, notably in "Grift of the Magi" and "'Tis the Fifteenth Season".
  • The Season 16 episode "Sleeping with the Enemy" at one point has Nelson's mother coming to the Simpson household after finding out that Nelson did (and was paid for) some chores around the house. In the original version aired on FOX, Marge ends the conversation by telling Nelson's mother to go home and "not have intercourse on the way home!" and slamming the door, which enormously shocks the rest of the family. In the edited version aired on Channel 4 in the UK, however, the conversation ends with Marge saying again "Go home Mrs. Muntz," in a relatively calm tone - but keeping the door slam and family's shocked reaction in, making it seem as if they were reacting to Marge being a less-than-gracious host by rudely shoving someone out the door rather than a Covert Pervert by mentioning intercourse.
  • Another episode that was initially aired uncut, but was edited during re-runs was the episode where Bart agrees to trade American nuclear power plant secrets for a mountainbike to some Chinese nuclear power plant employees. Homer offers to fly to China and help them, cutting to a scene where Homer cuts the ceremonial red ribbon of a newly improved power plant — and the power plant promptly explodes. Reruns of this episode cut the whole explosion part due to the 2011 Fukushima power plant incident.

     Edits in other countries 
  • The Arabic dub (actually the fourth and the fifth seasons, with some episodes left over) has Homer drink Duff Soda instead of beer and eat Egyptian beef sausages rather than hot dogs. Needless to say, that version was canceled after 52 episodes (30 of which actually aired). The uncut, subtitled versions were met with much more success, and aired up to season 16.
  • The season four episode "Marge Gets a Job" was edited after it first aired on American TV due to complaints from a viewer who threatened to sue the writers. When Bart finally takes his test, Mrs. Krabappel tells Bart that he's faked every illness he could think of, including Tourette's Syndrome. Bart responds that he's not over it, followed by twitching and growling, "Shove it, witch!" On the Sunday reruns (after it received complaints for Bart faking a serious, psychological illness and insulting his teacher), the reference to "Tourette's Syndrome is changed to "rabies" and Bart's twitching/"Shove it, witch!" line was cut. In syndication, the Tourette's Syndrome reference was reinstated, but Bart proving to Krabappel that he still has it was cut. On the season four DVD version, "Tourette's Syndrome" was once again replaced with "rabies," but Bart proving to Krabappel that he still has it wasn't cut (though, if you listen closely, you can hear Bart grumbling "Tourette's Syndrome" after Krabappel orders him to take the test and not come up with any more excuses). On BBC Two in the UK, however, the Tourette's Syndrome reference and Bart proving to Krabappel that he still has it weren't cut.
  • In "Viva Ned Flanders", the line about Barney's birthday originally said it was the same day as Hitler's, April 20th. The second US airing was actually on April 20th, 1999, which was also the date of the Columbine massacre. Presumably somebody complained, as the third US airing changed the line to July 15th, the same day as Lassie's. (The Hitler line can still be heard in syndication, but the changed version is on the DVD and international copies.)
  • Season 12's "New Kids on the Blecch" (the episode in which Bart, Milhouse, Nelson, and Ralph become a boy band with all the members of *NSYNC as guest stars) also had a line replacement between the original version, the rerun, and the DVD version. During the fun run in the beginning, Smithers is shown pulls Mr. Burns on a rickshaw, with Burns whipping him and ordering him to go faster. Mr. Burns's original line after that was, "You call yourself a Chinaman?" In reruns and on DVD, the line was changed to, "You call yourself Chinese?"
  • Back when the show was a series of shorts on The Tracey Ullman Show, the short "Babysitting Maggie" was edited after the first couple showings to remove a scene where she electrocutes herself by sticking a fork in the outlet because the FOX censors didn't want little kids and idiot viewers thinking that this was a good thing to do.
  • State broadcaster TVNZ in New Zealand has to edit out the violent Itchy and Scratchy scenes as well as some language in order to be aired in the 5pm G-rated slot. However, the show's 600th Episode (aka the Treehouse of Horror episode) was deemed too violent to be shown in it's regular 7pm slot on TVNZ2. It finally aired at 8:45pm with an AO rating.
  • Depending on the market, "The City of New York vs Homer Simpson" has had drastic cuts, if not being pulled altogether, following the 9/11 attacks. The issue is a significant portion of the episode takes place at the World Trade Center, specifically the Twin Towers. Almost universally cut is the line "They stick all the jerks in Tower One," so as not to imply that half the deaths on 9/11 were jerks. Other broadcasts remove any mention of the Trade Center, making for some odd dialogue moments. The episode remains completely intact on DVD and Simpsons World.

     Edits for widescreen versions of Series 1- 20 
  • During the Every Simpons Ever marathon on FXX, many viewers were surprised that the older full-frame were badly cropped to widescreen (although full-frame still appears at random points, mainly on close-up shots of the Simpsons' family TV) and edited to save time. The same versions appeared on Simpsons World from launch, but were soon replaced with HD/60fps versions of the original full-frame and unedited versions. Here are some examples from the "Skinner and the Superintendent/Steamed Hams" segment of 22 Short Films About Springfield:
    • Skinner saying "Delightfully devilish, Seymour" to himself after his "ho-ho-ho-ho-ho" is cut out. Thus, the theme song starts earlier on a still shot of Chalmers.
    • The entire "Isometric exercises" speech is cut out, only leaving "Superintendent!" as if he noticed his secret plan.
    • Chalmers stating in his home town of Utica (located in Upstate New York), he hasn't heard anyone use the phrase "Steamed Hams" there, thus leading to Skinner saying it's a Albany expression is cut out, most likely to avoid newcomers in Albany believing local residents have hamburgers as a healthy food/diet.

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