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Nightmare Fuel / Smite

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It's an arena where Gods duke it out. There are majestic and awe-inspiring Gods and Heroes, and there are these Gods or even legendary Monsters that may make you want to say your prayers... quick.

  • Ah Puch overall, there is a reason why he's one of the most bonafide God of Evil. His moveset includes tossing around zombies, already creepy enough, and making them explode in your face, and sometimes lets out miasma that will punish you for healing, meaning that in his presence, healing can be harmful. Not only that, his mask is terrifying, he has an eerie way to talk even with a lot of Dramatic Ellipsis, and his personality and goal? He wants everyone he comes across to become his zombies or torture subject in his Hell. There's Jerkass Gods, there's Dark Is Not Evil Gods, and there's Ah Puch, a class of dark scary on his own. And making matters worse... well, this isn't a case of Sadly Mythtaken like either Loki or Thanatos, this is how Ah Puch acted even in the real myths, making him the closest you can get for a true Satanic figure in the game.
    • He now has a contender in the form of the Bat God Camazotz. A mayan Vampire God who has actually killed Hunahpu in cold blood in both the game lore and in the original myths, none of his Guile Hero stint would save him, if anyone got into Camazotz' sight, they're as good as dead. The fact that if you get killed by him you leave behind 'essence', which he can drink to heal himself, as well as having an ult which lets him strike you from above while you can't hit him and healing from savaging you with his bats, just further proves how much of a monster he is.
  • Bakasura. This is a monster that has an insatiable appetite who constantly starts feeding on any who gets in it's way. What's worse is that it's not a God like the others.... it's a demon. A monster that other Gods try and slay... and it's still alive even though it was supposed to be sealed away. Also, look at his face (as well as his body), with More Teeth than the Osmond Family, he is serious in trying to freak you out before he goes for the devouring.
    • He's just as bad in game, eating minions whole, and then puking up zombies of the minions (which he can EAT AGAIN), while hitting you with his Ao E attacks that deal bonus true damage, letting him devour squishies and tanks alike. Think you can run? With his leap and massive movement speed passive, you're not getting away from this monster.
  • Just when you thought that this was over they bring in one extra nightmare fuel enducing creature. Kuzenbo is the Kappa King... and yes all the legends you heard about Kappas? All true about him, except as mentioned in his lore, take whatever a Kappa is capable of, and then ramp it Up to Eleven and you got Kuzenbo. Yikes. Though thankfully, this may be lessened because none of Kuzenbo's skills involve any form of sucking out souls by shoving his hand to anyone's butt. Or you could imagine that every Nene Kappas he sent are trying to do exactly THAT.
    • Even before Kuzenbo, Izanami has already graced the battlefield and she's pissed as hell with a face that screams "I am so going to kill you slowly and painfully..." and is a high damaging Hunter that can go invisible (accompanied with an Evil Laugh) only to suddenly pop up and then inflict an area with heavy damage and silence, making those around it easy preys for her high damage. Can anyone say Jump Scare? Oh yeah, and just like in her myth, she's out to kill everyone, mortals or Gods alike.
  • Da Ji. A Torture Technician who quite literally gets off on inflicting pain. She's stacked to the rafters, but she's also one of the most evil, sadistic characters in Chinese mythology. She's well known for inventing horrible torture devices, including the Paolao, a large bronze tube designed for slow incineration. Which is also her ultimate and she can shoot out the chains to bind multiple targets from afar, even beyond obstacles, so you may be just minding your business when suddenly you got chained and it'll only be a matter of time until you get dragged to a burning tube. Her claws inflict bleeding damage which stacks, and she can also inflict burns which stacks with the bleeding. Everything about her is designed to inflict suffering, and she enjoys every second of it.
    • The more terrifying part is how she came to be: a dumbass Emperor lusts over a benevolent Top Goddess and won't listen to reason to the point said Goddess made a fatal mistake by sending Da Ji to ruin his life just for a lesson, until it went out of control. So because some men acted really stupid combined with one mistake by the Gods up there, a terrifying monster was unleashed...
    • For extra nightmare fuel if you studied chinese history, for Da Ji is actually based on a real historical figure...think that the nine-tailed fox demon is scary? she was actually TONED DOWN compared to her historical counterpart, the real Su Daji laughed her ass off while watching people being executed, pushed her husband into having his uncle's heart cut out for the crime of admonishing him about her bad influence, when he looked at other concubines she had them murdered and their flesh cooked into dumplings(before inviting their families for dinner and offering the dumplings to them), upon seeing a peasant walking barefoot on ice she had the peasant's feet cut off so she could study them, out of similar morbid curiosity she also disemboweled a pregnant woman to see what was inside, and wasted the kingdom's money into luxuries and extravagances, including a 'meat grove(a forest of fake trees with pieces of meat hanging from the branches)' where she forced the nobles to play hide and seek while in the nude. It is entirely understandable that people would come to believe she had to be a demon.
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  • Hello Apophis, that Snake of Chaos that is the harbinger of Egypt's end of the world. You thought that Ra, Bastet and Anhur have killed him, but he's Not Quite Dead and he's back as a Bonus Boss. Apophis did not appear initially in the Clash map, but on the 10th minute, unlike the Fire Giant, he just burst out of the middle red buff camp, causing an impact that is practically death sentence to anyone around him (1500+ damage unmitigated). From then on, you have to content with a giant cobra head that deals powerful bites and spews venom to the ground that will not heal until you kill Apophis and sometimes, a glitch happens and the venom stays forever, until you die. Oh and if you kill him? The next time Apophis comes back, he's stronger.
  • Chernobog's Teaser showed that for all of his Affably Evil behavior, he's still the Lord of Darkness for a reason.
  • Jormungandr is terrifying; he towers over every other playable character in the game, has an outright demonic voice, and attacks by breathing huge plumes of dark oily poison. You can’t move him at all, only stun him, and he can burrow underground to see even those who turn invisible! And finally in case you already though his size was intimidating, then you don’t want to see his ult... He turns even BIGGER, leaps out of the map, and comes back down crushing anyone beneath him!
  • Scylla. Seemingly a cute little girl... who happens to have four dog heads for legs that she hides under the ground. She tears apart ships who come into her waters for no reason other than she enjoys 'blood-soaked murder'. And she's not in the sea anymore. Worse still, like Bakasura, she's not a god, and not even a demon, just a monster who likes killing things, and no god can stop her.
    • And she's a monster in game too. Her ultimate is a big Ao E oneshot move that resets on kills and her 1 roots you in place to set it up. Her 2 hits like an ultimate as well.
  • Cthulhu in all his mind-breaking Blue-and-Orange Morality has entered the Pantheon. This is speaking of a deity that has no respect on humans and other Gods alike and would be more likely to drive anyone he comes across into madness. In fact, Cthulhu brings a new status ailment called 'Torment', where if enough stacks were put on his victims, then they will start hallucinating dark ground tentacles and floating eyes everywhere around them, a scenery that can only come from your nightmares.
    • The trailer that reveals him is pure nightmare fuel. He towers over Zeus and drives people utterly insane just from his presence.
    • In game, he’s just as terrifying he is in his mythos. He is second only to Jormungandr in size, towering above the rest of the cast, he can drive his enemies insane making them hear things that aren’t really there, and his ult makes him so large that he takes up the whole screen, dwarfing even JORMUNGANDR, and being hands down the tankiest thing in the game.
    • Even worse; the description of his pantheon effectively confirms that others are out there. The idea of Nyarlathotep or Shub-Niggurath joining the fray to bring their brands of chaos to the arena is paranoia-inducing at best.

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