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Who said that the arena of the gods can't have a little joy now and then?

  • Bacchus' victory animation starts with him hanging out with one of his female followers, seeming as interested in her as he is in his wine. Then he sees a massive hog come along, leading to him following it in a hungry chase. Seriously, all that is needed for this scene is some Benny Hill music.
    • Bacchus in general. The sound effect for his belly flop being cast is a silly "Pop!", his main damaging ability is burping, and watching him in the loading screen will involve him drunkenly swaying with his eyes struggling to stay open and occasionally dropping down to nap for a few seconds, while epic chanting plays.
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  • Anubis' victory in general: after a long time putting up with the stoic guardian look, he couldn't resist and broke into a dance... only to be shocked at the prospect that someone was looking, and quickly got back to his silent guardian stance. After his remodel, he had a new dance... which got exposed quicker than his old one.
  • Hel's taunt and joke emotes, which utilize both extreme sides of her split personality:
    Dark: We'll kill them, eat their flesh and drink their souls!
    Light: Souls. Yeah, go team!

    Light: Oh, why can't I keep a boyfriend?
    Dark: Because you're ugly and you let people run all over you!
    Light: Why are you so mean?

    Light: I know! We should make cookies!
    Dark: Cookies? Cookies!? What the *** is wrong with you?
    • When Hel receives a voice set update, she gets more hilarious quotes:
    (Retreating from fight)
    Dark: Don't you think for a second I won't be back to get you!
    Light: Can't we just stay in base and bake?

    (Buy Consumables)
    Light: Ooh, this will help!
    Dark: Who says I'm sharing with you!?

    (Buy Defensive Item)
    Light: Always best to play it safe!
    Dark: Sell it, sell it, SELL IT NOW!
  • Mayan Doomsday has passed. But someone is going to milk that joke for all it's worth, and it's kind of hilarious.
    Xbalanque: AAAARRGGGH!! I'M SUMMONING THE APOCALYYYYYYYPSE!! Ha ha ha! Nah, I'm kidding, I'm kidding! I don't have that power!
    Xbalanque: 12-21-12. Ha ha ha! You guys are so gullible...
  • It's quite a sight to behold when Denton the Cyclops in the store puts on the wigs of both Apollo and Aphrodite in order to do their voices perfectly along with fitting movements. He even pulls out a Fenrir doll for a puppet show!
  • Fenrir himself, after winning a match, will roar at the screen before grasping his throat... only to promptly cough up the sword, bow, and pieces of armor from a Roman centurion.
    • His losing animation is just as good. While he's sulking, Denton walks up and tries to comfort him, only for Fenrir to lunge out and (apparently) tear off his hand. Fenrir looks at the panicking Cyclops and snickers... then Denton pulls his hand out of his manacle completely fine, causing Fenrir to sulk again, then Denton tries to pet him again and an annoyed Fenrir snaps at him, chasing him off.
  • Vulcan's victory animation. Funny for us. Painful for Denton.
  • There's nothing quite like having an Ares blink over to ult, only for an Anhur to knock him back to whence he came, leaving him to net no one in his ult and simply float in the air with his fist up like an idiot.
  • Poseidon's defeat animation has him laying on the ground as if dead... only for a pair of Roman soldiers to come in and try to do the classic "Fresh catch" pose with his body, leading Poseidon to flop around a bit to scare them off.
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  • Zhong Kui's defeat animation is him fuming and stomping around while pulling demons out of his bag and beating them as if it was their fault he lost. One demon tries to sneak away while Zhong is pummeling another, only for Zhong to snatch it by the tail (without even turning around!) and smack the two demon's heads together.
  • When Scylla's dog-serpents start annoying her in her loss animation, she conjures a ball for them to chase after. She realizes a little too late that said hounds are attached to her waist and is dragged off screaming.
    • Her win animation has her dogs make a chew toy out of a terrified centurion while she cheers.
