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  • Americans Hate Tingle: Many Hindu leaders criticized this game for the depiction of the Hindu gods. The CEO of High-Rez, Todd Harris, responded that Hindu gods have different physical interpretations as well as with all other gods in different mythologies and cultures. Thus being said, that doesn't stop the said Hindus from joining up with other religious leaders from condemning the game altogether. You can read more about it here and here
    • While Hi-Rez refused to cave in to pressure to remove the existing Hindu gods from the game altogether, they've completely given up on releasing any more Hindu gods as none have been added to the game since Bakasura (July 2012). This meant that for a while, despite being one of the original pantheons in the game, it was now tied for having the least representatives in the game (four) with the Mayan Pantheon. However, since 2014, Hi-Rez decided to release more Hindu characters, starting with Kumbhakarna.
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    • This has over time lessened because as it turns out, Hi-Rez also received a lot more Hindu enthusiasts that wanted more Hindu deities than those who call them out, and the Vocal Minority that complained about the Hindi gods' presence, was, in fact, composed of a single person who's threats that he knew important people in Hindu society were completely empty. In fact, after Janus, they released one of Hindu's most revered heroes, Rama, and in April 2017, one of the still-worshipped deities in Hindu, Ganesha.
  • Broken Base:
    • He Bo's change into "Huh Bwah" has some people enraged that they changed a lore accurate god into something that isn't anything close to the lore while others don't really care about lore accuracy and are just glad he looks polished. The irony? Tencent, a Chinese company, ordered the change.
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    • There's no real reason given for the change, but speculation and hearsay points to issue being taken with him being a stereotypically wise old man, or complaining that he didn't look as badass as the other gods, leading to them breaking the stereotype (and making him lore innacurate as well), making him younger, with an exposed chest and big spiky hand thingies.
    • Some people didn't take Hercules' remodel well, as Herc went from a boisterous Barbarian Hero who is pretty much a Big Fun which was a normal way to portray Herc in many media into...a muscular but armored hero who lost his barbarian features and his beard as well as having a quieter personality. Some likes the change anyway, seeing that it will make more sense for a grief-stricken man who killed his family in a fit of madness and his labors are his way of atonement.
      • Another camp usually complains how the new Hercules has a rather disproportionate head when compared to his muscular body (it's too small). Others seems not to care much about the graphical model as long as they still get their Roman bruiser.
      • Eventually, this came full circle as Hercules received an Off-Model Stylistic Suck skin called "Derpules", which shrinks his head even smaller and distorts his voice into a chipmunk trying to sound like a deep badass. Be Careful What You Wish For... As expected, the base show signs of further breaking, those who consider this idea a hilarious poke to the complaining fanbase, or whether it's the worst skin ever.
      • Eventually, for good or bad, classic Hercules returned as a limited skin, being "Retrocules". Most settle for GOOD because the voicework was redone from scratch, by none other than the Hercules actor from his Legendary Journeys: Kevin Sorbo.
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    • Serqet's mechanical tail is met with a bit of ire from the community. One of the streamers, HiRezBart, said they had a chitin tail but discarded it because 'only americans like the gross stuff'. Cue riot. There's now a broken base over people who prefer the mechanical tail (since Serqet was never depicted as being half scorpion) and people who prefer the chitin tail for character diversity, and are afraid that new gods are going to look too similar to each other, lacking the unique designs the earlier gods once had.
    • The continued remodels of less humanoid gods. To whit, Nu Wa had her snake form de-emphasized, Bakasura was made more humanoid in shape, and now Ao Kuang is only a dragon when he uses his ultimate. The fact that his was (allegedly) to please Asian players has just frustrated English speaking players even more.
    • Nox's old taunt animation attracted quite a controversy, some thinks it's a normal taunt which just plays off the Big Breast Pride for lulz, some thinks it's completely insulting her regal character design because she 'acts like a slut' when there's already another 'designated slut' (Aphrodite). For the record, in the animation she hunches down, touches her breasts and starts manually jiggling them. It's to the point that by Patch 3.17, she's going to get a new animation.
