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  • When Tomson and his two mercenaries have Rango at gunpoint, he gets away with the first thing that comes to his mind.
    "Look! Hawk!" He shouted as he pointed his finger at the sky.
    Whether by instinct or luck, all three mercenaries turned in fear to look at the sky, ducking low and covering themselves as if they feared talons would spear them as any moment. When nothing came however, they stood and Tomson quickly spun around, only to see the end of Rango's tail ducking behind an alley.
    • During the following chase, Rango weasels himself behind the mercenaries and triumphantly points his gun at them, only for them to point theirs at him. Rango slips out "Uh-oh", screams and resumes his escape.
  • When Beans bombards Rango with questions about who he needs to see outside Mud, he purposefully avoids a direct answer before he confesses that it's Rattlesnake Jake. Beans lets out a Big "WHAT?!" just before her broken defense reflex kicks in. At Wounded Bird's suggestion, Rango races immediately away on a roadrunner. When he's well out of town, he hears Beans screaming his name.
    • Apparently Rango has used Beans' reflex to escape her wrath more than once and every time she has yelled his name so loud he can hear way over miles.
  • While on way to meet Grace Glossy for the first time, Rango wonders what the female snake might look like. The closest image he can come up with is a Jake with lipstick. Imagine that.
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  • After the showdown with rustlers on Grace's farm, she reveals Jake that one of them thought he would get away with slapping her around. For that she slapped him through the air.
  • When Grace is privately fuming about having to accept Jake in her home, she refers to him as an "ass of a snake". After that, she decides that calling Jake an ass would be an insult to the ass.
  • Rango decides to introduce Priscilla to Teddy in order to give him a playmate. The girl's blunt questioning shocks the adults and makes Teddy think that if girls are this scary, it's no wonder his mother doesn't want him to grow up and marry fast. However, Rango's idea works because unlike most of the others, such a morbid girl has no trouble dealing with a snake.
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  • Teddy asks out of the blue from Grace and Jake — who have reconciled with each other — about the reason for people to marry. Both adults are stunned and awkward before they answer.
  • When Rango and Beans are spending some alone time, he assures that he won't be needed at Mud. Cue to loud knocks on Beans' door and shouts for Sheriff Rango.
    Beans: You were sayin'?
  • The jokes said during the saloon night of the 21st chapter, followed by a high Grace's flirting with Jake.
  • The Side Bet Priscilla made with another kid in favor of Jake and Grace becoming a couple.
    Priscilla: Mortdecai! You owe me two bug's wings!
    Mortdecai: Oh, man!
    Priscilla: Cough 'em up. Blood and all.


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