  • Ah Muzen Cab's losing animation. When it turns out that the creatures he commanded are after him for losing, he reveals that he's very allergic to bees (how is he a God for them if he's allergic to them?) and lets out his best Nicolas Cage impression: "Oh no, not the bees! NOT THE BEES!! AAAAARRGH!!!"
    • Turns out there's a continuation. Denton tried to inject a restoration potion on Ah Muzen Cab while carrying a beehive. Ah Muzen Cab woke up, the bees went back to the hive, while Denton ran off... and the beehive landed right on top of Ah Muzen Cab's head, freaking him out and setting the bees to chase after him again, and he gives another Nic Cage impression, "AUGH, MY EYES! MY EYEEES! AAAGH!"
  • Ra'merica, the game's version of an Independence Day themed skin. Imagine Ra, his hawk head replaced by that of a bald eagle, wearing a star-spangled outfit in white, red and blue. Replace his staff with a giant firework that fires smaller fireworks. Now, give him the voice and mannerisms of Terry Crews (including a shout-out to the Old Spice Odor Blocker Bodywash ad), and have him scream his own name when using his ultimate. Always remember that he's supposedly Egyptian, now becoming 'American'.
  • Not sure how to pronounce Jormungandr? Don't worry, neither does anyone at Hi-Rez's associated studios.
  • Vulcan has an overly-long kill taunt line after he kills Chang'e. Apparently he does not appreciate her choice of combat style, probably because none of it was forged.
  • Thanatos' defeat animation just defines Epic Fail for someone who is out to kill all Gods maliciously. He tried to claim Denton's soul, by just tapping his shoulder from behind... Denton failed to notice and continued to read his book. When he finally noticed, Denton just asked Thanatos to rub his butt... and Thanatos did. When he realized what he was doing, he was so embarrassed he flew away with a Face Palm.
    Aww... Do I have to??
  • Lunar Tango Chang'e has absolutely no chill with regards to the Stripperiffic outfits of Aphrodite, Neith and Serqet. She also jokes Janus' first name is Hugh.
  • Jormungandr's reveal was voiced by a fellow that was not Lore Lady, to the comments section's sadness. Smite's April Fools' video declared that they will compensate significantly because of this.
  • Zeus' defeated animation as well. He couldn't adhere on how he lost, and in rage, he kicked his own shield. Only the shield was way too thick, and Zeus ended up hopping around holding his leg in pain.
  • Swagni. The old model for Agni was known for its peculiar run animation, which had a particular 'floaty' quality to it. Thus the Swagni jokes, which ended up as an Ascended Meme with the introduction of the above skin... which uses the old run animation! Add up also to this: It basically turns Agni into a swag pimp, the image of a twin-headed Fire God with pimp sunglasses, pimp coat, pimp hat (which are, aside of the sunglasses, purplish-pink colored) and his card, with Afro-dite and Neith clinging to his arms, is just too funny to pass up. It also distorts Agni's voice hilariously and he speaks like a stereotypical pimp, with some hilarious Precision F-Strike quotes to go.
    • And then they topped themselves with the Swagni Announcer Pack from Season Two. If you ever wanted to hear Swagni announce your games, now you can!
  • Derpules. That isOoh no, I'm not falling for that again! Basically, after the remodel, Hercules created a bit of a Broken Base now that his personality's more of the somber guy rather than the Big Fun Boisterous Bruiser he's known as (so he doesn't make people cringe and grin again), as well as having complaints about being Off-Model since the head's size is disproportionate compared to his muscular body. Hi-Rez read the complaints... and then show what happens if they REALLY tried for an Off-Model design. Derpules has the same voice set as new Hercules, only that it's distorted to the point it sounds like a chipmunk trying to sound badass, while his head was shrunk even further so that his neck is even bigger. Well, guess Hi-Rez has a twisted sense of humor...
  • New Wa's win animation has her showing her godly love to her human followers by granting them wishes. The first centurion gets Chang'e's Jade Rabbit, the second gets a girlfriend... then along comes Denton, who Nu Wa isn't sure what to give. After thinking over it for a few seconds, she summons Sun Wukong... in his tiger form, who promptly tackles the Cyclops offscreen to maul him while Nu Wa giggles in a "they're playing, that's cute" fashion.
