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Kali went through therapy and is on anti-psychotics
  • When we see Kali before the rework, she is vicious, screaming for bloodshed and murder. After the rework? The most we get is her mentioning how she loses her temper sometimes. When you buy an item, one of her quotes is "This will help us all!" What happened inbetween the rework? Obviously she received therapy to handle her anger, and takes anti-psychotics to even herself out.

Ares' shield once belonged to Diomedes
  • Think about it. What are the defining traits of the shield of Ares? It has a face, and shoots both chains...and fire. Diomedes also had a shield that shot fire... and was one of the few mortal who SUCCESSFULLY attacked and wounded gods; including among them Ares. The latter probably took it personally, and after a rematch, or more likely an ambush so his sister would not intervene, Ares finally hunted him down, took his revenge... and the shield.

The reason no one can be Killed Off for Real...
  • The simple presence of at least one death god for Greek, Egyptian, and Norse seems to suggest the death gods are being drawn into this war as well. So naturally, no one can really die while they're off-duty, explaining the respawn timer. As for why they don't just keep the god's immortal souls? In most cases the gods would just beat the crap out of them and leave.

One day, there will be Japanese Mythology Gods
  • Seeing that it's often used a lot, how come Smite is missing this particular region? There's a lot to consider here: Izanagi, Izanami, Susano'o, Amaterasu, Tsukiyomi...
    • This is very probable because the most requested pantheons are Celtic and Japanese. This troper would prefer Celtic first.
    • Well, to the above poster: You got your wish. The Celtic Pantheon is coming, with the first goddess being the Morrigan.
    • Eeyup. Japanese Pantheon coming in 2016, starting with Amaterasu.
    • Japanese Pantheon was added in 2016: Amaterasu (January 2016), Hachiman (September 2017), Izanami (August 2016), Kuzenbo (February 2017), Raijin (February 2016), and Susano (May 2016).

The Chronos Theory
  • Ever wonder why gods and beings of different time periods are co-existing? Chronos jacked them all from their time periods either for the war or for the lulz.

Possible God entry: The Fate Sisters
  • Not necessarily in all three entries, it's possible that they could occupy one slot like Techies. While Neith is technically 'Weaver of Fate', mythologically she has nothing to do with fates and destinies, so it's still possible for the Sisters to appear. The question is which sisters: Hi-Rez can choose either the Fates from Greek: Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos, or the Norns from Norse: Verthandi, Urd and Skuld.

Guessing ground for the next God based on Role and Pantheon
  • After the rearranging, I realized that some Pantheons are missing some roles. The more recent Gods seems to be trying to fill up the spots of the missing roles for each Pantheon (Kukulkan, Cabrakan). So I was wondering... which would be the Gods to be used for these roles?
    • Greek Warrior
      • Typhon, maybe? If Ymir, the guy whose corpse was big enough to create the world with, can get in, I don't see why the scariest Titan ever can't.
      • Most probable would be Achilles, one of the bonafide badass Greek warrior with some divinity to go with, making him something of a Demigod like Hercules. If they got away with doing non-Gods like Arachne or Hercules, Achilles seems to be a nice place to fit in as warrior (Typhon's big stature might make him more suited for Guardian) and he's majorly involved in one of Greek's big epic the Trojan War (which only got a mention in Aphrodite's lore). I guess the only thing barring his entrance would be because Scylla named one of her dog-heads after him....
      • That goes to Nike eventually. But don't worry, Achilles makes it anyway as a Warrior.
    • Chinese Guardian
      • They got Xing Tian.
    • Chinese Hunter
      • They included Hou Yi.