    • Kawaii Pop Bastet. A fine skin, or Hi-Rez trying too hard to make her look like an anime-style Cat Girl out of the Cat Goddess that it ends up obnoxious? Didn't help with the Westerner's inherent dislike of overly cutesy things, especially 'Anime' things and Smite is pretty small or nonexistent in Japan, the Japanese Pantheon notwithstanding. Then Hi-Rez decided to unleash Kawaii Pop Neith (just titled "Harajuku Neith") and the same backlash happened again.
    • Cupid's Super-Deformed Nonstandard Character Design. One camp thinks that he looks cute, that he fits with more modern portrayals of him, and that the design should be left as it is. The other camp thinks he looks ugly, that it's both lore-inaccurate and clashes too strongly with the rest of the game, and that he needs to be changed. That second camp is then divided on how he should be redesigned: some say he needs to be a young child similar to Ne Zha and Scylla, while others think he needs to be a handsome young man along the lines of League of Legends' Heartseeker Varus (based on the fact that his Greek counterpart, Eros, is usually depicted as such).
    • The reveal of Amaterasu as the first member of the Japanese Pantheon has led to some fanbase backlash even before her official release, with some complaining that she seems overpowered (chiefly because she has Old Guan Yu's ultimate, deemed as one of the most overpowered ultimate in the game's history), and a minority complaining about the Japanese Pantheon even being in SMITE to begin with.
    • With SMITE on its 99 and 100 god reveals people are broken on if it will or even should be King Arthur and Merlin, this has led to many arguments, one side feel King Arthur and Merlin could fit into Celtic pantheon and despite neither one being a god many have pointed out how some gods are not gods, but another side say that King Arthur and Merlin are not even related to mythology and should not even be considered, the base will most likely break more after the reveal 99 and 100.
    • You either love Fabulous Chiron skin for his Camp Gay personality or absolutely despises it for the same reason as well as being the only LGBT representation in the game. This is compound by the facts that the game doesn't mention every other god's significant LGBT's theme and stories note .
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: In Season 1, rarely would you see a duo lane that was composed of any combination that wasn't Rama, Anhur, or Apollo and Geb, Sylvanus and occasionally Athena. Their strengths in different ways made them absurdly powerful in higher levels of competitive play compared to every other ADC and support. This was so significant that the patch that heralded season 2 of Smite's league had changes mostly aimed at making supports and hunters less omnipotent by splitting a lot of item effects so you can only have one or the other; however, the introduction of the Attack Speed buff and Bluestone Pendant (mana-giving starter item) has made Hunters with "High single target damage" dominant (especially Xbalanque and Cupid), while still making previous dominant gods viable.
  • Creepy Cute: Scylla is portrayed as a young girl, until she activates her ultimate and unleashes some giant dog monsters.
    • The laugh emote for Ne Zha, Cupid and Scylla has them laughing childishly, that could be viewed as cute or demonic.
    • Izanami is supposed to be a malevolent Goddess out to kill everyone but thanks to a bit of Adaptational Attractiveness that doesn't portray her as a grotesque maggot-ridden ghost, she ends up being this to some, with her yells to make people fear her being considered 'trying too hard'. It doesn't help that in comparison of other Death Gods (especially Hades), Izanami is a bit short...
  • Demonic Spider: Cupid. He can stun you, slow you and cripple your dashes proceeded by a very long mezmerize. He also can heal himself and dash away from your attempts to kill him. Win or lose, fighting him will probably irk you. The way he looks compared to the other gods certainly doesn't help his case.
    • Poseidon boasts the same cripple Cupid has but consistently and constantly with his whirpool which pulls you inward on top of doing heavy damage over time AND making sure your movement skills are disabled. His absurd damage and the fact that he's really hard to catch makes him an infuriating opponent.
