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Tear Jerker / Smite

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  • Usually, when a new deity is announced, after logging in, the user is treated of an animation of said deity is doing something badass introducing themselves. In case of Hou Yi? He just ran in to inform Chang'e, his wife, that he just got playable and they could go for some Battle Couple action, but that scene turns out to be reliving how he got separated with Chang'e in the first place, with her whisked away to the moon because she drank the Elixir of Immortality. Hou Yi just collapsed to his knees in sadness.
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  • If Ravana kills Kumbhakarna, his brother, he'll express a deep regret for doing so. Particularly poignant coming from a demon king.
  • Medusa's victory screen gives us a look at just how lonely your life is when you're a hideous snake haired monster that turns any one who looks at you into stone. It starts off with Medusa petrifying two hapless victims when they stumble upon her little "dinner party". She then proceeds to pour wine for them and have mock conversations with the two statues, all the while acknowledging her loneliness and being clearly distraught by it.
  • The story of Allied, a pro player in the Smite competitive scene who died in the fight against cancer. It's a "Shaggy Dog" Story since he had been diagnosed with cancer in 2016 but got over it, until it returned and ended his life.
  • You wouldn’t think the death of the most iconic Jerkass God of all time would bring this, but the death of Zeus in Smite’s side story is actually remarkably sad. Furthermore we see how his death affects his family: most notably Athena still in mourning despite pressing onward, Ares is completely devastated and goes on a tragically misguided Roaring Rampage of Revenge, and even callous Hera is despondent by the death of her estranged husband.

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