  • Kulkukan's win animation. He conjures up a tornado, smugly admiring his work, as Denton comes in dressed like a TV news reporter (complete with a wig and a microphone!) and mumbles a weather report on the twister behind him...until the wind knocks the microphone out of the poor cyclops' hand, and he gets caught in the tornado! Poor Denton is twirled around screaming before he's dumped back on the ground in a daze, much to Kulkukan's amusement. And then Kulkukan casts his ultimate, sending Denton flying off-screen with a yell of terror.
  • Kulkukan's line when killing Sobek is so mean-spirited it's hilarious:
    ''Pathetic excussssse for a reptile..."
  • Sock PuppeTyr. Basically, the guy with No Sense of Humor is stuck with a sock puppet named Manny that is pretty much a Troll and says ridiculous things 24/7. Seeing the stone-faced Tyr react in utter annoyance at Manny and his joke attempts is just hilarious at Tyr's expense.
  • Ra may have an annoying laugh, but tell him to do that via emote, and even he can't help but cough at it and is reduced to a non-laughing "Ka... ka... ka..."
  • Aphrodite taunting Ares on beating him with "The only thing endowed is your sword!" might sound normal, like Aphrodite saying Ares wields a big sword. But then, remember that Aphrodite is the only one willing to share a bed with Ares. Also, swords can also be used as a... phallic metaphor. Put the two together, and Aphrodite's taunt gets a whole new hilarious meaning.
    • Especially once you listen to her tone while saying it. She's talking about the sword in his hands, and implying that his "sword" isn't up to snuff.
  • The Morrigan credits her kill on Zeus to him being Distracted By Her Sexy.
  • Discordia's victory animation normally has her leave her golden apple between a NPC woman and Denton wearing Aphrodite's hair as a wig, which the two then fight over. The apple can change based off of the skin Discordia is using, so possibilities like the pair attacking each to get Dragon Keeper Discordia's adorable, derpy-eyed little dragon Puffball because they apparently have to take him home with them.
  • The Curse Apollo skin has this wonderful line when he dies:
    "It was lag!"
  • Lord Slashington III. Just think about it. Fenrir, a vicious werewolf-like beast with nothing more than the lust for destruction... just suddenly becomes a freaking British ham. He trades the chains in for a monocle and a top hat and spends a good chunk of the match talking in a British accent as he snarks at the other team and even his own team at the beginning of a match.
    "One need not thank me for insulting them, it's usually my pleasure!"
  • One of Hou Yi's beginning quotes is "Chang'e, I will be with you soon!". Of course, this is forgetting that he can be put in the same team as Chang'e. When this happens, it's like Hou Yi saying that, with Chang'e right behind him and feeling like saying "You've been here with me right at this moment, you know...", but can't, because she's The Voiceless.
  • Neith's victory dance, which is pretty hilarious.
  • Sol's victory animations, where in everything she touches burns. That poor owl, Jade Rabbit, and random soldier who gave her a big sunflower.
  • The Smite Machinima series.
    • Ymir doing nothing but waving and playing his friendly "Hi!" VGS just to greet someone. Both endearing and hilarious in the same time.
  • Ratatoskr's reveal video looks normal... until suddenly Ratatoskr hijacks the narrator and starts telling tales about things that didn't happen, including beating Jotunn with Odin, rescuing Freya, and singlehandedly beating Loki and his children, pretty much making him a Marty Stu of Norse Mythology much to the narrator's frustration. The narrator just plain gives up about finishing the rest of the video and a new male narrator ended up taking over for Ratatoskr's ability breakdowns.
    • Turns out the Rage Quit was so bad she's still absent when it comes to the next God's reveal (Ravana). She came back in the God after Ravana, Khepri.