Hera will one day join the roster as Juno
We know that Hera is the more popular version, but if you look at the current roster of Smite, none of the Greek Gods have a particular ire with Hera; Zeus is more like the one who caused Hera's ire with his infidelity, and while Aphrodite's lore is about the Fairest Apple and Trojan War, the other one competing with it, Athena, didn't mention it, so Hera would have little less to work on. Juno, on the other hand, could have the enmity relationship with both Hercules and Vulcan, as Vulcan still resents Juno's treatment over him when he's infant, and she is the main reason why Hercules became insane and killed his family. Additionally, since Zeus is already in, there is no way Jupiter will make it, and seemingly the Roman Pantheon didn't have its Top God yet (Greek already has Zeus, Egypt has Ra, Norse has Odin, Chinese has Nu Wa, Mayan possibly had... Kukulkan?), Juno can be the closest of being the Top God of Roman Pantheon because the default option (Jupiter) cannot enter due to the presence of his Greek counterpart (Zeus).
  • To add to this, look at Nox. Her Greek counterpart Nyx is the more well-known, and her children in-game are Greek (Nemesis and Thanatos), but Nox was used instead. This shows that Hi-Rez is willing to disregard how notable a particular version is in order to pad out the Roman pantheon, which, while no longer small, still pales compared to the Greek. Between Hera and Juno, there's more "incentive" to use Juno.
    • Bellona's inclusion instead of Enyo supports this statement.
  • The Jade Emperor is the Chinese Pantheon's Top God, not Nu Wa. But this does make sense. And yes, Kukulkan is the Mayan Top God.
  • Discordia's SMITE lore states the Greek and Roman gods are the same gods. So, for example, Vulcan (Roman) is Aphrodite's (Greek) husband for in-game lore.

Ymir is fighting to pull himself together
  • The reason he's not all that much bigger than the other gods, despite being a primordial giant, is the same reason that he's still around even after his flesh and bones were used to create the world. A tiny piece of him has reformed into its original shape, and the reason he's trying to help destroy the world is that it's the only way he can reunite his maimed body for good. He's just too dumb to realize how it might hurt others.
    • Or he simply doesn't care one way or the other.

Roman Gods and Goddesses are actually Greek, but they said Screw This, I'm Outta Here!
  • Given the Greek pantheon,can you blame them?
    • Hephaestus, probably received a insult too many, and/or got fed up with the cheating of Aphrodite, and so went to Rome, instead of you know using his incredible intellect and potential for destruction to be the top God. Well, I respect that self control. Anyway that is my theory for how Hephaestus became Vulcan. -Troper Ivan R 1314
    • Enyo decided that given the military decline of Greece, she would instead go to a new budding military nation. What nation, you might ask? Rome. And she also changed her name to Bellona. -Troper Ivan R 1314
  • Discordia's lore directly states that she WAS Eris, the Greek goddess, but took advantage of the Trojan War to become Discordia, who is more liked and respected in Rome than Eris was in Greece. So for at least one god, this is confirmed.

There will be an event to fight against some of the mythology's God of Evil or great monsters
Something akin to Dota 2's Year Beast event, or the Ascension mode in League of Legends, there will be a bonus mode that pits the Gods against a supremely evil being that could cause wanton destruction. Consider the likes of Typhon or Apep... Now who are the counterparts for Norse, Chinese, Mayan, Hindu and Celtic?
  • Jormungandr, Surtr, Hundun, Xing Tian, Camazotz, Rakshasa, Most of the Asuras, Balor, Gogmagog. There's quite a few to choose from, though there may be a chance that Typhon may be made playable.
    • Usually they'd have to be such a great threat or would make the Gods unite, y'know, something like Apep being the God of Evil that everyone avoids and makes the usually villainous Set draw Even Evil Has Standards, or how Typhon threatens the whole Olympus and being called 'father of all monsters'. And also, Jormungandr is the last of Loki's sons, if they already made Fenrir and Hel playable, I don't think Jormungandr would be singled out into an event boss (and you know, Fenrir murdered Odin while Jormungandr just murdered Thor...). Surtr seemed legit, though.
      • Well... Xing Tian ends up becoming playable... And so is Camazotz.

