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  • Jake's appearance is enough to make Tomson and his colleagues go from cocky to frightened, after which the rattlesnake totally curb stomps them.
  • When rustlers manage to take a good number of Grace's livestock with them, she rushes inside and returns with a shotgun. While the remaining rustlers flee before she can use it, that small act proves further that this single mother won't have nonsense from such scoundrels. One of the rustlers assumed he'd get away with slapping her around and got tail slapped through the air.
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  • Grace rushes into the burning Convenient Store and rescues Mrs. Bigby and her baby by lowering them from the window with her long serpentine body, allowing the townsfolk to pick them up. This brave act earns her respect both from the townsfolk and Jake.
  • Grace succeeds in opening the blocked water pipe that provides Mud's water while having to keep Ramirez Arvenga at bay at the same time.
  • The Badass Boast Jake gives Dufayel.
    "Yer damned lucky the Sheriff's so soft. What's the matter, boy? Yer shakin' a little. How's it feel to be so helpless? In the face of death, it don't matter whether yer rich or poor, we all die in the end. Don't you ever forget that, 'cause one day I'm gonna be the one who comes callin' to claim yer soul. Now look into my eyes... I want you to remember them for the rest of yer life. 'Cause next time you see them this close, it'll be the last thing you ever see."
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  • When Beans points her gun right at the Scarlet Kiss, the bobcat remains deadly calm and whips out her revolver as fast as lightning, resulting in a stalemate that's broken by Jake's timely arrival.
  • When Bad Bill and his gang beat up Teddy, they're in turn beaten up by a livid Grace. She doesn't even need Jake's help to do that!
  • When Dufayel decides to get rid of the volatile Henry, Ramirez fights and wounds the fast kingsnake. After Henry is shot through the window, he survives the long fall and escapes, with his hatred and desire for vengeance keeping him going.
  • Jake's gruesome and well-deserved murder of that scoundrel Benjamin Hares qualifies both as this and Nightmare Fuel.
    • Despite the shock of seeing Benjamin beating his mother, Teddy manages to rush all the way to Mud and call Jake for aid.
  • When Irvin Worst presses his axe against Dufayel's throat, the fox shows no other reaction than the rigidness of his shoulders — because he has silently placed his gun's barrel up against Worst's gut. The black-collared lizard notices this only when he's told by Dufayel.
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  • Jake's ambushed by three skilled members of the Gunslinger Court, yet he fights them into submission by using his knowledge of their tactics; how to avoid Kepper's knives, dodge the bullets of Johan Quall's two revolvers, and extinguish Irvin Worst's fire breath immediately. He's then attacked and mauled by a hawk, but he still manages to escape.
  • The Final Battle of Chapter 33 is full of awesome moments.
    • While Delilah fights Kepper, it looks like he has the upper hand after he stabs her thigh and gives her an unwanted kiss right after that). However, when she pulls the knife from her thigh, she smiles before Grace hits Kepper's head from her cage, allowing Delilah to shoot him in the heart.
    • When Jake faces Irvin Worst and Johan Quall, he intimidates Quall into bolting by pointing out that he survived the hawk when he wasn't supposed to. He then easily subdues the overconfident Worst before killing him.
    • Rango of all people kills Ramirez Arvenga for burning Beans' ranch.
      Rango: I got enough reason to shoot you after what you did to Beans. Remember: it only takes one bullet…
      Ramirez Arvenga: You won't do it! You don't have the stomach for— [gets the head blown up]
      Rango: Try me.
    • After being freed, Grace impulsively leaps on top of Dufayel's hawk to save Jake from it. She manages to kill it by holding herself tight around its neck, strangling it.
    • When Dufayel holds Teddy at gunpoint, Jake keeps the fox's attention in him while giving subtle instructions which lead to Teddy freeing himself by biting Dufayel's arm.
    • Rango takes the bullet Dufayel aims at Grace and Teddy, after which Jake fills Dufayel with bullets in turn.
      Jake: My turn.
    • Even the chapter's epigraph deserves a little mention. It's from the story's theme song: "Bad Company" by Five Finger Death Punch. An excellent choice for the epic penultimate chapter.


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