    • Arachne is a literal spider who had a good run terrorizing unorganized teams. She excels at 1v1s in the early game and jungling without the normally requisite jungle item (allowing her to buy a power item instead). She can pull enemies through walls with her ultimate, which used to be average ranged and hard to hit but was buffed to extreme range and hard to miss.
    • Kumbakharna hits like a wet noodle (if he's built the way he was intended to), but every single one of his attacks has a potent CC effect attached to it. Kumba will rarely ever kill you, but he'll hold you in place for long enough that one or more of his allies will show up to finish you off. Combined with his first ability also doubling as an escape dash and his passive that requires you to hit him six more times after he dies, and you have a very frustrating support to deal with. Kumba is so frustrating to deal with he's considered to be a god-tier support, only behind Baccus, and is usually first-pick in tournament bans.
    • Ah Puch. His abilities do tons of damage with a large area of effect and some nasty CC effects on top. His ult is even worse, as it's wide enough to cover an entire lane and goes on for a long time, effectively crippling a lot of team strategies. If he uses it underneath a tower, you can already consider that tower lost. Fortunately, Hi-Rez seems to have caught on, and made it so his ultimate will prematurely end if Ah Puch himself is killed. And Ah Puch is no tankier than any other wizard in the game.
    • Baron Samedi's passive makes it so that his abilities have additional effects in addition to them already doing a sizable amount of damage. On top of that, he has an ability that heals him and allies if it hits another god, and another ability that roots enemies in place. His ultimate is the hardest to deal with, as it pulls you in, and even if you beads it, you'll still receive tick damage even if you avoid the big hit at the end. That being said, he has no escape and is still a mage.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Neith, due to the amount of Fanservice that she offers as well as Baccus, due to being the most comedic character in the game.
    • Mercury has become one for basically having the personality of a male Neith, and just being fun to play as.
    • Some Gods only appear in mentions of the lore. The one who the fans want the most to be playable between those are either Hera/Juno or Set.
    • The Lore Lady is someone whose identity is unknown and her job is to narrate God Reveals (even if there are hilarious issues at times, like when she did Ratatoskr). However, the way she narrates captured the heart of players so much that many wanted an Announcer Pack featuring the Lore Lady. They get their wish at Odyssey 2016 where her Announcer Pack is one of the prizes available.
    • All right, so, you know that Hi-Rez likes to have extra contents or animations to fill in their channels? Well, that's where Nevercake comes in. Just a particularly pretty good animator and narrator. You see, Nevercake was never part of Hi-Rez. He was just a freelance animator, who has done other types of fan-animations, including rival game League of Legends. Then he made a series of animation called "Who is (insert Smite God here)" where he told abridged versions of Gods' lores. Nevercake likes to put puns and some good-natured humors, and his suave voice also wins the heart of fans that they want Hi-Rez to either hire him, or make an Announcer Pack for him, just like the Lore Lady. Nevercake is still a freelance animator today, but he still keeps good contact on Hi-Rez and makes other unofficial animations for Smite when there's no Gods to 'chronicle'. But he sure is popular for someone who... never got the invitation cake from Hi-Rez. Until an announcer pack for him was announced for 2017. And Nevercake finally got his well-deserved cake. (OOOOOAAAAEEEEEE~)
  • Evil Is Sexy: Just look at Hel for the biggest example. While Light Hel wears a fanservicey mink coat that offers Absolute Cleavage and got her shoulder bare, Dark Hel has all those, combined with more skin-revealing spots, sports Femme Fatalons and let her long hair down instead of covering it with hood.
    • Izanami, when compared to her more wholesome good 'stepdaughter' Amaterasu. Those loose kimono that shows off her ample bosom and bare shoulders sometimes would make you forget that she's supposed to be a decaying corpse filled with vengeful intents that would rather kill you horribly.
    • Da Ji is a Femme Fatale nine-tailed fox with ample bust and revealing clothes comparable with that of Ahri. Except she's bonafide evil. Her alternate skins, such as Foxy Lady and Sequined Sadist, add even more appeal.
