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Fridge Brilliance

  • One of Nemesis' jokes is "They say justice is blind, but really I'm just ignoring you!". She has no directed taunts, meaning she literally does act like she ignores whomever you are when she kills you.
  • Thanatos, Nemesis, and Nox (if she were Nyx) are a family, and all three of them wear masks. Discordia is Nox's daughter as well, but she doesn't have a mask...which frankly probably amuses Discordia's chaotic self-indulgence.
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  • Skadi's wolf, Kaldr, is the Old Norse word for "cold". So basically, the cold is always at winter's heels.
  • King Arthur's interest in having Achilles join his Knights of the Round Table is probably because Achilles' choice of armour and weapons (well, when he's not going armour-less, that is) is quite close to the armour, lance and shield of a classical knight.
  • Despite coming off from different Pantheons, Aphrodite (Venus) and Vulcan (Hephaestus)'s lores match up so greatly and it explains their relationship. Vulcan only had Venus' marriage because he's pissed on how Juno mistreated him, and because the spite remained despite his vengeance, he became too absorbed in his smith, abandoning everything else. The same thing could as well happened to Hephaestus, thus explaining why he'd not notice much on Aphrodite and leading her to grow insecure and starts cheating him to compensate.
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  • The name of Scylla's 'pets' and the moves they're applied to could be seen as this. Ajax and Achilles are the ones who are applied to Sic 'Em a move that locks you in places. Achilles was stabbed in his heel during the battle of Troy and Ajax was his cousin. Zoey is used for Sentinel, like ''Zo''ey watches a certain ''Zo''ne.
  • Discordia was Eris, but abandoned the Greeks to become Discordia to the Romans. As the Romans were a far more militant people compared to the Greeks, her swap of her worshipper-base completely goes along with her primary interest.
  • Athena speaking in a Russian accent makes absolutely no sense at first, but it can make sense when you consider this: Athena is the Goddess of Wisdom and also Warfare Strategy. Obfuscating Stupidity is one strategy to bluff your enemy, so Athena decided to act kind of ditzy in Russian accent with broken grammar ("I am rockstar", anyone?) to fool her enemies to underestimate her and then strike when they're distracted. As of the Russian accent, being the Goddess of Wisdom, Athena would be a quick learner for foreign languages and accents, so she could adapt that to compliment her obfuscation.
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  • Rama and Thoth both have abilities that allow them to dash/roll in the direction they're moving in and then fire a more powerful projectile afterwards. The former is voiced by one of the founding members of Team Four Star, while the latter is voiced by a frequent collaborator.
  • Cernunnos's glaive clearly takes from the movie Krull, and thus has no basis in Celtic mythology. However, the weapon becomes much more appropriate if seen as a symbolic extension of the Sacred Wheel, which represents the yearly cycle of seasons; not only is the glaive altered and empowered in each season like Cernunnos himself, but his passive meter showcases the glaive much like the Wheel, constantly spinning.

Fridge Horror

  • Keep in mind that nearly every god's lore describes that they are trying to save the world from a great threat. The only ones that seem to want to bring forth the end of the world are Loki and Fenrir. Now also keep in mind that the map for Conquest, the main game mode, have grown much Darker and Edgier, with the landscape becomming more destroyed, horrid and bleak. Same thing goes for the Assault map, that used to be a simple Nordic landscape before becomming an area looking as if it is about to get torn apart into space at any moment. So to sum it up: Loki and Fenrir are WINNING AGAINST ALL OF THE GODS!!
    • And then Thanatos came along...
    • Keep in mind there are others who would be considered evil such as Arachne, Bakasura, Ymir, Hun Batz, Cabrakan, Medusa. Whether it's to run rampant or whether they want to exact revenge is the question, but they're all working in Loki's favor whether they know it or not...
    • There will be a new Conquest Map and from the look of it, while there were some bleak backgrounds like the volcano, the sun has risen and it looked like light bathed onto the world once again. So looks like the protectors managed to push back Loki's schemes a bit... Then Ah Puch came.
    • Afterwards there seems to be a normal flux of Gods and nothing seemed to change for worse, even as the Japanese Pantheon came... and then Izanami arrives to make things worse, and then the Clash map will have an Egyptian theme... where Apep/Apophis is going to be featured in the place of the Fire Giant, even after lore-wise he was defeated by Bastet and Anhur. Oh, Crap!

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