  • The Dances; while a few have already been done in League of Legends, a few of the unique ones are genuinely good. A few examples of both:
    • Thor: Hammer Time
    • Serqet: Flash dance
    • Hercules: Gangnam Style
    • Chac: El Macarena
    • Fenrir: Thriller
    • Janus: Footloose
    • Chronos: Time Warp
    • Hades: 2Spooky4Me
  • The Mini-Machinima featuring Sol. A lot of fire-based deities (Agni, Ra, Apollo — Hey, he's associated with the sun) have the hots for Sol, so they compete on wooing her all with their "Hi!" animation, all while Hou Yi watches from afar and looks smitten as well... just in time for Chang'e to deliver a well-deserved bitch slap for thinking of cheating. The winner, though? Khepri. Really, all that's missing is for Ymir to pop in and wave his usual "Hi!"
  • The King Artyr Tyr skin. The only time Tyr would joke... because it's not Tyr, it's King Arthur straight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail! Comes with a lot more lines taken straight from that movie (and no, not just Arthur's lines, from many many other characters in the movie too), and they turned his prosthetic hand into the shape of the Killer Rabbit, and if his loading card is to be trusted, even Tyr is afraid!
  • How about the fact that Ares is such a Sore Loser that he decides to attack you when you lose.
  • Even Light Hel gets confused about Ne Zha.
  • Loki's joke about Thor:
    "Did I tell you about the time I had Thor put on a dress? He looked absolutely faaaaabulooooous!"
  • The Insta-Kill Neith trailer can fall under this if you can catch some of the Mythology Gags of the respective Pantheons.
    Medusa: DON'T DO IT!
  • 2016 April Fools' joke: The Manticore reveal video. Which not only makes for a ridiculous 'God' reveal, two other male narrators that stood in for the lore lady during her Rage Quit time against Ratatoskr butt in to 'compete' on describing the Manticore and take potshots at each others' style. The best part? The lore lady getting taunted at not having her own announcer pack even if it's well-requested and some other announcers got them already. It goes even more Hilarious in Hindsight, because the Lore Lady is getting her Announcer Pack as part of the Odyssey 2016 rewards.
  • Plague-bearer Izanami diagnoses herself from Web MD as sick and tired of the enemy team.
  • Command Tyr to laugh (VEL). He'll give you the most proper response:
    (deep sigh) No.
  • On the Meta side of things, during E3 2016 asked HiRez Studios to make an ad for SMITE during one of the breaks. (But they didn't.)
    Redditor A: This is the most Hi-Rez thing I've ever had the blessing to watch
    Redditor B: I bet Andy did it.
  • So, Griffindwarf Fafnir looked like he's turning over a new leaf and not really being greedy. But do you ever wonder why he's still hoarding gold like his greedy self? He'll tell you via a joke in his Griffon form:
    I don't hoard gold; I'm not a dragon. I'm just very careful with my money, okay?
  • Speaking of Fafnir, his jokes aren't really that funny... thankfully, the Brazillian dub got really creative with him, especially with the Dragon form.
    Are you mad? Who told you that if you gathered some balls I'd grant you a wish? (beat) LOOOOOKIIIIIIII!!!!
  • Ra taunting can be funny, in a way.
    Time for your daily dose of Vitamin D! ... struction.
  • Pup Patrol Cerberus, a skin of Cerberus looking a lot more like a normal dog (but still with three heads and a snake tail). It comes with an innate emote to make him butt scoot.
  • Sol's loss animation shows two soldiers using her as a bonfire. Then one of them pulls out a giant leg of meat and tries to roast it, only for Sol to angrily grab the meat and smack the other one away with it.
  • Smite Lore, by Nevercake, is just a crowning moment of funny throughout.
  • 2017 went without April Fools, but for the 2018 April Fool... Behold, Fenrir, The Next God Reveal! ... Wait, what? Okay, it isn't so much of a revamped God Reveal for Fenrir, but a parody of God Reveal videos that touches on how people kept claiming that the next God is Fenrir due to how long he was in Development Hell. And the abilities isn't so much of Fenrir's, but more like "Your pet dog, if it became a Smite God." It's complete with the ability icons being actual pictures of dogs, the narrator being lost in how adorable he is (aside from when he's marking his territory), and chasing Ratatoskr at the end.

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