  • Fandom-Enraging Misconception: The sheer amount of non-Smiters who accuse the game as 'a copy of League of Legends' has firmly enforced this complaint as a surefire method to annoy just about any Smiter.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: The Futbol skin of Xbalanque to celebrate The World Cup 2014, seeing that it's held in Brazil. Looks like fun. Then it turns out Brazil was curb-stomped by Germany by 1-7. Seeing Xbalanque still passing balls like that happily just felt eye-rolling when most Brazilians are weeping for their team's loss at home nation. Looking at it after the Rio 2016 Olympics "rematch", however...
  • Game-Breaker: Release Guan Yu is Smite's Release Xin Zhao. When he first released he had the durability expected of a tank, more damage than most of the mages, could at least heal you and he could literally reduce his already absurdly low cooldowns to 0 seconds. To top it off most of the current top tiers hadn't been released back then to contest him. To put it in perspective, he was still considered solid after they cut his damage by a third and more than doubled his cooldowns.
    • For the Agni Rework patch, the reworked Gauntlet of Thebes, formerly considered to be one of the worst items in the game, had a simple change to its passive (it now gave +15% of your maximum health). It became one of the most overpowered items in the game and was removed hours after it was introduced.
    • Xbalanque was a terror when he was first released thanks to his passive which gave him increased damage based on how many kills he had. While these days it maxes at five, back before the nerf the stacks were infinite and all it took was a single early-game kill to make Xbal snowball into an unholy force of damage that could 1V5 an entire team without breaking a sweat. Even today Xbal is considered a top pick for ranged ADC due to his absurd damage output and the snowballing he can accomplish with a single overly aggressive push that ends in a kill.
  • Genius Bonus: For those knowledgeable in Norse mythology, the Asssault map has so many features from the story of Ragnarok, crammed into a single gamemode. This ranges from the boat, Naglfar seen in the Chaos Fountain to the two demon dogs, Hati and Skoll, devouring the sun and the moon in the sky.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Back in Defense of the Ancients: All-Stars, Zeus has a global ultimate that damages everyone in the enemy team. Now he lost it, and post-rework Nu Wa has it.
    • Hi-Rez managed to get Son Goku's English VA to voice the reworked Sun Wukong. Years later, Riot Games hires Goku's Japanese VA to voice their Wukong.
    • In Defense of the Ancients: All-Stars, there's an item called 'Eye of Skadi', and the name of the hero Ancient Apparition is 'Kaldr'. And now, Skadi herself makes her entrance in Smite, and her wolf's name is Kaldr.
    • You can create a Warriors Orochi team with Guan Yu, Nu Wa, Sun Wukong, Ne Zha, Susano, Da Ji and Achilles; this is true in the Ultimate version where there's a mode that allows for 5 team members total as opposed to 3 to drive the point home.
      • Even regarding Warriors Orochi, it came up with the concept of a cybernetic portrayal of Ne Zha 2 years before Hi-Rez released the Cyberpunk skin for their Ne Zha.
      • And even moreso after the announcement of Warriors Orochi 4 confirms that Zeus himself would be part of the roster and would bring some of the Gods from Olympus with him in that game. He did bring two: Athena and Ares. But surprisingly, Odin also joins in the fray. Loki as well.
    • Likewise, in Joust, you can make a Fate/stay night team featuring Hercules, Medusa and Cu Chulainn. If you want a more 'loose' lookalike team for a 10-player map and based on Fate/Grand Order, just add Artemis and Da Ji It gets more hilarious with the announcement of Arthur and Merlin.
    • In Joust, you can also reunite the Dota 2 crew with a team of Zeus, Medusa and Sun Wukong.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Sure, Aphrodite really is feeling horrible about her being 'unworthy' of her husband (Hephaestus/Vulcan, and because he brought it on himself by locking himself in the forge because he couldn't completely let bygones be bygones against Juno/Hera), but the personality she took to cover that up (being a high class girl that can be abusive, like what she did to Denton in her victory/defeat screens) might get a bit too far, and if Cupid's lore is to go by, she's still highly antagonistic against Psyche in spite of that.