The next pantheon will be Celtic and will come with a Celtic-themed Joust map
Think about it: every other map is tied to one of the pantheons. Conquest is in front of Mt. Olympus, Siege is in the Mayan jungle, Assault is in Jotunheim, and Arena seems to be in the Roman Coliseum. Even the now-defunct Domination was in front of one of the pyramids. Joust, meanwhile, is in a generic medieval setting, which fits the title but sticks out like a sore thumb to everything else. The map needs to be redone, and what better way to do it than to tie it with the one pantheon that can be reasonably linked to Western Europe?
  • Meanwhile, Hindu and Chinese are still map-less... If anything, before the Celts, these two Pantheons will get their theme map first. Besides, the Celts stuffs are April Fools... though if they get included in Season 3...
  • Jossed. It's confirmed to be Chinese-themed.
    • It's been specifically noted to be based on the Cloud Palace. And the next pantheon is Japanese. So this is basically a complete botch.
    • Wait until 2017, looks like it's next.

God Prediction WMG
Let's use this WMG to guess which Gods will make it to Smite as playables.
  • Greek/Roman (notify how they will enter, as Greek or Roman)
    • Typhon (as Greek)
    • Hera (as Roman (Juno))
      • Added as Hera on October 15, 2018
    • Psyche (as Roman, because they already had Cupid, not Eros)
    • Hecate/Trivia
    • Atlas
    • Tartarus (the god not place)
    • Nereus (mentioned in the comic)
    • Iphianassa/Nassa (appears in the comic as one of Athena's recruits)
    • Hestia/Vesta
    • Demeter/Ceres
    • Saturn
  • Egyptian
    • Set
      • Added April 30, 2019
    • Nut
    • Horus
      • Added April 30, 2019
    • Sekhmet
    • Apep/Apophis
      • Well Apep appears as a Bonus Boss in the new Clash mode, but looks like he's not going to be playable.
    • Tawaret
    • Shu
  • Norse
    • Baldr
    • Jormugandr
      • March 5, 2019
    • Heimdallr
    • Beowulf
    • Grendal
    • Gefjon
    • Bragi
  • Chinese
  • Mayan
    • Ixtab
    • Hun-Apuh
    • Ix Chel
    • Acat
    • Vucub Caquix (aka Seven Macaw)
  • Hindu
    • Shiva
    • Indra
    • Krishna
    • Parashurama
    • Mohini
    • Vishnu
    • Durga
    • Ghatotkacha
    • Lakshmi
  • Japanese
    • Tsukuyomi
    • Izanagi
    • Yamata-no-Orochi
    • Inari Okami
    • Fujin
    • Amatsu-Mikaboshi
    • Benzaiten
    • Bishamonten
    • Hotei
    • Ebisu
    • Momotaro
    • Kintaro
  • Celtic
    • Danu
    • Cu Sith
    • Brigid
    • Scathach

Yahweh will be included.
Obviously it won't be one from the Abrahamic religions, but from the Canaanite/Ancient Hebrew religion of which the more familiar example is believed to be based on.

A character from Abrahamic religions will appear, but it will not be God himself
Rather, it would be an important angel, demon, or djinn (if we take something from Islamic/Arabian mythology - though that is for obvious reasons unlikely) or a heathen god mentioned in the Bible like Moloch.
  • This can also be extended to both Jesus and Muhammad.
    • This is unlikely for obvious reasons, but imagine important Biblical personas like David, Abraham or Solomon. Characters from the New Testament and the Quran are much less likely considering they are more historical but mythological, but some apocryphal characters like the Eternal Jew could be featured. They all will be Badass Normal and use simple but effective skills.

The possible new pantheon will be of the Slavic mythology
It would please the Slavic people that play this game, for the simple reason that they are acknowledged. As well as the fact it would be a waste not to. -Troper Ivan R 1314
  • The Slavic pantheon has received a good deal of attention on the forums and subreddits due to advocacy efforts, and Word of God on the forums has mentioned that Slavic gods have come up in a few conceptualization stages. While not sharing the level of popularity as, say, the Shinto or Celtic, it has proven itself to be notable, at least to the fan base.
    • Plus, seeing as how the Shinto pantheon is in Smite, that leaves the Celts and Slavic deities as the last "major" group.
    • Possibility confirmed with the confirmation of Chernobog. However, since after Celtic Pantheon, Hi-Rez has stated they won't concentrate in filling up a Pantheon first, the amount of Slavic deities to be in might be a few (Chernobog is after all the most known)

