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  • Poseidon's victory animation: He rides the gargantuan Kraken like a rodeo bull!
  • Anhur's victory animation: He tosses his mighty spear off-screen and waits for a moment, holding his hand up. Nothing happens for a couple of seconds, before he catches the spear once more. In other words: he just threw that thing across the world and knew exactly that it would circle back to his hand!
  • Susano's victory animation is basically beckoning the head of Orochi to come at him, and he kills them. Over and over.
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  • Pentakills. Especially when you stack them up.
  • In general, getting that first kill with a newly-unlocked god. Especially if you have to change up your tactics and playstyle, or end up carrying the game for your team!
  • Meta-wise, there's also the fact that in spite of competing with other MOBA and Hi-Rez pretty new in the MOBA business, Smite actually did well enough that it is competing with Dota 2 and League of Legends as the best MOBA games amongst many fandom (with it settling at #3 and possibly beating or tying with Heroes of Newerth). The Genre-Busting of 'MOBA in Third Person View' probably helps. Even better, they don't even have one of the original DOTA's working crews to achieve this. Though not as much as winning the race completely, Hi-Rez seriously becomes an example of From Nobody to Nightmare amongst Riot, Valve and Blizzard when it comes to MOBA business.
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  • In 2015, Smite unleashed its first cinematic trailer. Behold the battles between Neith vs Fenrir, Thor vs Guan Yu and a Big Damn Heroes by Ymir!
  • The prize pool for the first annual SMITE World Championship was over 2.4 million dollars, making it the third largest prize pool for the genre ever. To make it even more impressive, 1.8 million of the prize pool was paid for by the fans buying skins to support the tournament.
  • The Archon Thanatos skin, which evolves the higher level you get.
    • And in the next year, there's another awesome skin: Ragnarok Force X Thor, which turns Thor into a young anime-ish Henshin Hero who becomes something akin to a Gundam all with extra original animation that are awesome. This is also to herald the most requested Japanese Pantheon coming at 2016. My body is ready!
  • Hi-Rez actually brought Kevin Sorbo to voice Retro Hercules.
  • The teaser trailer for Horus and Set showcases a brief yet nonetheless epic duel between the two rival gods.

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