  • Memetic Loser: Tyr is supposedly one of the most courageous God in the Norse Pantheon and in-game, it is shown. However, for some reason (or especially his losing animation where he's shown to be scared of Fenrir), during bonus materials, Hi-Rez just likes to portray him as being frightened of things like the prospect of Fenrir biting off his other hand (as shown in the Ragna-Toskr mini machinima), and the King Ar-Tyr splash art? Him being frightened at his own Killer Rabbit prosthetic hand.
  • Memetic Mutation: Whenever a God Reveal on the Youtube channel is released, you will always hear someone saying something along the lines of "Still waiting for Jesus."
    • The Voice Guided System, similar to voice commands found in, say, Counter-Strike, though they are more expansive and generally more intuitive (they can also change based on your god and skin, if you've bought the voice pack). Players are liable to state the keyboard path to a voice command in conversation - for example, complimenting someone with "VER" (or sarcastically complimenting them), which leads to "You rock!"
      • VER VVX ("You rock!", "Cancel that!") is a particularly infamous abuse of the system for rude purposes.
    • Ymir's emoticon "Hi!" might be normal, until Hi-Rez released a mini-series called 'Smite Machinima' where Ymir does and says absolutely nothing except his "Hi!" once per episode and using his actual voice clip while others use voice acting. Fans always thought that Ymir and his "Hi" is the best and most hilarious part in the series, and now attaches that greetings to Ymir all day long for hilarity.
    • Before he was reworked, Guan Yu's Taolu Assault will let out sounds of gongs being hit rapidly. These sounds ends up being called 'Bongos', and Guan Yu has been associated with those terms, such as "Bongos of Death". Even if after the rework wherein he does not produce the sound again, the 'bongos' are sure to be mentioned if someone makes a reference to Guan Yu Game-Breaker release state.
    • Fenrir is known for being stuck in Development Hell before he was finally made playable. However, this Development Hell stuck in the mind of fans that anytime there's a new God announcement, they still refer to "Still waiting for Fenrir" or "New God Fenrir". It lived on so much that Hi-Rez decided to elevate this as an April Fools joke for 2018.
    • A carryover from the Adaptational Displacement from Classical Mythology, Nike is often referred as 'Goddess of Shoes' because of the more popular brand of shoes that shares the same name and is associated with slogans from it like "JUST DO IT".
    • Go anywhere in the Smite community and say that God X needs a buff. One of the suggestions for buffing will be "Give X a gun", guaranteed. note 
    • Kaldr is the real god, Skadi is his pet. You see, Kaldr is a very significant part of Skadi's kit, especially in damage potential, so naturally people joke that Skadi's the sideshow by comparison.
    • He Bo's high-damaging basic abilities lead many to joke he in fact has three ultimates. Some go so far as to say he has four ultimates, since Atlas of the Yellow River practically provides the benefits of two Relics along a line.
    • People either mistake Ne Zha as a girl (not helped that he's actually voiced by a woman), or they joke that he actually is a girl.
  • Most Annoying Sound: The VGS is often abused by particularly salty players, who likes to spam the voiceline "Good Game!" if the game goes south, even just a little (like getting first blooded), or spamming "You Rock!" when they see someone else die. When that happens, it becomes the trope and it might be the cue to mute those guys.
    • When Erlang Shen went idle in the God selection screen, there is a chance that he will roar and then chuckle a bit for startling you. Those two things gets a little annoying according to some.
    • Ullr when changing stance will let out a Badass Boast, and both allies and enemies will hear him saying those. Seems okay, except Ullr's play style require him to change stances a lot, this can make his Badass Boast get repeated ad nauseum that you might think that he should shut up once in awhile, since not every Gods speak loudly when changing stances a lot (such as Hel or Tyr)
    • Cernunnos does loud grunts of exertion...every single time he autoattacks (though thankfully if he's attacking that fast, he won't grunt again to overplay the last). Needless to say, he's probably going to be the loudest character in the game at any given time while he's attacking.