We will one day get some miscellaneous religions and mythologies to appear
Basically I'm thinking that eventually a new group would be made that's a collection of characters and bed that aren't part of a Mythology with a lot of unique characters. Some examples would be the Flying Spaghetti Monster, J.R. Dobbs and Chupacabra

A pantheon based off of the Cthulhu Mythos will appear
  • A problem with this is that the Cthulhu Mythos is still under copyright, so it's unlikely unless Hi-Rez gets permission from Arkham House to use them.

A third party of gods will appear in the comic book
The two groups of gods that have currently appeared both have fairly good reasons for fighting each other and neither one is actually evil. The Old Order wish to punish humanity for crimes against them and the Elyian Uprising who chose to protect humanity for various reasons. A third group will likely appear to take advantage of the situation to either destroy the gods, the world or both.

Yahweh is the great threat that the gods are banding together against.
Yahweh, and his followers (The Jews, the Christians, and the Muslims) have conquered or converted the vast majority of the world. The great pantheons, their powers and influence, are waning. And they are fighting against it, and against Yahweh.

Hades had Zeus killed because he was getting in his way with starting a pantheon war
Hades had Zeus killed for no other reason than this. It was shown earlier in the comics that he wants there to be a pantheon war.

Riordan Skins
Several gods will get new skins based off of their appearances in Rick Riordan's books:

If Smite ever comes to the Nintendo Switch...
  • The release will be celebrated with a Bowser skin for Kuzenbo. Kappa King becomes Koopa King.
  • SMITE was released on the Switch on February 19, 2019. Still waiting on that Koopa King skin...

Items named after other Gods or mythological heroes will have their namesake become playable
We've seen a case of how Chronos, Thoth (Gods) and Achilles (a mortal that was never deified, but had divine origins) becoming playable despite having items named after them (Chronos Pendant, Book of Thoth/Rod of Tahuti, Staff of Myrddin aka Merlin, and Achilles' Spear, although this one was removed later). This might give incentives for Hi-Rez to include Gods based on the existing items. These would include:
  • Atalanta's Bow -> Atalanta (Although differentiating her with Artemis will be a main obstacle)
  • Jade Emperor's Crown -> Chinese god/ruler Jade Emperor
  • Rod of Asclepius -> Greek demigod Asclepius
  • Typhon's Fang -> Greek god Typhon (Father of the Nemean lion, Cerberus, and the Gorgons)
  • Hydra's Lament -> Greek monster Hydra (child of Typhon and Echidna as well as being killed by Hercules) made an appearance as a Boss in the Trials in-game event
  • Lono's Mask -> Polynesian god Lono
  • Rangda's Mask -> Indonesian (Balinese specifically) Demon Queen of the Leyaks
  • Bumba's Mask -> Creator god Bumba (also spelled Mbumbo) from Bushongo Mythology
  • Odysseus' Bow -> Greek hero Odysseus (Roman: Ulysses)

Potential Future Pantheons
With the addition of the Yoruba pantheon in 2019, the game will have a total of 14 pantheons. Granted this still is wishful thinking and speculation for now, but in the future Hi-Rez Studios will probably add more pantheons. While the Abrahamic religions (Judeo-Christianity and Islam), Buddhism and fictional pantheons (e.g. Lovecraft and Tolkien's works) are out of the question, there are 4 possible candidates for future additions along with a potential first released character to act as their representative. Presumably after reaching 20 different mythologies, the developers will permanently stop adding new pantheons and instead start focusing on filling up the existing ones.
  • Inuit pantheon -> Nanook, the Great Bear Hunter
  • Native American pantheon -> Coyote, the Cunning Trickster
  • Turco-Mongolian pantheon -> Tengri, the Sky Father
  • Mesopotamian pantheon -> Gilgamesh, the First Hero King


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