  • Narm: The video for Mountain Man Odin. It tries to show off the new effects and how badass The Allfather is supposed to be, but it is hard to take it seriously due to how Apollo does not give a crap, smiling as Odin throws all he has at him.
  • Paranoia Fuel: Fighting against a skilled Loki certainly is this. One of his taunts sums him up damn well
    "If you can't see me, it's because you are about to die!"
    • Same thing goes if you're low on health and fighting against a team that has Thanatos in it. At any point, he might just consider diving in at you with his ulti, killing you instantly.
    • If the enemy team has a well-played Fenrir, you never know when he might leap from the jungle to dismantle you, or flank you to use his ultimate and drag you back to his allies for an unescapable kill.
    • Like Father, Like Son, Jormungandr brings the same level of paranoia since he trades stealth with burrowing... which cannot be detected at all, and when he reveals himself, he shocks the nearby by thrusting himself upwards, quaking the ground.
  • The Scrappy: While most Gods have most of their supporters and detractors, design-wise, some Gods kinda stand out that they have very vocal haters and many would point it out as just plain bad, in both combination of 'irkwise' design and 'lore accuracy gone really wrong'.
    • Cupid is the token 'cute and irritating' character of the game (similar to League's Teemo), where the combination of him being a Demonic Spider to those who face him, he has a very unorthodox design of being a chubby cartoonish toddler (yes, it makes sense about the Roman Cupid, but it's still going to irk many player who wished it was the more adult Eros instead...) and of course, very Cute, but Cacophonic voice. Oh and did we mention that he has A LOT of skins and extra voices? Many ways to grate your ears.
    • Jing Wei. Aside of how her gameplay is generally seen as kind of unappealing for an ADC (her ultimate is often considered rather lackluster when it was supposed to be dealing damage), Jing Wei's model is often considered an Uncanny Valley (especially her model's eyes, it looks quite void of life) and her personality is designed as a bubbly teenager, that alone could irk a lot of player... but even then, the delivery of her voices could come across as Dull Surprise most of the time, sometimes deriding her as a 'poor man's Neith' (didn't help that her win animation is similar to Neith, a bubbly dance where the dance music overrode the usual victory music). All in all, the stacks are very against Jing Wei at the moment.
    • Loki is by far one of the most hated Gods due to the virtue of his very irritating, sneaky, bursty assassination style that just gives middle finger to nearly everything else on casual/uncoordinated matches, picks off immobile Gods (mostly mages or some hunters) with ease, not to mention his capabilities to split push well and soloing tower. With him being the Trickster God, he gives the image of a Troll that leeches off from everyone's suffering. Many videos have used Loki as the example of God used by toxic players, and lots of players, especially in Reddit, come up with derisive nicknames to express how much Loki irritated them, ranging in gamut from tame ones to something like "Fuck You".
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Server Rollup. Hi-Rez had the idea that in order to ensure low queue time and thus quality matches, the game modes which had overly high queue times at times during low-times should be combined into other crowded servers, forgetting that it would result those from other regions will have super high pings that makes the game unplayable for the non-locals. This limits the player's game modes severely and eventually, as of Patch 4.19, it will be removed altogether now that they already made an alternative with 'Multi-Queue' (basically queueing in multiple game modes at once)
  • Squick: Cupid's lore are about his tale with Psyche, but Cupid here is depicted as a toddler. A toddler with a wife!? Err...
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Or interaction, considering how less-story driven this genre is. You'd think that Medusa has something to say about Arachne, being fellow unfortunate woman that got turned into monstrosities because of Athena. But no, Medusa has nothing to say about Arachne. Likewise, Skadi did not interact with Freya, her daughter.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: Ravana is often seen as the worst God in the game, and it's hard to really argue against it. He's somewhat Difficult, but Awesome, but... Without the awesome, as so many other characters outdo him in any of his strengths. His ultimate in particular is quite disliked for essentially being a glorified catch-up tool with little offensive power. He did eventually become the focus of a minor rework in which his passive and his ultimate were changed around to be much more generally useful, along with rather heavy buffs all around.
    • Back then, the old version of Sun Wukong was considered this, due to his solid movement speed passive, amazing mobility (from his 1st ability) and solid CC. His 3rd ability even managed to bounce back and forth on the same target(s), and overall he had very solid damage due to that in tandem with his other attacks. His passive allowed him to clear parts of the jungle at nearly any speed due to his powerful roaming, allowing him to gank very effectively. Of course, as soon as Wukong's old version was reworked into Hun Batz, he's been in a balanced spot nowadays.
    • Joining them is also Nox. On release she was extremely weak, her main skill rooted both her and her target, the delay on her burst made it easy to dodge, her silence wasn't nearly as long as it needed to be, and her ultimate was, at the best of times confusing, and at the worst of times completely irrelevant. Even her passive was awful because it required her to be hit, and she's not nearly as tanky a mage as Zhong Kui or Raijin. Even her rework, while not making her useless, is still one of the least played gods in the game because she's just overshadowed by everyone else.
    • Xing Tian. When he debuted, he was a really terrifying Guardian, shit-ton of sustain, percentage HP damage, root, mobility and an instantaneous crowd control ultimate that can send numerous players to unwanted position. Realizing this, Hi-Rez then nerfed Xing Tian horribly, exchanging his root with a slow, lowering his nuke damage output, and giving his ultimate more and more windup time that makes it more projected and easier to dodge, to the point of people claiming he's really unplayable. Pretty much the Smite equivalent of getting Olaf'd in League of Legends. Bonus points for also wielding axes.
    • Out of all the Gods in Smite, Loki is easily one of the most hated to play against. His burst damage lets him shred through anything but the most tanky of Gods in seconds, his invisibility makes it hard to keep track of him, his wave clear is ridiculously good with his decoy essentially letting him clear without even having to stay in lane, which also makes him an insanely good tower killer. On top of that, even his teammates hate him due to the fact that his toolkit doesn't work well in team fights, meaning in most cases Loki players will leave their team to a 4v5 while they push towers in other lanes.
  • Unexpected Character: Smite usually limits themselves between deities overall. Therefore, it really broke the players' surprise when they revealed that the 99th and 100th 'Gods' turn out to be King Arthur Pendragon and Merlin the Wizard, both of them mythological characters/heroes but has no speck of godly essences unlike the likes of Cu Chulainn, Hercules.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Many players assume Ne Zha is a girl upon first appearance. Some still have trouble believing he isn't even after reading about him!
    • To elaborate: as a 7 year old boy he has a very high pitched voice. He wears a lot of pink, which as a shade of red was seen as a manly color even 100 years ago, but is now a girly one. He incorporates a lot of flowers into his imagery, which is universally symbolic in Chinese culture but girly in the West. Finally he has his (long) hair done up in pigtails which was how boys wore their hair at the time, but even people familiar with Chinese culture tend to think of the queue as being the predominant Chinese hairstyle whereas it was only worn by men, not boys, and is actually a Manchu hairstyle introduced (forced upon) the Han Chinese when the Qing dynasty conquered China in 1644 AD; Ne Zha fought to overthrow the Zhou dynasty and would've been born circa 263 BC.
    • Lampshaded by Hel in her directed taunt to Ne Zha.
      Light side: "Take that, little girl!"
      Dark side: "That is a boy you idiot!"
  • We're Still Relevant, Dammit!: Such Cold Skadi, AKA Doge Skadi. A Skadi skin parodying the Doge meme. Released in 2017. A good four years after the memes apex of popularity. It was roundly mocked by basically the entire internet.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: Izanami can look like this. She's malevolent, callous, evil. But most of them can be traced from a justified anger of her own husband, who promised her to get her out of the underworld and swearing to not to leave without her... immediately betraying that promise the moment that he saw that she's now ugly and rotting, then for good measure, rolled a boulder just to seal her inside. No wonder she's so pissy.

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